Friday, January 22, 2021

NEW HELLO KITTY BEE PEZ now available....

Great news PEZ PALZ!
The new Hello Kittz BEE range is now available to order online 
from PEZ International (here)
(Euro only)
We especially love the printed and meaningful stems that start with
BEE happy
Just BEE 
and of course the 
Hello Kitty logo.
The three cute bees will be also available in a lovely
designed PEZ candy bag,
which will be available soon.
Whereby one of the sweet bees will also make it into 
the american pez range,
from PEZ Candy Inc.
Happy Collecting!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

New Sing 2 PEZ assortment coming this year...

While we are all waiting eagerly for the release of the 
new catalogue from PEZ International, one thing should already be known - 
the new catalogue will not gave us a first glance of the new
PEZ assortment accompanying
to Illuminations newest blockbuster SING 2,
which will be released in the fourth quarter of this year
in America and in Europe.
Unfortunately we will not be able to see
the three lovely dispensers because they are still in development! 
We took this as an opportunity and designed the 
tree appearing characters in advance in photoshop.
This is roughly how
ASH the porcupine girl
JOHNNY the gorilla, and
GUNTER the pig
could appear as PEZ dispenser in autumn.
Sing 2 photoshop made! (not official)
What do you think? 
Are you curious how the three new dispensers
will look in reality?

We can't wait to see the official pictures!

Stay tuned, as soon as we have the real pictures,
we will of course share them here with you.
Happy Collecting! 
SING 2 Official 2021 Movie Trailer

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2021 PEZ Princesses, shiny variation and new 7.5 Vietnam stems...

The PEZ Princesses dispensers have a long tradition. 
A wide variety of PEZ Disney Princesses have been available since 
the release of the first Snow White dispenser in the late 1960s. 
Also this year the princesses are available again from PEZ International, 
at first glance many would think that there is only a great new colorful card, 
but we took a closer look for you. 
In the past there have been a few variations on the princesses, 
clearly to many, as we have lost track on all the different variations.
Now we are going to get a new variations and 
of course we are happy about it.

Our dear Pals Shiho and Ferenc have told us that 
has now the most striking difference to its predecessor model, 
faceprint, facecolor, the dress in metallic/shiny look, 
and the hair color are different then the earlier appearances.
But not only that, the stems for 
RAPUNZEL and the new 
are all now on 7.5 Vietnam stems and that's reason 
enought to get the new dispensers.
Thank you Shiho and Ferenc for the pictures!
The Princess PEZ assortment is already available in Europe and Japan
 and the brand new candy bags can also be found in the European stores.
Happy Collecting!
NEW PEZ Princess Candy Bag
2021 Disney Princess PEZ assortemnt (Euro release)



Sunday, January 17, 2021

New 2021 Mickey & Friends USA PEZ assortment...

Mickey went through quite a transformation in
 2020 with new molds and fancy stem prints. 
Mickey is back and brand new for 2021!
This year Mickey is sporting a blue baseball cap.
Some of our PEZ friends have already 
reported that the new Mickey Mouse is already 
available in some stores. (USA only)
We reported on the associated Minnie Mouse 
with red polkadot bow in December, (here)
which is already available on
 More mice for us! 
As we have alredy reported, the European PEZ Community 
can look forward to something new soon.
Mickey and Minnie the Ultimate Couple(lern more here)
consisting of four new dispensers
 Mickey on a red stem with #SHEISMINE
Minnie on a blue stem with #MicMin
Mickey on a black sten with X heart X heart
and Minnie on a red stem with white hearts printed in the stem.
The European Mickey and Friends range remains
as we know it in the years before,
 but the cards have been revised,
which will made many PEZ card collectors happy.
 There is another piece of news on the European side,
the Mickey and Minnie Christmas Holiday couple,
with the red christmas caps,
which appeared in the USA last autumn,
will also be taken over by PEZ International 
in the fourth quarter of this year.
Happy Collecting!
2021 Mickey and Minnie Left: Euro right: USA release
Mickey and Minnie 2020 releases.

Friday, January 15, 2021

FIRST LOOK: new cool licensed PEZ items...

We are happy to introduce you to some great 
new licensed PEZ items!
 We are sure that one or the other of you will enjoy them. 
Many thanks to our dear Kelly Jo and Toshihiro for the hint.  
New from the USA and now available online from ODD SOX
the licensed PEZ Belt.
The worlds most collectable candy is now available in the 
one of a kind belt design!
Show some love for this candy classic and make sure 
PEZ is represented in your next outfit! 
Adjustable belt will fit waist size up to 49" and width of 1.5"
(12.99 each)
This is a must have for us!
You can order the new PEZ belt here: ODD SOX
Pictures from ODD SOX
T-shirts,  bags, and backpacks, don't we love and need them all?  
How about a renewal? 
 Then we have maybe something for you!  
We just discovered them in Japan, they are ready for pre-order.
New licensed PEZ T-shirts, 
backpacks and shopping bags, in a trendy retro style, 
with a PEZ dispensers print or just the PEZ logo, 
anyway they all look gorgeous. 
Not only for PEZ shopping, suitable for all kinds of shopping!
Plus we can show our wonderful hobby to the outside world, 
and it also looks super cool and casual!  
Unfortunately the sweet things are not affordable, 
sadly they are priced very high, the
 price range goes up to $165.00 (JAPAN only)
We also have to find someone who can order and buy 
all the great things for us..
For more info, please visit
Happy Collecting! 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

FIRST LOOK: more 2021 PEZ NEWS! Tom & Jerry + and Tikki & Plagg from Miraculous....

Before we get to see the anticipated new 2021 PEZ catalog, 
we have two new releases for you, and we are very excited about it.
First we would like to thank PEZ International, 
who kindly made the pictures available for us. 
We already announced it to you as a rumor at the beginning of December
(here), now it's confirmed and the first official picture is secured. 
Tom & Jerry
as we all know and love them, and they have been a compulsory part of our collection since the 80s, will soon find their way into our collections. 
A new Tom and Jerry movie, which starts in spring and we are happy that PEZ International has secured the licensing rights for it.
The new Tom on a green stem and Jerry on the red stem are planned 
for the 2nd quarter of 2021, Euro release only. 
We can't wait to add these two classic dispensers to our collections again.

Tom & Jerry (© & ™ Turner Entertainment Co.)

In 2018, Ladybug and Cat Noir from the Miraculous series
 were added to the PEZ range for the European market for the first time.
The animated TV series, about the two who go to the same school,
 and have to deal with all the things all teenagers deal with,
 like strict teachers, mean classmates, and first loves.
Unaware that they both know each other from school, 
the two make a great superhero team when
 it comes to protecting Paris from super-villain Hawk moth.
The animated tv-series is very popular, 
so it's no wonder that a movie is planned, 
and PEZ International has secured the right to do so 
for the appearance of the film.
In addition to the two Miraculous 
Ladybug and Cat Noir dispensers, 
the PEZ range is being expanded to include two more characters.

 Tikki  (red head) 
has dark blue eyes, a large black spot on the forehead, 
and resembles a ladybug as well
Plagg (black head)
 its appearance is similar to that of a cat. 
It has cat ears, two fangs, and green, feline eyes.
we have to wait a little longer for the release, 
the new Miraculous PEZ assortment will appear in 
the 4th quarter of 2021, and is only planned for Europe.

The return of Disney/Pixar CARS

 Yesterday we gave you a exclusive first look at the 
new Disney/Pixar Cars range, 
now we have also got the official picture!
Here you can read more about the new PEZ Cars assortment!
Happy Collecting!

Thank you PEZ International for the pictures!