Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Live from Sweets and Snacks Expo! 2024 brings exclusive PEZ releases for Collectors worldwide..

The moment has arrived, marking perhaps
the most anticipated event of the
year for all of us.
The gates of the Sweets and Snacks Expo
in Indianapolis have swung open, beckoning us to embark
on a journey to explore its delights, especially the PEZ stand.
Your eyes likely sparkle with anticipation
 as PEZ unveils its latest marvels, 
showcasing a brilliant array of licenses 
and innovations for the future. 

However, do keep in mind that some dispensers
 may still be in prototype stage, 
and certain items might not make it to production.
Everything you see in our photos is the 
range that PEZ Candy Inc. will bring out 
on the American market, it can be that PEZ Europe 
may also secure licenses for some of the dispenser for Europe.

Without further ado, let's ignite the 
PEZ extravaganza and unveil its latest offerings.

Prepare to be enchanted this July with the 
introduction of the new Moana PEZ range. 
Joining the beloved Moana herself are 
two new characters: Maui and Hei Hei. 
Available in blister cards or twin packs,
 this range promises adventure and excitement.
Minecraft, the globally beloved computer game, 
now comes to life in PEZ form. 
With license rights secured, expect to see 
Steve, Alex, Creeper, and Pig gracing 
blister cards this September. 
But the real treat lies in the gift box featuring 
Steve, Creeper, Alex, and exclusive to this set Endermann. 
Not only bears names on the stems
 but is also a stunning addition to any collection.

As SpongeBob SquarePants celebrates 
its 25th anniversary, PEZ joins the festivities 
with a delightful range of dispensers. 
From September, keep an eye out for the 
SpongeBob gift tin, a true gem shaped like 
his iconic pineapple abode. 
This set includes Gary alongside familiar characters, 
with an exclusive silver PEZ SpongeBob 
found only within the tin.
Disney's beloved Stitch characters 
make their debut as PEZ dispensers, 
bringing joy to collectors worldwide.
Stich, Angel and Aloha Stich will be the new assortment.
This years for Halloween we see a new witch 
in a new variations.
PEZ has two new dispensers for the 
Christmas holiday range. 
Keep an eye out for a revised 
Elf, and a new Nutcracker
A new dispenser in the Sonic The 
Hedgehog PEZ assortment.
She will be joining the
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles PEZ dispensers.
But that's not all, a great Sonic gift box 
with all 4 character in crystal.
With the PEZ Treats series, PEZ has 
had us from the beginning.
The pizza slice, taco, burger, donut, cupcake 
and popcorn will be joined by the cute 
AVOCADO at the beginning of next year.
Valentines will bring us 3 new Dispensers!
Crystal Hugging Heart and new Brown and White Bear.
Aren't they lovely?
3 New Dispensers for Easter 2025
New Floppy Bunny, a new Egg with Chick Bunny Ears, and a new sitting full bunny.
How about these three new Peeps Bunnies?
Yeah finally we will see them, and we can't wait
 to add them to our collections.
PEZ made a new Mold and blister card for them, 
and we will get them in yellow, blue, and pink peeps bunnies.
New Minions, 
You can find all about the new
 Despicable Me PEZ Minions PEZ assortment here
The new Minions are now available 
for USA Collectors here.
Say Hi to a new Giant PEZ Pokemon dispenser!
Donald and Daisy Duck got a new Mold, 
All about the two new ones can be found here.
With these exciting additions,
 let's celebrate the magic of PEZ and its timeless appeal.
Happy Collecting!

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