Friday, February 21, 2020

FIRST LOOK: The new MINIONS 2 PEZ assortment...

Today the time has finally come, the new PEZ catalogue is here!
And with the publication of the new catalogue, 
we can take a first look at the new 
MINIONS 2 PEZ assortment!
In time, for the highly anticipated global sensation MINIONS 2, 
the Blockbuster from Universal, PEZ will bring a new Minions PEZ assortment.
The collection will feature the entire upper body of the 
yellow Minions atop the dispensers - overalls included!
And to top it all off, a whole new flavour of candy 
will be added especially for the Minions range: you guessed it,
A total of 4 new dispenser which will include
OTTO and
Gift Tin
Fizzy Drops
and Candy Bag will round up the new PEZ assortment.
Pictures from PEZ International AG
A lot of great new PEZ stuff to add to our collections, 
this is how we like it :D
Happy Collecting!
Minions - Despicable me from the past
Thank you for the pictures

Here you can view the full new PEZ catalogue:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

All PEZ that you need to look for Easter 2020, here is our update...

Greetings Pez Palz!
We thought it could be helpful to give you a rundown of 
everything you need to pick up for Easter 2020!

The new regular lamb and egg with bunny and chick
are available at most Euro & US stores. 

The new 2020 egg (only in tubes) and yellow PEEP (carded)
are exclusive to Walgreens stores.

Last year the mini bunny was released in Europe,  
this year the white mini bunny on green stem will be available new for the US.

The new Easter mini egg with the new mini lamb (Euro only) 
has been found at the KIK (textil discounter) stores across Austria and Germany.

One last bit of news, if you're into collecting the Burlington double cards,
 a new Easter set is now a part of the ever growing collection.
Happy Easter!
The new Easter mini egg with mini Lamb is a euro only release and has been found
at KiK Stores in Austria and Germany.
The new yellow Peep and the 2020 Easter egg can be found exclusively
at select Walgreens Stores. (USA only)
New PEZ Easter double card now available at Burlington Coat Factory. (USA only)

Monday, February 17, 2020

TROLLS 2 World Tour with 4 new PEZ dispensers...

A a new Trolls movie is coming in April and it's called
Trolls World Tour.
The idea is- Poppy & Branch discover new troll tribes
over six lands which feature a different form of music.
Queen Barb and King Thrash want to destroy all of all
other kinds of music and let rock reign supreme. 
Justin Timberlake and Ozzy Osbourne are just some of the voices in the film.

What does all this mean for us fans of PEZ? 
Well we will have 4 new PEZ to collect!
Poppy has a whole new mold,
 Guy Diamond has a new stem color,
Branch will feature a new hair updo and stem Color,
then we have BARB who is a completely new character!
This will make a total of 9 different variations
and 5 completely different characters.
They have already been released in Europe, 
and we expect these very soon in the US too.

Happy Hunting!
Trolls Through the years

Dreamworks Trolls World Tour Trailer
In Theaters April 17th 2020


Thursday, February 13, 2020

NEW PEZ LOL Surprise gift box set, with a new exclusive CHEEKY BABE dispenser...

Look what Alex found at IT'S SUGAR!
We all had a great time in 2019 buying up all the LOL's trying to complete our set of 9.
In 2019 there were 3 categories classic, rare and super rare, now for 2020 the groups are called Stylin', Special & Super.
Now it looks like we will have some more to look for. 
"Cheeky Babe" (USA only)
is the latest surprise found in this gift set. 
The set is being sold at It's Sugar for $16.99!
This will make a total of 10 different characters.

Cheeky Babe NEW
Glitter Queen 
Splash Queen
Surfer Babe
Queen Bee
Purple Queen
Glitter Hoops

We are also expecting another 9 characters later this year!
We will keep you posted on other stores the new box set can be found.
Happy Collecting!

Newly released LOL Surprise Gift Set

Above: NEW Cheeky Babe

Above: New LOL's coming later in 2020
Below: LOL's currently available

Thank you Alex for all the pictures!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Coming soon new PEZ Moana...and a new Aurora will be added later this year...

With so many movies from Disney, it is no surprise that our collections are full of princesses and we are happy to announce that our collections will gain 2 new ones.

In 2016 the Disney movie Moana - (Vaiana)
was a HUGE hit and it's we are excited she will become one of the

official PEZ princesses!
She will will be coming soon to the USA
a NEW Princess
from Sleeping Beauty will be coming later this year.
Happy Collecting!
Mockup PEZ Dispenser - Princess Aurora

Monday, February 10, 2020

Easter PEZ Exclusives from Walgreens Egg + Peeps Debut!

Easter is on the way and in some areas the shelves are starting to fill up with Easter PEZ.
For many years now we have seen PEZ fans making fantasy dispensers for Peeps and they have been a long time April fools joke between collectors.
 For those who have never experienced the delight, Peeps are marshmallows shaped into chicks, bunny's and other characters depending on the holiday. 
You will be happy to hear that for 2020 a yellow Peep will be making their way into our collections. 
We have had many decorated eggs over the years. Last year we were surprised with the 2019 golden eggs that was exclusively available at Walgreens store across the USA. This year won't disappoint, for 2020 we have another egg featuring bunnies and carrots on blue background with 2020 printed on front. 
Both the new Egg and Peeps are exclusive to Walgreens stores.
Plus while out shopping don't forget to pick up the new lamb + chick and bunny egg.

A Huge Thank You to Bill M. for sending pictures our way.
Your kind letter was greatly appreciated : ) 

11 Eggs through the years.. 

Also New for 2020
Peeps Photos Joe D. + Keith N.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Two new printed stems- Disney Goofy and Donald PEZ

A new discovery has been made in the Disney theme parks!
Back in November the first discovery of printed stem Buzz, Alien, Woody, Slinky Dog, Mickey and Minnie was made in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and quickly found also at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
It looks like now
have been added to the line up. 
Keep an eye out when you or a loved one is in the parks : )
Happy Collecting!

Photos: Kerstin M.

If you have seen these at other gift shops at Disney World, Disneyland or Disney Stores please let us know at we would love to pass the information on to other PEZ heads.
Thanks Palz!

Monday, February 3, 2020

EXCLUSIVE PEZ FIRST LOOK! 44 Cats! New Assortment!

A big surprise from PEZ international for 2020!
44 Cats made its big debut at ISM candy convention in Cologne Germany. 44 Cats- Is an Italian animated television program created by Iginio Straffi and broadcast on Nickelodeon. The story is about following the adventures of four kittens who are part of a musical group called the Buffycats.
 People all over the world love cats, not only fans of the series are expected to be delighted. The new 44 Cats PEZ assortment, which will be available in autumn, will include 
Meatball &
Happy Collecting!

ISM display booth

Meatball, Lampo & Milady




Happy Collecting!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Ghosty at ISM in Cologne Germany! PEZ 2020

Greetings friends!
Ghosty is currently at ISM in Cologne Germany and we are happy to bring you the news from the event. We were lucky enough to bring you information a few days ago with a preview of the 2020 Euro line up you can visit our story HERE.
Please enjoy!

Happy 2020!