Saturday, March 17, 2018

Easter themed PEZ lip gloss tin set

A new addition to our PEZzy lip gloss collections has 
been discovered in Walmart stores! 
Go take a look at your local Walmart's Easter section, in with the 
branded lip glosses from taste beauty you should find the 
new lip gloss tin featuring a bunny and chick from PEZ. 
They are priced at $4.88 each.

Flavors Include: 

Winner of the PEZ Brush Buddies Peppa Pig is..

A BIG Thank You to all who entered our 
Brush Buddies Contest for the Peppa Pig Brush Buddies!! 
We have a great list of wishes for Brush Buddies! 

Some that made the list include..
Peter Pez
Hello Kitty
Colgate Skull 
Santa, Reindeer, Easter Bunny 
Winnie the Pooh
Dory & Nemo
Paw Patrol 
Mr. Bean 
But coming out on top for sure was
Mickey & Minnie 
with the most votes! 

Congratulations Judy M!
Judy picked Peter Pez!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Easter Gift box filled with PEZ....

This is not an official made by PEZ Int. product, but it is for sure 
something intresting to collect.
Our PezPalz Mališa has found the new Easter box at the Interspar Market in Croatia, 
the new Easter gift box is filled with a PEZ dipspenser, PEZ candy packs and different other sweet and snacks products.
We really love the artwork on the box! 

Hvala Mališa za Fotke i Video :)

Monday, March 5, 2018

2nd UK PEZ Gathering...

In August 2016 our Dear Kelle Blyth hosted her
overwhelming very first UK PEZ gathering.
A music band, after party, super creative gathering merchandise, picture walls and costumed PEZ ladies, and for sure her fabulous 
gathering dispenser rounded off the very familial PEZ gathering.
Time to kick off  for round two!
The 2nd UK PEZ Gathering will be held on 
4th - 6th October 2018 
and will take place at Best Western George Hotel, Norwich.
++Registration is now OPEN++

This year Kelle is busy planning a great time!
The agenda is now in the preparing phases, but we can tell you that Kelle is planning a City tour, a boat tour of the famous Norfolk broads, games and competitions. Her Event will be 3 days full of PEZ fun. 
Everyone who knows Kelle, knows it will be soooooo amazing!!

For registration information be sure to check out or on Facebook
To get all the latest info about Kelle's mega event!

If you want to see Kelle's feelings and emotions on the work for her first UK PEZ Gathering , then we have here great story's for you :)
Making the first UK PEZ Gathering by Kelle
First UK PEZ Gathering Pictorial

Check out our Event Calendar for 2018/2019 HERE.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Brand new Brush Buddies PEZ Poppin Toothbrushes...

Almost one year ago  has reported about a new coloboration between PEZ and Brush Buddies, and today we are happy to report, 
the new PEZ Poppin' Toothbrushes
 are here, and have started popping up in stores.
"Poppin Action" 
when you press the button located in the middle of the dispenser 
the brush will pop up of the PEZ dispensary and lock 
in place to allow kids to brush their teeth.

Official Statement from Brush Buddies
What do you get when you combine#BrushBuddiesPoppinToothbrushes with PEZ's famous dispensers? #BrushBuddiesPEZToothbrushes! Available at 2000 select Walgreens locations on March 5th, 2018.

Our dear friend Brian J. was lucky to find 
5 different at his local Walgreens store.
 From the Emoji line
and a Peppa Pig toothbrush.

The new toothbrushes (similar to the Lip cream color from Japan) has the same size as a regular PEZ dispenser.

On the Internet we found reports that Thomas the train and Monster High will also be made into PEZ poppin' toothbrushes, we are wondering if we will see them too, like always we are sure a official press release 
from PEZ Candy Inc. will follow soon.
 As soon as we have more information we will surely let you know.

Thank you Brian for the pictures and the video :D <3

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2018 Valentine PEZ Barky's

Valentine's day may be over but the 2018 Valentine Barky's just made their first appearance! 
 Barkina sits on a white stem printed with 
BE MINE with a teddy bear, and Barky has a brown stem with the same print as Barkina.  If you are interested in seeing pictures of the complete Barky collection you can visit our pictorial

First THAI PEZ Gathering...

Our dear friend Puntima wil hold her first Thai PEZ Gathering on
May 13th 2018
at the U-Saard Market from 13:00-17:00pm in Bangkok.

PEZ is very popular in Thailand, and it‘s so great that Puntima has
decided to bring all the Thai Collectors together to spend a wonderful day
in Bangkok with lots of PEZ fun.
The registration is open now, be sure to check Puntimas Facebook group to get all the latest news about her gathering.

We have heard that Puntima will offer Absentee packages
 (Crystal PEZ Lol’ing official made by PEZ International)
so don't miss to get all the infos here:
Thai PEZ Gathering/Facebook

Monday, February 19, 2018

After Work fun with PEZ...the 2018 PEZ INVITATION....

Every year during the ISM Expo in Cologne, PEZ International has organized a after work Party, through the years PEZ has been creating some fun and great looking invitations for the Party, and 2018 was no exception! 

The 2018 PEZ Party invitation features the pink flamingoes and features a fun island/tropical theme to celebrate the new coconut flavor coming with the new 
flamingo PEZ being released in May 2018.

2003 Party Invitation

2015's Special Invitation

2008 Special Invitation

Thanks to Momo for the Pictures :)

2006 Hard ROCK Special Invitation dispenser

Thanks to Momo for the Pictures :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Funko's Hanna-Barbera PEZ Coming Summer 2018

 By the power of the internet we found this story about the new Funko Pop PEZ!

Funko's Hanna-Barbera Pez will kick off new line this summer

Nick Romano February 17, 2018 AT 11:30 AM EST

Original Article published by:
The Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer may have handedly brought Pez back into popular conversation, but Funko wants to revive the business.
The brand is taking those lovable Funko Pop! figure designs and transforming them into a new line of Pez that will launch this summer. While your typical Pez run for about $1.50 each, these will retail around $5.
Characters from the Hanna-Barbera world will be the first to get the Pez treatment when they launch later this year, but an expansion is on the way.
Spotted on a display at this year’s International Toy Fair in New York were designs for Pez based on the Funko inspired Bob Ross, Hulk, Deadpool, Batman, and Cap’n Crunch.

As for Funko Pop! proper, the brand is also planning to release its versions of Mister Rogerscharacters from Ready Player OneGossip Girl, and It.
— Reporting by Breanne L. Heldman. 

Original Article published by:

We are super excited for this collaboration!!

FIRST LOOK: French PEZ Crystal Gathering....

Everyone is gathering in Paris, France this weekend to join host 
Christian P.
celebrate the 3rd French PEZ Gathering.  
We are happy to bring you the first pictures of the official 
LOL'ing crystal purple PEZ.

Christian has a wonderful web site you can check out Christian's collection along with some fun PEZ news & tools!

The French gathering is introducing the first of the purple LOL'ing of 2018. You can check out our story about all gatherings that will be sporting a official PEZ HERE!


Limited Edition of 206 dispensers
The back print: Collector‘s Edition 

Attendee Gathering dispenser limited Edition of 60 
Christian P.