Thursday, July 19, 2018

GIVEAWAY ALERT.. HURRY UP AND ENTER..your chance to win a set of the mini PEZ Jurassic World Dinosaurs from Spain...

Hey PEZ Palz,  
Time for a GIVEAWAY!
All you need to do is send us an Email with the names of
the two new Flamingos! 
Here's a hint...  the answer is somewhere on our blog ;)
You could win a set of the new JURASSIC WORLD PEZ
mini Dinosaur Eggs from Spain.

Send us the correct answer to
Please write Flamingo in the subject line.
The Contest is open to everyone world wide.
Only 1 entry per Person please.
The Contest begins on, July 4th 2018 and Ends on July 22nd, 2018 at 9PM Oregon, USA time. ("Contest Period")
All entires (submissions) must be received on or
before the time stated during that submission period.
Correct answers will be entered into the wheel,
the winner will be chosen by random draw.
The winner will be announced on or after July 22nd, 2018.
There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this Giveaway.
This giveaway is in no way sponsored endorsed or administered by,or associated by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Blogger.
Winner should allow 6-8 weeks to receive prize.

We wish you good luck!

Monday, July 16, 2018

PEZ Dolly Madison Ice Cream is on the way...

It is HOT outside! 
Cool down with PEZ!
Back in January it was way too early to be talking about ice cream but that is when we first learned about the plan to create Emoji Pez into Ice Cream. 
PEZ and Dolly Madison worked to create the summer treat.  
We are happy to report that a large shipment has already arrived.
BlueBonnet DSD Inc. a distributor in the Dallas and San Antonio areas 
has started to ship them to their customers.
(USA only)

Here are all the perfect Flavors from Dolly Madison
Stawberry Bannana
Cherry Lemon
Great American Super Pop
Tropical Pop
 Sours Super Pop

Sours Green Apple
Rainbow Sherbet 

Huge Thank you to BlueBonnet DSD Inc for all the great pictures!
 Follow BlueBonnet on Instagram

Coming Soon! New Cupcake Queen will join the Shopkins PEZ assortment...

The Shopkins assortment first came to us earlier this year and we are now happy to report a few new additions coming to the line up.
Cupcake Queen 
will be added to the assortment with 
Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom, and Strawberry Kiss.(USA only) 

L-R Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss Cupcake Queen 

In May at the Sweets and Snacks Expo on display was Cheeky Chocolate. 
We are expecting the assortment to grow again by the end of the year. 
The twin pack is expected to ship to stores November 1st.
 A new twin pack with a brand new Cheeky Chocolate dispenser. 
(November 1st. USA release)
Happy Collecting!!
Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

PEZ Ladybug and Cat Noir, the PEZ Miraculous are ready to hit the stores...

Lets welcome the latest new PEZ dispensers from 
PEZ International to our Collections, 
with Ladybug and Cat Noir. 
They will be available soon at the European stores.
(Europe, Asia, and Australia)
Pictures from PEZ International AG

Miraculous is a French animated tv-series ft. Ladybug amd Cat Noir.
And as you know, superheroes come in all ages.
Ladybug and Cat Noir are in their teens.
In civilian life, they go by the names of Marinette and Adrien, attend the same school and have to deal with all the things all teenagers deal with, like strict teachers, mean classmates, and first loves.
Unaware that they both know each other from school, the two make a great superhero team when it comes to protecting Paris 
from super-villain Hawk moth.

Friday, July 13, 2018

NEW Halloween PEZ Witch and Pumpkin....

Hi Pezpalz, 
Yes it's to early to share a Halloween post in July, 
but not without a reason :) 

PEZ Candy Inc. has started to ship the 
new Halloween assortment, and we have heard that they have been found in different AC Moore stores, so check out your local AC Moore store if you are lucky enough to have one close.

PEZ International will also bring the new assortment to the stores, 
but like always just in selected countries, and it depends 
on the order from the importers. 

This year for 
we are happy to see two new dispensers, 
an updated Witch and a new Pumpkin are now 
added to the Halloween line up. 

Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc.

But thats not all for now, with every Halloween dispenser 
will come a pack of the new Candy Corn flavored PEZ Candy which is a new seasonal flavor. (USA only) 

What we can expact for Halloween 2019? 
Back in May of this year PEZ Candy Inc. had on display at the 
Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, a new full body bat, and a Halloween PEZ Party bag with 6 different mini PEZ dispensers. We really hope they will make them, we are especially excited about the party bag. But for now we will need to wait, and to be excited what the second half of this year will bring us for our Collections.
We just would to share a wish,
PEZ if you hear this....
There is wonderful Frankenstein artwork at the European PEZ Halloween. 
We are really hoping and praying, you will consider making a 
Frankenstein into a dispenser!!!
See how wonderful he looks :D

We would die for Frankenstein!!!
Now, since you have dared to make the poop dispensers, 
Please ;D

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The PEZ Minions Summer Edition.. fun stickers to decorate the stems...

