Sunday, September 6, 2020

LOL SURPRISE Series 2 is here... plus our LOL pictorial

Alright friends, 
soon we will need more space in our showcases!
When the PEZ LOL surprise dolls came out last year, 
it wasn't that easy to get hold of the
 three rare Rocker, Diva Glitter and Purple Queen.

Collectors have feverishly swapped swap groups on 
specially established Facebookgroups, 
and at the end we all had a lot of fun hunting down 
all the PEZ LOL surprise dolls.

PEZ loves this concept and states:
This was an opportunity for PEZ to fulfill a long-held dream: 
to create a surprise range in which the dispensers are hidden 
inside the packaging.
Now the hunting fun continues,
the LOL Season 2
is ready to hit the european stores.
PEZ International has already begun the delivery for Europe,
and PEZ Candy Inc will deliver them from October.

The new L.O.L. Surprise cast will feature a whole new set of 9 characters,
again with
three CLASSIC characters
three RARE characters
FUNKY Q.T., DUSK, and Madame and
three SUPER RARE characters
To make it easier  to distinguish between the L.O.L. Surprise collection of 2019 and 2020, the little box in which the dispenser heads are hidden will be turquoise - rather than pink, like last year - guaranteeing another wave of frenzy amongst collectors.
We have created a pictorial to make it easier for you
to swap or search through them. 
We hope it will help. 
Well, good luck hunting :)
Happy Collecting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Coming soon! New Blue's Clues PEZ assortment....

Blue's Clues
is an American live-action/animated 
children's television series that premiered 
on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. in 1996.
The show follows an animated dog named 
BLUE as she leaves a trail of clues/paw prints 
for the host and viewers, in order to figure 
out her plans for the day.
Blue's Clues had received several awards, and had been 
nominated for nine Emmy Awards, and has been 
syndicated in 120 countries and translated into 15 languages.

With all the great success of the show, we are not surprised 
that PEZ Candy Inc. is expanding the Nick Jr. PEZ assortment 
and will be launching the two new dispensers 
in a few days. (USA only)
The two new Blue's Clues PEZ will be available as twin pack,
 and as a single dispenser.
We can't wait to welcome the two new cute PEZ dogs to our collection.
Happy Collecting!
Pictures from PEZ CANDY Inc.
Info from Wikipedia

Monday, August 31, 2020

Sweet PEZ ornaments spoted at Cracker Barrel...

Big thank you to Lacey A.
for sending us pictures of the new PEZ ornaments,
which she found at Cracker Barrel today.
There are four different ornaments available as follows:
and the 
PEZ Candy cherry pack.
They are priced with $8.99 each and are made of plastic.
They definitely will make our Christmas trees a little bit sweeter ;)
Happy Collecting!

FIRST LOOK: NEW Giant Star Wars Darth Vader joins the Big PEZ Guys!

In honor of the 40th anniversary of STAR WARS: 
PEZ Candy Inc will release a new 
in metalic finish (no sound) in a few days.. 
The new Darth Vader is definitely a great eye catcher, 
and will not only make PEZ and Star Wars Collectors happy.

Please note, the new Darth Vader has got a new mold,
 so he is different than the limited Edition Darth Vader from the past.
Sadly the new Giant Darth Vader is a USA only release.
Happy Collecting!


Sunday, August 30, 2020

New SPIRIT PEZ out now in Europe, from January 2021 in the USA...

This year in May we had the exclusive first look at the 
new Spirit PEZ Dispensers for you 
(you can find our original post here)
We are happy to report, 
that the new Spirit PEZ dispensers with 
Spirit and Lucky, 
along with the two horses
Boomerang and Chica Linda 
have now appeared on the European market, and the full series 
will also be available in the USA from January 2021!
Happy Collecting!
Picture from PEZ International GmbH. Thank you ;)

Riding free is a computer animated series produced 
by DreamWorks Animation Television and distributed by Netflix.

The story about the twelve-years-old Lucky is only truly 
fulfilled after moving from the big city to the countryside, 
where the wild mustang Spirit becomes her trusted companion. 
She is the only one he trusts, which is why he lets her ride him. 
In her classmates Abigail and Pru, Lucky also finds two wonderful
 friends who will stick by her through thick and thin. 
As passionate riders too, of course, the girls experience all kinds 
of adventures with their big, four-legged friends.
New episodes are scheduled for Fall 2020 and a feature film 
based on the series was announced to be in development 
and is scheduled
 for release on May 14, 2021.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

LUIGI will join the European PEZ assortment.....

