Thursday, December 13, 2018

ELVIS PEZ makes debut on card! It's Sugar exclusive! + Variation!

Hey PEZ Palz!
Many of you probably already have the Elvis Presley Tin that was released in 2007 with 3 different styles for Elvis Presley.   
To our surprise two of the Elvis's have returned and are now featured on cards! Each Elvis has a unique card for the specific themed PEZ.
This time Brian J. has noticed that the new re-releases don't have painted lips!

Thanks to Brian J. for the Photos

This is an It's Sugar exclusive release.
Happy Hunting!!

Photos: It's Sugar

Monday, December 10, 2018

Armistice Day Barky PEZ set from Poor Paws + 50 Limited Barky's

We saw not long ago that a set of Limited Barky's was released in honor of Armistice Day marking 100 years since the end of World War one.  A third Barky was released to honor the animals lost during the war.  Barky features a purple poppy and is limited to 50 pieces made. Below is the message sent to collectors. We love the new additions to our ever growing Barky collections and we thank everyone at Poor Paws for their dedication to helping animals! 
You are all AWESOME!!
PEZ on!

All profits go to Save Our Strays which helps with rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted dogs and cats. We would like to introduce to you our new fundraising Barky pez dispenser set Armistice Day. These are a Limited Edition of 100 marking 100 years of the end of World War 1.These are a set of 2 Barky's Solid Gold and Solid Silver printed with a red poppy. There is also a Limited Edition of 50 Gold Barky with a Purple Poppy these were made to remember those animals that were also lost in the war. These offers will only be available until 14th December 2018
Kind Regards
From Down Under

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The European Christmas PEZ assortment..

Christmas is coming in big steps, 
and PEZ International has added a few new things to their Online Shop.
This year we've got not just the new Christmas Tree and Reindeer, 
they have also added Percy the green Penguin which 
most of us already have it in our collection.
The two X-mas PEZ Ornaments with the mini Angel and Santa, 
are now for the first time in Europe available
and we are happy to report that the Euro version 
has a totally different wrapper design than the US ornament!

But the best and newest release is a PEZ X-mas bag, with two new PEZ  Candy flavors
 Christmas Cookie 
and this is for sure a must have!
All that and much more, can be now ordered at
  Happy Collecting!

NEW PEZ X-MAS Bags with new Christmas Cookie and Mandarin PEZ Candies.

Friday, December 7, 2018

NEW BIG Pink PEZ Truck Hauler from M2!

Today M2 Machines made an official announcement about the NEW hauler that was just released. Pink with "PEZ a toy for the child in all of us" written on the side.  This time we will have 2 new trucks to find this time- one with 3,000 made then one limited to 600 with pink wheels. 
Happy Hunting!

PEZ fans are going to be excited, as a new M2 Machines Auto-Haulers special insert set is heading exclusively to Walmart’s now. The duo includes a regular release of 3,000 pieces and a even more limited chase version of 600 pieces. The 1969 Dodge L600 and 1960 VW Delivery Van pair are skinned in a light Pink with Dark Pink stripes and feature original PEZ art. The chase version is separated by their Blue interiors, clear pink windows and clear pink tires. Start to keep an eye out now as they are already beginning to arrive on shelves. Happy Hunting.
-M2 (Official Statement)

Past M2 Haulers

FIRST LOOK: new Christmas PEZ double card from Burlington...

OHHHH YES another PEZ double card!
 We are happy to report, 
our dear friend Patrick N. has discovered the 
NEW Christmas double card 
with Santa and the new reindeer 
at Burlington Coat Factory!
The list with all the double cards is getting longer and longer,
 that's why we have decided for a updated pictorial.
We really hope our pictorial can help you to find the missing ones.
If you are interested in seeing pictures of the complete 
Burlington double cards, you can find our pictorial
Happy Collecting!
Huge Thank you to our dear Jessica and Patrick for the pictures <3
PEZ Double Cards from Burlington, Thank you Patrick N. for the pictures ;)

Style up your life with new PEZ socks...