Finally Summer is here, and while the world is going crazy for the new PEZ Flamingos, the next new big hit from PEZ International 
is starting to pop up in the European stores.
The new Despicable Me Summer Edition with the popular Minions Jerry, Stuart and Dave on new summer colorful stems (pink, light blue, and orange).
Every package also includes stickers to decorate the new colorful stems.
Pictures ffrom PEZ International AG 
Stickers to decorate the stems.
New expressions and prints for Dave and Stuart
New Despicable Me Summer Edition vs. 2017 Edition

Thursday, July 5, 2018

FIRST LOOK: new PEZ GRAPE Candy Pack for Europe...

It's been a long time since we have seen the 

PEZ Grape Flavor 
here in Europe.
2018 is turning into the year of the newly designed 
PEZ candy packs and new flavors,
we are all so happy about that.
Now we are glad to report that PEZ International 
will reissue the grape flavor in Europe again and 
we can add another new PEZ candy pack 

to our collection by the end of this year!

With the power of Social Media we found a picture
 from Hungary, which shows us just the prototype 
 of the new grape candy pack.
We have heard that the color will change from blue to purple.
But we will need to wait until we get an
official photo from PEZ International.
With all the new wrappers and flavors we have decided to 
make a easy pictorial just to have all the 
different PEZ candy packs in one place
for a handy check list for you.
Stay tuned PEZ PALZ, as soon we have a official picture 
we will share it here with you.
Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc. and PEZ International AG

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Marvel's ANT-MAN AND THE WASP + PEZ Hello Kitty scene

We first saw the clips from the movie
featuring a giant Hello Kitty back in February 2018.

The new movie will be in theaters July 6th, 2018.
When we saw the stage set for a press conference about the new movie we were so happy to see the giant hello kitty PEZ on stage. Kitty also made an appearance on the red carpet!!
Oh WOW!!
How many of us would love to have her in our PEZ rooms!! 

Marvel Line up

Watch the full press conference below. 
Shout out to Superhero News on Youtube for sharing the video.

You can watch the movie trailer below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

FIRST LOOK: purple crystal PEZ LOLing from Croatia...

There is certainly enough time till the first ever Croatian PEZ Gathering,  
September 15, 2018 in Cakovec, 
but it's never to early to start planning on 
your next PEZ gathering :D
Cakovec a small nice city in Croatia.
It can easily be reached by car and it is very close to 
Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

We have heard that Martina N. is working on 
the details for the gathering and 
that the Agenda will be published soon.

Friday September 14th 2018
is reserved for the Tours, Martina is trying to organize 
a trip to the very famous and beautiful 
Croatian National Park "Plitvice Lakes".

Saturday September 15th 

will be the Gathering day, 
a newly built hotel is found
and everything else will be prepared for the PEZ fun.

More info about the hotel, the gathering or in case 
you are only interested in an absentee package (limited quantity), 
then you must 
join Martina's Fb-group, witch can be found here:
FB-PEZ Croatia Gathering

So here we go...
the first ever official PEZ Gathering dispenser from Croatia
and we are very proud to share it with you here. ;)
Crystal PEZ Gathering dispenser - LOLing from Croatia, limited Edition to 142pcs.

More Info can be found here:FB-PEZ Croatia Gathering 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Poop PEZ will join the Emoji assortment and they will be so poop-tacular!

I was never a fan of poop themed toys but with the two boys on my side, 
I have learned to accept and to love some things :)
Two years ago Summer 2016,   
my family and I on vaciation in Rimini - Italy
and my boys full in love with poop plush cushions.
no we don't need them were my first words back then, 
but they did not give up, my wife gave me a push 
and at the end they both had their poop cushions. 
...yes, how super daddies just are :)
New poop PEZ dispensers are coming in July to the stores (for now USA only)
Pictures from: PEZ Candy Inc.
With the popularity of the poop emoji, kids around the world love 
and want to have poop based toys and stuff.

But do we really need 
a brown and a rainbow poop PEZ?
Oh Sh*t! ;)
PEZ did great bringing them into the stores because 
they are funny, fancy, sooo trendy and 
loved by so many kids.
They will be for sure super POOP-ULAR!
It was reported that we will see a new crystal LOLing and Happy
emoji PEZ but sadly we need to say, 

PEZ changed their mind and we will get just the normal ones.
PEZ, if you read this... 
we are waiting on Minecraft and Five nights at Freddy's 
PEZ dispensers as next 
just because cool daddies want to buy them for their kids!