Great news PEZ PALZ!
We had already reported about it, 
while our American PEZ friends can already add the new
from the 
Super Mario 
range into their collections, 
the European collector community will have to wait a little bit longer. 
PEZ International will also bring the new LUIGI dispenser 
onto the shelves of the european supermarkets at the beginning of 2021 .
Picture from PEZ International GmbH.
Today we are happy to introduce you to the Super Mario dispensers 
Super Mario, 
and Toad 
on the new, very nice-designed PEZ card.

Monday, August 24, 2020

BIG Surprise! new PEZ Princess AURORA now available...

Today was the time! 
The new flamangos were put online by PEZ. 
At the same time as the Flamangos, Eevee, Luigi, the new Santa and,
 to everyone's surprise, the latest version of 
the sleeping beauty 
were also released for ordering.
Big compliments to PEZ Candy Inc. for that.
I was lucky to find the new Aurora (USA and Euro release)
 in the supermarket today and 
of course I compared it with the old Aurora.
Basically, I love every new dispenser release, 
but I'm not that happy with this version of the Aurora.
Although she is prettier than the old version but
the head is much too small, 
but so is the upper body, 
so it does not fit so well with the other princesses.
The crown and the necklace can hardly be seen, 
they should have been colored in gold
in general, she looks very slimy and more like 
Aurora's little sister and not the princess herself.
should PEZ plan to revise and re-release all the princesses, 
the size might then be legitimate. 
Otherwise, I fear that she will not be so popular, at least with collectors.
This is of course my personal opinion and point of view, 
you will surely soon be able to form your own opinion.
I would love to hear your feelings and I would appreciate a comment if you want to share your opinion with the community.

If you haven't already ordered it, you can do it now at 
both and
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


First of all, the good news: the new PEZ Flamangos 
have already arrived in the USA!
As you have already learned from my previous post, the flamangos will soon be offered both at PEZ International and PEZ Candy Inc. as a limited edition and exclusively in the online shop.
But let's go back to the end of 2019 when the
"2020 Lady Bug" 
was prepared as a joint publication in cooperation between 
PEZ International and PEZ Candy Inc.
Unfortunately, the joint publication didn't quite work in the end, 
the transport route was longer than expected.
One learns through small mistakes. ;)

Now nothing stands in the way of the joint publication by both PEZ International and PEZ Candy Inc. and as you already know, 
this is planned for the next week.

A total of 8000 pieces were produced, 
so 4,000 pieces are intended for the US 
and 4,000 pieces for PEZ International (2000 pcs. each variation).
And now something unique, 
the Mango Candy Packs come from Europe and that will give many American collectors the opportunity to taste the Mango variety.
Now I wish all of us the best of luck 
that we can order the Flamangos on time before 
they are sold out.
Happy Collecting!
Thank you PEZ Candy Inc for the pictures :)

The official PEZ FLAMANGO pictures....

Not only the fact that PEZ International won the 
"SWEETY" Oscar of the confectionery industry 
in the "GIFTS" category in 2018 with the Flamingo gift box
 is the reason, why everyone loves the flamingo dispensers.
A real hysteria broke out in 2018, the two flamingo dispensers 
blew up the social media platforms, the pictures were shared worldwide, 
and so the PEZ flamingos were sold out very quickly.
PEZ was aware of the success, and so we will shortly be getting two new 
limited Editions (4 thousend of each) 
both with orange-head 
one on black stem and one on green stem.
The new Flamangos will be sold with MANGO candy packs,
 and we are happy to report, they will be launched this time in the U.S. too. 
These will be sold only at the online store from 
PEZ International (planned for next week - for Europe) 
and PEZ Candy Inc. and we are sure they will be sold out super fast.

We definitely would love to see more of the flamingos, 
hey PEZ, how about gold, silver or crystal?
One can dream a little ;)
Now enjoy the hq pictures :D
Happy Collecting!
Thank you PEZ International for the Pictures.

NEW MANGO flavored CANDY for Europe and the U.S.
FLAmingo + MANGO  =  FLAMANGO  :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Breaking News! Coming soon two new Limited Edition PEZ Flamangos...

After PEZ made us curious last week with a post on their social media acoounts, 
 about flamingos and mango-flavored candies, 
it was officially confirmed by PEZ International
 on their Instagram profile today. 
We will soon be able to purchase the new limited edition orange-head FLAMANGO 
one on black stem and one on green stem,
exclusively in the PEZ online store.

The best thing about it, if the rumours are true, is 
that it will be available at PEZ International as well as at PEZ Candy Inc. and thus the mango-flavored candies 
will be available on the American market for the first time.
We would have preferred a crystal head Flamingo here, 
but we are very happy that we can add two limited edition dispensers to our collections.
Ohhhh YAY! 
Stay tuned, as soon as we have the official pictures, 
we will share them with you! 
Happy Collecting!