Thursday, April 25, 2019

SIX New PEZ double cards out now!

 Are you into collecting the double cards otherwise known as the 
"Burlington" or "Tuesday Morning"
cards? Well if so you're in luck! 

SIX new cards have been discovered!
Shopkins Featuring Kooky & Cupcake
Marvel Featuring Spiderman & Iron Man 
Marvel Featuring Antman & Black Panther
PJ Masks Catboy & Gekko
Pj Masks Catboy & Owlette
Disney Princesses Cinderella & Jasmine

You can visit our complete Burlington - Tuesday Morning Pictorial 
Happy Collecting!

Thanks to Missy, Becky and Ruthann for the pictures :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The new TOY STORY 4 PEZ assortment for Europe and USA

Finally, they are back!
This June we will see the return of
Buzz Lightyear,
Little Bo Peep 
and all the other main characters from Toy Story.
It's been a long nine-years wait for fans since the third instalment of the film series.
This time, the porcelain shepherdess Little Bo Peep will play a leading role: after being absent from the last film, Woody and Buzz set out to look for her.

With the latest and various releases by PEZ in the US and Europe, we 
are happy to share with you, the pictures and releases information.
Buzz and Woody are new variations to the previous Toy Story releases.  

Buzz is now on a white stem instead of a green stem and has a new skin tone. Woody has a new "deer in the headlights" look and a bigger smile.
Little Bo Peep, has been added to the Toy Story assortment.
USA release
Our USA friends will also find two gift twin packs, with Woody and Little Bo Peep and a second one with Buzz Lightyear and a mini Alien PEZ dispenser.
Euro release
The new TOY STORY 4 PEZ assortment will be in Europe also available, 
it will vary from country to country how many characters will be
obtainable (3 to 6 dispensers possible).
Happy Collecting.

Thank you PEZ Candy Inc. and PEZ International for the pictures :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

NEW Toy Story PEZ found at Hobby Lobby

Lucky Collector Paul H. found the new Buzz Light Year, Woody and the NEW Little Bo Peep at Hobby Lobby in the USA.
Buzz and Woody are new variations to the previous Toy Story releases.  
Buzz is now on a white stem instead of a green stem and has a new skin tone. Woody has a new "deer in the headlights" look and a bigger smile . We have been anxiously waiting for the Toy Story 4 PEZ releases and now it looks like they will be in stores sooner than later and we can't wait to add them to our collections! Time to start looking!
Happy Hunting!
BIG Thank You to Paul Edward Harnett for the Photos & Story!
Thank you for the AWESOME PEZ database!

Watch the Toy Story 4 Movie Trailer 
vvvv here vvvv

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Coming soon!! new GRAPE PEZ Candy pack from PEZ International...

Last year in July, we reported for the first time about the
new PEZ GRAPE candy pack,
which PEZ International had been working on.
(you can find our original story here)
As announced back then, it was just a prototype and
we knew that the original GRAPE PEZ wrapper would change
the color from blue to purple.
Now we are very glad to present you
(and that will not only make candy pack collectors happy)
the completely new produced PEZ GRAPE candy pack.
We now have confirmation, the new grape candy packs
have been made (for now) only for the Japanese market.
The new packs have already been shipped with the containers
to Japan, and our Japanese PEZ friends can find them
soon (May/June) at the stores.
We are convinced that our Japanese friends will help us to get
them for our collections. ;)
Happy Collecting!
On the way to Japan, new PEZ Grape Candy packs.

Monday, April 15, 2019

New PEZ Paw Patrol Twin Pack Graphics Update!

Good News for Package Collectors!!!
Paw Patrol Twin Packs from Nick Jr. now have a graphics update.
The new package now has characters Skye, 
Marshall and Chase featured on the left side of the box. 
 Character Combinations include:
Marshall & Skye
Chase & Rubble
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

PEZ Pokemon Collectors Box USA....

We always try to share the latest PEZ News with you but we also
have to stick on certain release dates and various license agreements.
As happend with the new PEZ Pokemon dispensers for the US,
while these are already out on the European market, we have just received the hq images and we are pleased to share them with you.
The new Pokemon dispensers will soon conquer the
US market, and you will find them in two variations.
The dispensers on card and poly bags,
and the same dispensers in a nice gift box (US only) with printed
names on the stems.
This implies that we can inclose 8 new dispensers
very soon to our collections.

Happy Collecting!