Saturday, June 18, 2022

Ready for the mini LOL Surprise PEZ doll?...

This will definitely be fun, 
the LOL Surprise mini dolls 
will be released soon 
and the search and swap for 
the mini PEZ LOL doll will open soon. 
 Of course, the mini LOL PEZ doll is interesting 
for us because it comes with 9 PEZ surprises.  
In any case, we are excited to see how this 
will develop and what the PEZ friends from 
the PEZ communites will report us.
More info can be found here.
Happy Collecting!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Crystal PEZ Panda Number 11 from Portugal...

After it had to be canceled last year due 
to the pandemic, the Portugal PEZ Gathering,
 hosted by Luis M, finally took place today.  
With the event we also see the associated 
gathering dispenser, to be more precise 
the crystal glitter PEZ panda number 11.  
Here Luis has opted for a gray stem with a black print, 
and the design, of course, with the famous "P" is really well done. 
 The combination with black and gray looks really nice, 
this is a dispenser that really stands out.  
Check out the Portugal Gathering website for more info. (here)


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Milo, Giggi and Ella from the new PEZimals assortment now available...

We could hardly wait, 
the new PEZimals are now online from PEZ International (Europe). 
 Milo the Monkey, 
Giggi the giraffe 
and Ella the elephant 
will soon find their way directly into our collections. 
 We hope that PEZ will create more great dispensers 
for the PEZimals assortment in 2023 and 
that the series will grow again next year.
Our American PEZ friends still have to be patient for 
the series, but PEZ Candy Inc has already 
announced that it will soon be available in the USA as well.
Happy Collecting! 
Picture PEZ International


Thursday, June 2, 2022

New Stranger Things Gift packs...

We actually love (almost) everything from PEZ, 
but this time we're a little disappointed. 
 Even though PEZ announced something 
new to us for the start of the Stranger Things season, 
it's actually just the same PEZ dispensers in new 
"lifestyle" packaging. (here)
 The Stranger Things Lifestyle gift boxes are now 
available online from PEZ International, 
and the big surprise is that each box only comes 
with one PEZ dispenser. 
The newly designed vintage cola candy packs included
 in the gift set look great, but will not
bring most of us buy the gift sets. 

Too bad PEZ, 
the Stranger Things gift sets will unfortunately
 not lead to the desired success that you might have wished for.
 If you had changed the dispensers in crystal, or at least the stem, 
or introduced a new character, 
we would have ripped the boxes out of your hands. 
Sorry PEZ it turned out so unimaginative this time. 
Happy Collecting!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

New PEZ Tissue boxes from Japan...

New PEZ merch items appear almost 
every week in Japan, now something 
new is following, tissue boxes in 
6 different great PEZ designs have been 
announced for June. 
Thank you tokyopezclubcommunity for the picture
 In fact, the new tissue boxes are 
almost too good to open and use up. 
 As a particularly decorative piece,
they are certainly not only a great eye-catcher
 in our PEZ collections.
Happy Collecting.

HOW COOL! HUGE Mosaic PEZ Wall at the "Hangout" Restaurant...

In today's post, our heartfelt thanks go
 to our long-time friend Jim. D and his friend Lucy N. 
who leaked the pictures to him. 
Sunset wall made of thousands of  PEZ dispensers
 Without her, the PEZ world would not have 
seen these wonderful pictures. 
Again and again you can see pictures 
on Instagram of the PEZ dispensers 
sorted by colour. 
Also, we have seen many fantastically
 cool PEZ artworks in the most 
diverse constellations in the past. 
These two aspects come together in the images 
we received from Myrtle Beach SC (USA)
which are simply amazing and 
definitely the best we've seen to date. 
That's called PEZ Art! 
made of  thousands PEZ amazing sunset wall
Whoever came up with the idea and created the 
work of art deserves our total respect, 
we really salute them!
 In a mosaic of PEZ dispensers, 
put together from many thousands 
of PEZ dispensers, 
lined up in different colors, 
it shows us a fantastically large 
picture of the sea with a great sunset. 
Thank you Lucy N. for the pictures.
 You can admire the whole thing in the newly 
opened Hangout Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. 
Incredible and desirable to emulate.
 Happy Collecting.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

UNVEILED! The crystal PEZ Convention Panda from MADRID!

It has been a while since we saw the last 
Crystal Convention PEZ Panda from Europe,
 to be more precise in September 2021 from Barcelona, Spain. 
Today, the PEZ Gathering is finally taking place in 
Madrid, Spain. 
It had to be canceled and postponed last year 
in 2021 due to the pandemic. 
Thank you Jose Antonio for the picture <3
 In total, PEZ International made crystal PEZ pandas
 for 16 gatherings/conventions, 
whereby the hosts were able to choose their own 
stem color and stem imprint.  
Only Hamm Germany and one other country, 
which we of course can't reveal here, 
got a crystal glitter PEZ Panda Princess. 
 With the Madrid dispenser that was handed 
out today at the Gathering, we now see panda number 10. 
So we can look forward to 6 more, 
(Portugal, Sweden, Finland, UK, Thailand, Indonesia)
which we hope to 
see all of them this year. 

We wish our Spanish PEZ friends lots of fun at the 
Gathering and many great new PEZ 
achievements for their collections.
Happy Collecting!
All 16 crystal PEZ Pandas made by PEZ International for the European PEZ Conventions

Friday, May 27, 2022

What a great surprise! We will get three new Disney PEZ princesses...

You've already heard from us that the two
 PEZ Princesses, 
Snow White and Cinderella, 
are being revised and will be added to the 
PEZ Dinsey Princess range later this year.

With the Sweets and Snacks Expo, 
PEZ Candy Inc. exhibited the Disney Princesses 
and presented the two new revised Snow White 
and Cinderella Princesses to the public for the first time.
Disney Princess ©Disney
Rapunzel can also be found in the showcase 
 and to our delight and complete surprise, 
she too has received a makeover and is allowed 
to present herself in a new gown.
Old vs new Disney PEZ princesses.
For us, this means that we will soon be able 
to welcome three new PEZ Princesses too our Collection.
Happy Collecting! 
PEZ Princesses from PEZ Candy Inc. at the Sweets and Snacks Expo

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

New Monster fruit gums made by PEZ International...

When I was shopping, new Monster friut gummies 
immediately caught my eye with the 
great presentation on the packaging.  
New Monster fruit gums available in Austria at Hofer (Aldi)
  Somehow they reminded me of the 
PEZHeadz fruit gummies that 
PEZ Candy Inc. launched in the USA years ago. 
 The saying "protects your immune system 
with vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc" 
immediately speaks to a parent. 
 When I looked at the exact list of 
ingredients on the back, I was absolutely 
surprised to see that the Monster fruit gums are 
produced exclusively for Hofer-Austria (Aldi) by 
PEZ International.  
There were already a few packs in my shopping cart, 
of course my boys got some as well, 
they strengthen the immune system :) LOL  
It's just a pity that the PEZ logo isn't 
printed on the packaging anywhere, 
but it will still look good in my collection.  
Happy Collecting!
Now available in Austrians HOFER (Aldi) stores.


PEZ Candy Inc. takes us to the Sweets and Snacks fair...

For all those who didn't make it to the 
Sweets and Snacks fair, 
PEZ Candy Inc. has come up with something great.

In numerous videos on social media we can accompany them 
to their booth where they present all their new releases to us.
Thank you PEZ Candy for all the cool videos!
Happy Collecting!