Wednesday, November 7, 2018

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: ÖBB Timi Taurus promo PEZ Dispenser...

In September we reported that we will soon see
something special from PEZ again.
You can read our 1st Story HERE.
We are super happy and proud,
 because today finally is the big day,
It's time to share with you the first look for the new
PEZ ÖBB Timi Taurus Train.
The promo dispenser will come out soon in Austria.
ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) is Austrians biggest federal railway, and
Timi Taurus is the official children's Train mascot.
We are sure many Kids will be happy while traveling on the Train.
Happy Collecting <3

The Timi Taurus Corner parents and children will find everything about Timi Taurus and his friends on the train The ÖBB train games and more on the go. The ÖBB train games give your children suggestions on how to spend time during the train journey. They were developed in cooperation with the Zoom Children's Museum. Children explain in short clips new and well-tried games that are well suited for traveling. The games not only shorten the travel time and banish boredom, but also promote the concentration and creativity of your child. Timi Taurus and his friends wish you lots of fun playing! -Official OBB Website

Sunday, November 4, 2018

PEZ Palz Adds New Burlington Pictorial Page

Hi Pez Palz!
We want to share a new page to our blog with you!
Collecting the double Burlington cards can be confusing at times so we have created a new page to help you keep track of them all. The new page can be found under our welcome banner.
BIG Thank you to our dear 
Jessica O.
 for sharing all the pictures with us!
Plus a BIG Thank You to the wonderful 
Jim D. 
for creating the first Burlington checklist! 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Michael Wood Makes PEZ Tubes and Shoes!

This version fits very nicely at the bottom, leaving little chance for tipping.
Overall we really like these! 
The heart design is my favorite : )
Want to give the shoes a try? 
Michael has an Etsy Shop which can be found 
 Heart Shoes are $.50 Glow in the Dark are $.65
He also sells Regular Shoes that fit vintage PEZ "C" or "3" $.40 each 
or Glow in the dark $.50 Michael can also make shoes for vintage "A" or "B"
He also sells tube displays which are nice because the feet fit nice and snug.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti shares his PEZ collection with us...

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti shares his passion for PEZ!
And WOW what a collection! 
When you see the new POP PEZ collection by Funko it is quite
obvious that lots of time and love have gone into the project.
We know some collectors have been cautious of the
new relationship and concerned about the
future of PEZ but it is important to note that the CEO of Funko
has a special relationship with the PEZ we all adore.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

OUT NOW: New 2018 WAWA Hauler PEZ...

Time to start checking around at your local 
stores because the time of the year has come for the new Hauler! 
This year we will be getting a different style truck than years past! 
This will be the first edition to Wawa that features a tanker style truck.
Happy Hunting ;)
New 2018 WAWA Hauler PEZ 
Thank you John L. for the pictures <3 ;)

Monday, October 29, 2018

WINNER Announcement for our Sarajevo - Bosnia PEZ

Thanks to all of you have entered our Sarajevo - Bosnia contest!
BIG THANK YOU to Willi for sponsoring our contest!
You can find Willi's shop at
Everyone was entered into our wheel and we are happy to announce our WINNER!

And the winner is...
Yuval A
Yuval picked Hans Solo for favorite PEZ of 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018

FIRST LOOK: Crystal purple PEZ LOL'ing from first impressions of the gathering.

Many of our spanish friends have been waiting for this one day, 
and finally today is the big day!
The new host Javier D. has opened the Barcelona PEZ gathering, 
and we are so excited to share with you the 
first picture of the official crystal 
Barcelona LOL'ing to mark the special occasion.
The purple crystal LOL'ing emoji is the official mascot of the 
PEZ gatherings for 2018 and 2019.
We wish everyone in Barcelona, a wonderful time, 
and lots of new Pezies for your collection.
Thank you Javier and Nadia for all the for the pics <3
Here are some impressions from the gathering.

>>>>>>> NADIA <<<<<< Thank you for all the pictures and Videos  <3

Saturday, October 27, 2018

We take you to Barcelona to the PEZhibition...

Many of our PEZ collectors friends are on the way, 
or have already arrived in Barcelona.
Tomorrow, the all new PEZ Barcelona collectors gathering will start, 
and with Javier D. the gathering got a new host.

Javier wanted to do it different than the previous hosts.
 He wanted to bring the PEZ fun not just to us collectors, 
it should be a family event, with lots of games 
and fun espacially for kids.
Javier spent a lot of time and energy to bring the gathering 
on a totally new level in Spain, 
and we are sure it will be sooooo AMAZING!!!!

Today the first part of the gathering has started.
The PEZhibition in LA VIOLETA - many different artists 
worked on different things on and around the PEZ theme.
(The PEZhibition will run till 17 November 2018)
 We are happy to show you a few first impressions of it, 
and we hope you like it, the same way as we do. 
Thank you NADIA. for all the the pictures and video 
We wish you all a wonderful and great PEZ time in Barcelona!
Thank you Javier, and all the Artists who made that possible! 

Stay tuned PEZPalz, soon we will see the 
new Barcelona crystal purple PEZ LOL'ing.

Big PEZ day in Bosnia! Official Press Conference for the new Sarajevo Footballs

Oh yes PezPalz!!
 We love it when we discover PEZ in the news!
Wednesday was finally the big day - it was time to officially introduce the two new PEZ Footballs from Sarajevo - Bosnia to the press and the public.
Everyone was invited to gather at the Sarajevo City Shopping Center.
The occasion could not have been better.
On the one hand, the 10th anniversary of successful business of the Bosnian distributor Spanish Market with PEZ International was celebrated, on the other hand, the intodruction of the first PEZ dipspensers, officially made for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

PEZ International was represented by Claudia Muhr (Sales Manager) the Spanish Marktet by Alma Tahirovic, Emir Dobraca Marketing Manager of FK Zeljeznicar and Anela Potura Marketing Director of FK Sarajevo.
Overall, it was a great PEZ day, dispensers and PEZ candies were distributed to the audience.
What particularly pleases us is, that 4 PEZ Collectors were invited to present their PEZ collections at the press conference.
The largest Bosnian PEZ collector was represented by Suval Leo.

Hvala Suvade na Slikama ;D
More pictures can be found here

Sunday, October 21, 2018

New Christmas PEZ

Only 66 more days until Christmas!
This year PEZ has been treating us to new PEZ candy flavors 
and for Christmas we have
Sugar Cookie!
This year we have a new PEZ to add to your collection!
Christmas Tree (In Tube Only)
Green Stemmed Snow Globe
Newly molded Reindeer
New color scheme for the Elf
Mini Elf in Ornament
Mini Snowman in Ornament