Are you still looking for a special Christmas gift?
Then we maybe have an idea for you..
Julie J discovered socks at her local TJ Maxx store. They were mixed in with the seasonal socks. They are selling for $1.99 each.  Check out your local store, we know a few Pezheads that have found them. However it might be hit or miss.
Maybe it's time style up your outfit with great looking socks!
 Big Thank you to Julie J.and Karen L. P. 
Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New PEZ Collectable gift sets from Australia...

 How we love the days when there is something new to report about PEZ.
Like some of you know, PEZ and the Australian distributor have done very special packaging in the past.
Just in time for the holiday's and Christmas season there are three new wonderful collectable gift sets available in Australia and new Zealand.
It was reported that the Disney gift sets where spotted at the Australian post office, and sadly we don't have any information about the other two sets for now all we know is what we have seen on eBay
We are really hoping to find someone who can help us to find them
Happy Hunting.
Pictures from Ebay

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

New PEZ ÖBB Timmi Taurus now available to order...

Hej PezPalz,
One month ago we reported about the new
ÖBB Timmi Taurus PEZ promo dispenser from Austria.
You can visit our original story HERE

We want to inform you that Timmi can be orderd now at the
ÖBB Online store which you can found HERE
This is something that we really want to have in our Collection ;)
Thank you for all the great hq Pictures <3
Thank you for the Pictures :)

Friday, November 30, 2018

Barky Brown set of 2 Armistice Day...

Hot off the presses is 
Barky Brown set of 2 Armistice Day!
Limited Edition of 100 Solid Gold and Solid Silver,printed with a red poppy,   marking 100 years of the end of World War 1.

Tina G. has a limited quality for sale so be sure to order soon!
Looking for Barky's?
Try checking with Tina at
If you are interested in seeing Pictures of the 
complete Barky collection you can visit our pictorial

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Got PEZ display problems? Larry Mason may have the answer!

Cabinets Full? Looking for fun ways to display your PEZ? Have you ever wanted to decorate your Christmas tree with PEZ?
Well Larry Mason has a lot of great ideas to do just that!
The photos are just a small sample of what Larry offers so 
be sure to check out the full site at

Like a lot of Pez collectors, I have a number of the Showtime cases to display my collection. Once filled, I needed to find another method of displaying my loose dispensers. Looking at the pegboard in the garage one day, I got to wondering how I could hang dispensers on it. Using a 3d modeling software package, I created a few designs to hold the dispenser and hooks to insert into the pegboard ( 
 The items worked fairly nicely. 
Photos courtesy of

Next I focused on how to display and protect my carded items. One issue is cards that curl and the other was the plastic popping off. This lead me to create frames ( 
Photos courtesy of

Next while trying to complete my collection of hearts, I created a set of stands to hold the 13 variations and would fit nicely inside a display case from the Container Store (again due to my shortage of Showtime cases). This started me down the path of creating other stands for footless dispensers ( 
Photos courtesy of

Some items are created when people ask for specific designs such as the flashlights. Speaking of footless, shoes seemed a logical set of items to create - both forward and sideways. But why stop there? How about shoes for trucks? Now you can display the haulers inside Showtime cases or any other rail stands ( 

Photos courtesy of

Finally, in our house, we put up a couple of Christmas trees. Each year we try to pick a different theme. In fact a small tree is on display all year long in the kitchen decorated for the current season/holiday. Last year, I decorated the smaller tree with some of the Christmas Pez using the white tree hangers I created. Credit for the translucent green variation goes to Andrea Smith-Gage who received some of the white hangers at Pezamania 28 this year, but suggested a green version would blend in with the tree better.

Photos courtesy of Andrea S.
Thank You Andrea : )

Always interested in creating new items for the collecting community, so feel free to send comments/suggestions to me.
-Larry Mason