Saturday, September 24, 2022

PEZ Candy Inc. announce the Peppa Pig PEZ dispensers for the USA...

While European collectors have been able 
to add the three new Peppa Pig PEZ dispensers
GEORGE Dinosaur and
PEPPA Teddy.
to their collections since this summer, 
PEZ Candy Inc is now also officially announcing
 the three sweet dispensers for the American market.
Thank you PEZ International for the pictures :)

We are always pleased if an existing series 
is expanded and adapted.

You can move your four existing 
PEPPA PEZ dispensers
 closer together and make room for the three 
new pigs in your showcases.
Happy Collecting!
Left: Peppa Pig PEZ dispensers previous releases right: new 2022 Peppa Pig dispensers (Euro & USA release)

Friday, September 23, 2022

FIRST LOOK! New PEZ Pokémon assortment...Pikachu will delight us!

From Japan, Pokémon conquered children's rooms 
around the world in 1996 with its brightly 
colored mythical creatures and monsters with cute names.
Pokémon is short for Poketu Monsatu, which means pocket monster.

The Pokémon franchise now includes video, games, 
trading card games, animated, television shows, movies, 
comic books, and toys.
The widely-popular mobile augmented reality game 
Pokémon Go was released in 2016.

Pikachu is the mascot of the Pokémon franchise.
He is the real star and everyone's darling.
 With the release of the PEZ catalogue
in February this year, 
PEZ International announced that there 
will be new Pikachu dispensers from the Pokémon series.

Today we have received the 
first official pictures, 
and of course we are happy to share them with you.
While only the stem of the smiling Pikachu 
was changed from yellow to green, the two 
winking (orange stem)
 and open mouth Pikatchu (blue stem)
will be added to the Pokémon range.

Picture PEZ International GmbH Thank you :)
Now we just have to wait until the beginning of 2023, 
when the new Pokemon PEZ dispensers will appear in Europe.
Happy Collecting!
PEZ Pikachu's over the years,  pictures from

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

BREAKING NEWS! Coming soon 3 new PEZ Brides...

We have again sent our agents on 
secret missions, 
and they really found out something great.

The wedding PEZ range is iconic and versatile.
Whether they are used to decorate 
the tables or as name cards, 
but also as cash gift dispensers or alternative as greetings cards,
 they are always a lovely eye-catcher 
for the most important day.
We are pleased to be able to report that, 
in addition to the already published PEZ bride with red hair, 
there will soon be three new brides from PEZ International.

Soon we will have the opportunity to put the 
and black-haired 
bride to our sweet wedding couples.

Unfortunately we don't have an official photo to share 
with you yet, but it can't be long now, they will appear shortly.
Happy Collecting!
Coming soon from PEZ International -  pic made in photoshop*

How cute! New PEZ Sewing Set from Japan...

Japan is a leading country with 
licensed PEZ Merch articles. 
Many great products have already found their 
way into our collections.

Now there is something new to report 
- a travel PEZ sewing set has just been 
released in Japan and it looks really great.
The utils are in a small metal tin, fits perfectly in every pocket,
  with the typical 
PEZ retro motive we all know and love. 
Included are 
Tape measure, 
Needle Set 
 6 colors of thread,  
sewing pad in cool PEZ style.
We absolutely have to have this! 
Happy Collecting!
Pictures from Instagram @saigodesign

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New 2022 PEZ Advent Calendar is here! All the pictures...

 Last year, the PEZ Advent Calendar was one 
of the highlights of the year for us, 
and we didn't think it could be topped again this year. 
But we were wrong, PEZ International (Europe) surprised 
us again this year with great attention to detail.
Not only did the advent calendar get a 
new Christmas design, 
this year in blue, red and white, 
this year's special limited dispenser really knocked our socks off.
 The new PEZ polar bear has a cloudy milky face 
and the hood is in clear crystal red and green. 
You will also find a second new dispenser 
hidden behind the 24 locked doors,
 it is the Nutcracker.
The Nutcraker is a first for Europe but has now
the PEZ Play Code printed on the stem 
making it different and definitely 
a new dispenser for our collection. 
Amazing new PEZ Polar, available in the 2022 PEZ Advent Calendar.
It should also be mentioned that the 
crystal Christmas tree, 
which was an exclusive feature in last year's calendar, 
is back again this year, 
which is a unique opportunity for all those 
who didn't get the calendar last year.
Oh yes, if we should now get scolded 
why we have already opened the calendar, 
we had to do this, otherwise we would not 
have been able to show you all the photos :) LOL 
Dear PEZ, 
we love both advent calendar,
 please do your best in 2023 
and create again another new advent calendar for us for next year. 
You can do it, 
you proved that again this year.
Happy Collecting! 


