Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sweets and Snacks Expo Cancelled for 2020

With social distancing becoming a new part of our lives sadly 
many events are being cancelled for 2020 and the latest to be officially 
announced is the Sweets and Snacks Expo which 
happens every year in Chicago, Illinois.
This is usually where we see the future of PEZ for the coming year. 
Between ISM in Cologne, Germany in February and the 
Sweets and Snacks Expo, this is where we get most 
of our new PEZ news. 
 For the past few years a special PEZ is specially produced for the event. 
We have so many questions for this year 
we wonder what will 
become of the special dispenser? 
We think they have prepared a new mascot, 
will they save them up for 2021?  
Will we be able to get the normal mascot again on the PEZ Website? 
Where we will see all the new ones for 2021? 
Most of the new movies are postponed, 
what about the new dispensers they have planned for the movie release? 
For now we will have to wait until the plans are released in a new alternative way.  
We are thinking of the team that has gone to so much work making the always amazing PEZ booth, we hope there is some way to see all of the creativity maybe virtually.
For now the most important thing is- until the world heals we can wait.
Stay safe everyone.

You can check our our event calendar HERE we will be keeping this page up to date with all the changing information.  If you are a host and have a change to your event please let us know at

Friday, March 27, 2020

PEZ PANDA UPDATES for Europe and the US...

The time has come
the new PEZ Panda bears TAO & LOU are available on the 
European PEZ homepage 
as of today, as announced by PEZ International.
We can only recommend that you order them as soon as possible, here
because the number is limited and the limited 
editions of PEZ are always sold out very quickly.

Good news also for all of our American PEZ collectors, 
as PEZ Candy Inc. posted on their social media channels 
last week, the two cute pandas will also 
be available on the 
American market this summer.
We are happy to show you the first look of the american card.  
Happy Collecting!   
Lefit: Panda Bears USA release,
right European Pandas with Nashi PEZ Candies

Friday, March 20, 2020

Hello Kitty 2020 PEZ US Releases

It's no secret that the Hello Kitty range is one of PEZ PALZ most favorites.

Today we are happy to share the releases that are starting to show up in US stores.

While all of these have previously been Euro releases it is nice to see US collectors will have a shot at buying them locally. 
We thought it would be great to show you the release history.

Left to Right:
Rainbow Kitty was a 2018 Euro release 
Unicorn was a 2018 euro release
Mermaid was a 2019 Euro release
Llama is new for 2020 and is a Euro/US release

If you would like to check out our Hello Kitty pictorial click HERE.
Happy Hunting!

Monday, March 16, 2020

New PEZ Poo Pack + Unicorn and Surprised Emoji and special mascot merch!

Finally it's here!!! 
We knew at the top of the year a new Crystal Poo Emoji was on the way and now the first double packs of 2020 have hit the market. The first Brown Poop made its debut in 2018, clearly the success of the original has brought us another and a special double pack of Brown and Crystal Poop!

The second double emoji pack is the Unicorn and Surprised Emoji PEZ.
Both of these will make a great addition to any collection!
Both are now available at
Here is the LINK for the Emoji Packs.

While you are browsing around make sure you check out the newly designed Lanyard which now features the new PEZ mascot.
Here is the LINK for the new Lanyard.
Happy Collecting!


Saturday, March 14, 2020


While we all have a lot going on in our lives at this time we wanted to pass along some COVID-19 PEZ related news.  The news has been posted on the PEZ VISITORS CENTER's Facebook Page and on under the "VISIT US" hours and location section. (see below)

We also have confirmation that the Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering has also been cancelled. If you are a host and would like us to update your information on our
please email us at
 The Visitor Center will be closed to guests until further notice.Many of you have likely been following the news coverage and are aware that most Connecticut schools are closed as a precautionary measure in these difficult times.  At PEZ we care about the well-being of our community, customers and staff and have thus decided to close the Visitor Center as a precautionary measure to coincide with those closings.We encourage you to visit our website  and shop online to find all of our current products. Online ordering is still an option. We will update our website and phone messages with plans to re-open when they become available.  We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your interest in PEZ.  We look forward to seeing you again very soon. 
You can visit the above link HERE.

A note to our readers
We have and know so many of our dear PEZ friends from all over the world. Starting with Eleonora from Italy, she is going through a really hard time right now, but as we see and hear the world is fighting everywhere with the same problems. PEZ is still our loved hobby, PEZ makes us smile, we know hard days can come for all of us, or are already here but we know some gatherings are cancelled and if this helps to save just one life, then this was worth it. Some of our PEZ Friends are working as emergency personnel and we just want to thank everyone and each of you, for all you do. The most important thing is, stay positive, take care of you and your loved ones, help each other who need help, and we will be, after this hard time all closer than ever. 
The PEZ Community will stay strong, and we will fight through this together.
From us, prayers and positive vibes to all of you out there.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Exclusive First Look: IT'SUGAR exclusively MARILYN MONROE PEZ...

