Friday, April 28, 2017

Pez under the Black Light

Friend of Pez Palz Cliff Lee experiments with a blacklight.  
Cliff bought a blacklight for an upcoming trip and after checking the light out in his living room, he then decided to shine it on his Pez collection wondering if they would have a reaction and sure enough! His vintage had the biggest reaction of all. Spook, Duck with Flower, and Chicks had the biggest glow affect, the most surprising one was the Fat Ear Bunny which is a caramel color in normal light. 
Thank You Cliff for letting us share your pictures! 

Photos: Cliff Lee

Friday, April 21, 2017

Atletico Cardedeu Soccer Ball PEZ (custom made) from Spain...

Our dear friend Luis from PEZILLA recently wrote a 
story about a custom Soccer ball PEZ dispenser from Spain. 
We decided to look for the dispenser to add to our collections.
If you love or collect "custom made" (fantasy) PEZ then you will love what the Spanish soccer club "Atlético Cardedeu" made
they did a amazing job on them.

 "Atlético Cardedeu"
is a Spanish soccer club from Cardedeu a town in the near of Barcelona.
They made a very limited number of 130 pieces of the 
soccer balls to promote their club.
The soccer ball is on a red stem with
the logo of the soccer club is printed on the ball,
ATLETICO CARDEDEU is printed on the stem.
The dispenser will come in a special tube.
We are happy to add this nice fantasy PEZ to our collections <3

For more Info please visit Facebook/Blackoutbcn

Picture from

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter ...


FIRST LOOK: 2017 Kleinmuenchen PEZ Gathering Dispenser...

It's a tradition, and most every Austrian & German
PEZ Collector can't wait for the start of the
Kleinmünchen PEZ Gathering.
(22-25 June, Kleinmünchen-Linz,Austria)

Our dear Friend, the Host Günter Haidinger is celebrating his
8th anniversary this year, and like every year, 
he will organize a super nice and familiar gathering
that offers everything that a PEZ Collector wants to have.
PEZ on every corner,
Room hopping, a harbor tour with the ship,  nice PEZ talks and a wonderful
gathering of PEZ Friends.  This year we will not see any official PEZ Gathering dispenser from PEZ International, but Günter has decided, like every year in the past, to make something nice for his event.
The designs are done, stickers are here, dispensers are ordered, the printing house is informed,  and we are super happy to share with
you the FIRST LOOK what the (custom made)
dispensers will look like :)
Like 2015 Günter choose the same designs
(Austrian, upper Austrian, and the Linz coat of arms)
just in a new color combination,
again pucks, this time on green stems with a blue printing on it.
(8.Kleinmünchen PEZ Gathering 2017)

We are loving them, Günter you did a great job again <3
for more info please visit


Kleinmünchen (custom made) PEZ dispensers from the past.

Thank you Günter for the pictures,
und <3 das du dich doch dazu entschlossen hast
heuer wieder ein Treffen zu machen ;)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter 2017 Pez Barky's just released

With Easter just a few days away we are getting the 
first pictures of the new 2017 Easter Barky set. 
 Barkina sits on a neon pink stem printed with 
Happy Easter with a decorated egg, 
and Barky has a purple stem with the same print as Barkina. 
If you are interested in seeing pictures of the complete
 Barky collection you can visit our pictorial

Information from PoorPaws:
On behalf of all the shelter dogs and cats we would like to thank you for you past support with your previous purchase of Barky Brown Pez dispensers.

We would like to introduce to you our New Halloween 

These are all a 

Limited Edition of 250 sets.

Happy Collecting :)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

New characters join the Despicable Me PEZ assortment

Coming in May to the USA
is the new characters added to the Despicable Me assortment. 
Gru & Jerry will join Dave, Stuart & Agnes.  

Along with the new additions a three pack will also be added. Featured will be Jerry and Stuart on mini stems and Gru will be full size.  Something special will also be included with the new three pack, a new candy flavor Banana which was given out at the Big E last year. 

A total of 5 different characters will make up the Despicable Me assortment 
Dave, Stuart, Agnes, Gru & Jerry. 

The new movie will be hitting theaters June 30th, 2017.

Original Photos:
Photo: Candy Wherehouse

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wunderkinder box design for Sisi & Mozart PEZ

Everyone loves the new
PEZ Sisi & Mozart Twin packs,
but not just because of the dispenser, the design
of the box is so amazing!
Pictures: from Wunderkinder
Sisi & Mozart Twin pack available at the
Vienna PEZ Airport Shop or at
The Artwork on the twin pack was done by the Austrian Company
a company which specializes at packaging designs.
The creative team from Wunderkinder is
working with PEZ for more then 10 years, and we all have something in our Collection that Wunderkinder has created :)

If you like to know more about Wunderkinder give them a like on their
Facebook site, and see more about their great work.

WUNDERKINDER at the work for the 2017 PEZ Catalogue

Until now we have never seen before the creative development process of any PEZ product, today is the big day, we are sooo happy and thankful
to share with you this video.
We are sure you will love it like we do. <3

A huge thank you to WUNDERKINDER Team for giving us
the opportunity to share this video!

Wir wünschen Euch noch viele kreative flow's und ganz
tolle Sachen für PEZ und uns :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

FIRST LOOK: 2nd Edition FC Basel Soccer balls

 Cruspi is the official distributor of PEZ in Switzerland since 1991,
and has again made something for the PEZ Collectors and FC BASEL Fans.
In May 2014 we saw the first Images of the
FC BASEL Soccer Balls.
It was a surprise and the beginning of a great
PEZ journey from Switzerland.
Today, and after the release of the
SC BERN Hockey Pucks and
the BSC YOUNG BOYS Soccer Balls,
we are happy to report about the
second edition of the FC Basel Soccer Balls.
The difference between the 2014 balls and the 2017
 version is the star a the top of the ball over the 
logo also on the 2017 version, the card will feature a whole new design.
We are variation collectors so we will definitely want these for our collections. 
We can expect the new FC Basel balls at the end of April.

FC Basel 1893
is one of the most successful football clubs in Switzerland.
PEZ from Switzerland:
Thank you MOMO for the pictures:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New PEZ PLAY Transformers are here

Finally, we are super happy to add the new
PEZ PLAY TRANSFORMERS to our Collection.
They are now available in the Pez online shop,
which can be found

They are the same dispenser that came in 2016, but this time,
Optimus Prime and
will have a printed PEZ candy code on the stem
which opens up a whole new dimension.
Simply download the free PEZ PLAY app,
use it to scan the code and let the fun and games begin.
An exciting race against time awaits.
Kids have to dodge the obstacles while being timed. Luckily, PEZ candies also appear on the racetrack - the more they collect, the more time they get.
At the end of the game, kids can turn into their transformer and take a photo.
Are you ready to play? :))

for more info, please visit


Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Star Wars BB-8 and Rey PEZ...

This will not be a great year only for us PEZ Collectors, 
the Star Wars fans will be super happy too :)
The PEZ Star Wars Line will grow this year, 
surprises are awaited for september. 
A new Tin and some new dispensers will follow.
For now we can see the new BB-8 and REY PEZ dispenser which
will come this month to the US market.
new BB-8 and Rey PEZ dispenser
Picture:  PEZ Candy Inc.