Saturday, September 17, 2022

New Game of Thrones PEZ Twin packs available now...

After PEZ Candy Inc. released the great 
Game of Thrones 
gift set with the 4 PEZ dispensers 
Jon Snow, 
Tyrion Lannister, 
Daenerys Targaryen 
and Night King
  last year, the expansion is now being added in the
 form of a gift twin pack and new is that
 the Drogon PEZ dispenser 
has now been added.  
The new Gift twin packs with 
Jon Snow and Drogon, 
and Daenerys Targaryen with Drogon 
can be ordered here.
It's just a pity that the other two dragons, 
Rhaegal and Viserion, didn't appear as PEZ.
But we are at least looking forward to a new 
PEZ dispenser that we can welcome soon.
Happy Collecting! 
Left: 2021 PEZ Game of Thrones Gift Tin Right: New 2022 PEZ Twin Packs


Friday, September 16, 2022

New Marvel Black Panther PEZ Twin Pack now available...

We can't wait for the new 
Marvel Black Panther 
PEZ Gift Tin with 
Black Panther, 
Purple Black Panther 
and Okoye 
which will hopefully be released soon.  
To quench our anticipation, PEZ Candy Inc. 
has now released the Marvel Black Panther 
Twin Pack with Shuri and the Black Panther in 
their online shop. (here)
 In time for the latest Marvel Blockbuster 
Black Panter - Wakanda Forever movie (November 2022),
 the dispensers will be available in American stores.  
Coming soon, new Marvel Black Panther PEZ Gift Tin.
We can't wait to add the new dispensers soon
 to our Marvel PEZ collection.  
Happy Collecting!


NEW! Giant PEZ Spider-Man 60th Celebration...

Finally there is a new Giant PEZ dispenser!
  This will not only please the many PEZ Giant collectors, 
no, Marvel Spider-Man fans around the world will also
 love the new large PEZ dispenser.  
On the occasion of Spider-Man's 60th anniversary, 
PEZ Candy Inc has brought out a new Giant PEZ dispenser, 
which can now be purchased from PEZ Candy Inc. 
in their online shop.(USA only)
You can order your Spider-Man here.
Happy Collecting!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Now available! New PEZ Treats with printed Stems...

In July we saw the three sweet 
PEZ Treats dispensers for the first time, 
exhibited in the showcase of the PEZ Visitor Center.(here)
 Since then we have been waiting eagerly for the new dispensers.  
Today, PEZ International (Europe) surprises us 
when they present these dispensers as 
a new "snack collection".
They offer
The PIZZA - Have a slice day!
THE BURGER - Allways snackish
THE TACO - Wanna bout it?
 in their online shop and
 offer them for sale as an online exclusive. 
  Finally something new for our European PEZ collectors! 

 Of course, PEZ Candy Inc. (USA) has also
 announced the dispensers for this month, unfortunately 
our American friends have to be patient a little longer,
 but they can also look forward to the new 
Happy Birthday Cupcake, 
which apparently will be available in the USA.
European collectors can order them here.
Happy Collecting! 
Coming soon! New Happy Birthday Cupcake (USA only)


PEZ Crystal BUGZ are back...

Today PEZ surprises us with 
crystal PEZ Bugz PEZ dispensers
 from the year 2000. 
Apparently a bunch of these PEZ dispensers were found
 at PEZ's warehouse and as PEZ is aware we'll rip pretty 
much anything out of their hands, 
especially when it comes to crystal dispensers.
 PEZ took this opportunity to repackage the 
crystal BUGZ dispensers and put them in their online store. 
It sounds so tempting: 
 Released from the archive, your chance to add 
some classic favorites to your collection! 
When you order, the quantity ordered will 
be pulled at random. 
The assortment includes 10 variations shown in photo. 
No guarantee which Bugz dispenser you will receive.
Of course, we think it's great that the surprise 
effect of which dispenser will you get, and that the 
newer PEZ collectors now also have now
 the opportunity to secure the sweet dispensers from the past. 
We are sure that there will be a lot of swapping in the Facebook groups, 
and so we've gotten back to the point 
where we enjoy our hobby the most, 
namely trading and being happy for our PEZ friends. 
Happy Collecting!