today we have something PEZtacular to share with you!
Do you remember when we first saw the exclusive 
Elvis Presley PEZ on the great designed PEZ Card from IT'SUGAR 
back in December 2018.
The slightly modified Elvis dispensers were re-released and 
had been only available at IT'SUGAR (see our original story here).
When the first It's sugar’s department store opened 
in East Rutherford, NJ last winter
with over 10 000 types of candy and an amazing selection of PEZ,
each of us was overwhelmed by the shared pictures of the opening.
Well, this wonderful collaboration between IT'Sugar and PEZ Candy Inc.
is coming to a higher level
and we are so excited and in love, we can give you the exclusive
 first look and of course we are freaking out here...
Take a deep breath...
here it is... here she is...
MARILYN MONROE PEZ dispenser! (USA only)
Thank you IT'SUGAR for the pictures ;D
The new Marilyn Monroe will be available exclusively 
at IT'SUGAR and will be available 
online to purchase (here) on IT'SUGAR website next Tuesday.
She definatley will have a special place in our collections
and we would be happy about further collaborations beetween
 IT'SUGAR and PEZ Candy Inc. in the future :)
Happy Collecting and stay safe!

 ...... now we are counting the days till tuesday <3

for more info, please visit

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

NOW AVAILABLE! NEW Stems, new Prints for Scooby Doo 2020 PEZ

The cartoon series was first aired in the US, 
more than 50 years ago and became classic.
Countless episodes later, the characters still look virtually
 the same as they did in the very first broadcast in 1969.

Now a new animated movie SCOOB, with the voices of Mark Wahlberg, 
Zac Efron and Mckenna Grace, will reveal how the five friends actually met.
The new movie is set to hit the theaters in May.

Back in 2014 PEZ made a Scooby Doo Gift Set only for the US market, 
now PEZ will re-release the Scooby assortment 
but this time worldwide,  
with a few changes to the first set.
SCOOBY will now have the SD logo printed on the stem.
The new SHAGGY will have facial hair.
DAPHNE will have a purple stem.
FRED will be on a new white stem instead of blue
and VELMA will have freckles.
The new Scooby PEZ assortment will be available in Europe on cards.
Our US friends will have them as standard assortment, 
plus in a nice designed twin pack.
We are sure we will see them also on a double PEZ card.

To show you a overview of all the changes, we have prepared a
pictorial for you.
We can't wait to add the new dispensers 
to our collections!
Happy Collecting!

New Scooby has a printed stem.
New Shaggy has facial hair.
New Daphne has a purple stem.
New Fred has a white stem.

Scooby Doo PEZ Assortment. Left + Gift set Previously Released. 
Right: Coming 2020

Sunday, March 8, 2020

New PEZ Double Cards Spongebob, Easter, Pokemon + Peppa Pig

We know some of you can't get enough of the double cards and now we have some new combinations to add to the list.
The most exciting new discovery is the new Spongebob card which features a printed bubble stem and a CRYSTAL bob! 
We reported not long ago that new Spongebobs would come in 
Common, Special, Rare, and Super Rare like only 1,000 made rare!
Spongebob double card- is being found in Walmart Stores near the checkouts, by the books, or by the freezer section.
You can check out our original story HERE.
This double card covers the first two we are all looking for.
Also adding to the list is,
Bunny and Chick
Peppa Pig
New Princess combination Belle and Aurora.
You can check out our master pictorial list HERE
Happy Collecting!

In store Walmart photo: Chris S. (Facebook)

Big thanks to Mark for sending us photos!
Some Photos: Facebook
If you come across any double cards please let us know at

How to find a PEZ using a UPC with the Walmart App

Maybe you know, 
but I just learned not long ago that you can look for a PEZ
 (or any item in Walmart stores) using the Walmart app.  
Thinking this might be helpful for some looking for a item rather than driving from store to store 
(like many of my nights driving up and down I-5)

First- Download the App.
Step 1- Open the App.
Step 2- Choose the scanning option.
Step 3- Scan the UPC. 
This can be any picture from any surface. Computer monitor, printed paper, etc.
Step 4- Get the results (you can change your location to check other stores)
This is just one tool in our toolbox, sometimes looking in store is the best option.
We hope this information can help find what you're looking for.
Happy Hunting!

Friday, March 6, 2020

NEW Disney PEZ Monorail Car Display

We have had many reader requests to share the new
Monorail car display
which were recently found in the Disney Parks. 
In late 2019 Woody, Buzz, Alien, Slinky Dog, Mickey and Minnie were 
discovered in Walt Disney World in and Disneyland later in February 
Donald and Goofy 
joined the specialty printed set and were first spotted in Disneyland. 
Now it looks like Disney PEZ now have a new accessory, 
their very own monorail cars!!

 A red car and blue car have been spotted in the parks and each car holds 8 PEZ. 
 The only sad part about it is they don't have a PEZ logo 
on them which makes us wonder if this is just a Disney design, 
and not a PEZ collaboration. 
They come in a red and blue models, 
which one will you add to your collection? 

Photos- ebay seller: mousebuys
Auction (not affiliated with PEZPALZ blog)