Friday, June 23, 2017

UPDATE M2 Machines Pez themed Haulers

**UPDATE 6/23/17**
M2 Trucks are now being found in Walmart Stores. 
We have made notes that they have been found in 
Florida, California, Idaho, & Virginia. 
The limited haulers with the colored wheels 
have been random, usually not found with the complete set of 3. 
Our friend David M. has shared the UPC however it is the code on all the haulers.  
Happy Hunting!

Today on M2 Machines Facebook Page a post appeared with these new M2 Auto haulers.  The new trucks will be in limited numbers available at select Walmart stores coming sometime in June.

Red Truck + 1957 Chevrolet Sedan- Limited to 168 pieces
Yellow Truck + 1960 VW Van- Limited to 500 pieces
Blue Truck +1965 For Econoline Van- Limited to 500 pieces
M2's Facebook post reads
PEZ was first introduced in 1927 in Vienna, Austria as a breath mint for adults! The word PEZ was created using the first, middle and last letter in the German word for peppermint PfeffErminZ. Well, rolling in Walmart’s later this month is a collection of PEZ Themed M2 Machines Auto-Haulers. Though you won’t get any PEZ candies, I know we are bummed too, you will get a set of 3 differently themed PEZ Haulers each offered in a standard release and a limited release making the complete collection a 6-piece set.

Photos: M2 Facebook

Monday, June 19, 2017


We would like to thank all of you who entered our 
"I love Pez" 
contest we greatly appreciate all of the effort you all put in!! 
Ghosty & I looked all the pictures over and we each chose 2 of our favorites.
Kelly Jo M.
Rona N.
Martin K.
Elmeri L.
will be entered into our wheel to win!
The Top Prize will win 
our official Pez Palz Pez in Box & The Love Vienna Pucks.

Rona N.

All of the entries
Thank You All!! 

FIRST LOOK: PEZ Karlchen on Card...

KARLCHEN is the latest character to become a Pez.

We are very excited that Armin D. is letting us share this first 
picture of the Karlchen on card with us. 

Danke Dir Armin!! ;)

You can check out Karls website

Friday, June 16, 2017


What a great PEZ day!!!
After the PEZ Globi from Switzerland, 
then the "I love Austria" puck set from Austria, 
we can now report another great new release
 this time from Germany!

Exclusive for and with 
PEZ created a dispenser in the Karlchen look.
"Karlchen" is available online but only shipping to select European countries. 
You can check out Karls  website

Pez has just been full of surprises for 2017!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 PEZ Old Dominion Hauler *Update* from the company

Today a dear friend found a 
Old Dominion Hauler 
listed on the collectors year by year archive. 
This will surely be a hard one to find, we will keep you all posted with any information on where to find this new truck. 
Happy Hunting!!

As you all can imagine everyone is contacting Old Dominion Freight looking for the truck,  many Pez heads are getting this response from the company-

"At this time we are not selling the Pez dispensers outside of our company. If that happens to change, I will reach back out to you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you." 
-Old Dominion Representative

We will all have to wait and see how this plays out.
Stay Tuned.


Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 Pez Portugal Gathering

In 2011 our dear friend Luis started his blog 

and in 2014 the first Pez Portugal Gathering was born. On June 10th in Castelo Branco, Portugal the 4th Portugal gathering happened. Pez rockets and balloon races were just some of the fun games for the gathering. This year the special commemorative Pez features a special made box for "Happy" the emoji Pez and this makes the 4th Pez made for the Pez Portugal Gathering. We are so happy to see all the smiles. Very nice Luis!!! Bravo!!

fan made

Portugal Pez Gathering Dispensers
Photos: Facebook PEZ Portugal Gathering Page

Saturday, June 10, 2017

CONFIRMED! New color for PEZ Troll BRANCH...

First when we saw pictures of the Purple haired BRANCH from the TROLLS assortment, we wondered if this is just a factory error,
or did PEZ change the color? 
Today we can report, 
BRANCH now has an official new color, the blue has been changed to 
Hair, eyebrows, eyes, and nose are now purple!
PEZ was working very closely with filmmakers during the 
development process. Sometimes the filmmakers decide on changes after the products are released.
Since we know more about the new color for Branch, we looked again at our pictures from the Sweets and Snacks expo in Chicago where the Trolls were on display, and we just found out that the new Branch was on display there *lol* 
long before the first pictures popped up on facebook.
Sometimes we just need to look closer :)
DJ Suki, Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond from
Dreamworks TROLLS
The TROLLS assortment, are one of our favorite releases from the last year, 
we are so excited to add the new Branch now and DJ Suki scheduled for a March release in 2018 to our collection.

We like to thank Paul Edward H. for the great pictures!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Pez Variation of Ace Hardware truck found!

Dear friend of Pez Palz Brent J. spotted new 
counter displays of trucks at his local Ace Hardware store.  
When he examined them closer he noticed some changes, on the 
2017 version the exhaust pipe is not painted, and PEZ is not written on the back. On the 2014 edition the headlights are painted white as where on the new one the headlights are the same color as the grill.
Nice catch Brent!! Thank You for sharing!! 

Top: 2014
Bottom: 2017

Left: 2014 Right: 2017

Left: 2017 Right: 2014
Photos: Brent J. Thank You :)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Exclusive First Look!! New I LOVE AUSTRIA PEZ souvenir pucks..

Today we have a BIG new surprise to share!!

in 1927 PEZ was first marketed in Vienna Austria, 
90 years later a special 
will feature Austria and Vienna.

4 new exclusive to Austria white souvenir pucks, printed in 4 different designs,
 for now only available in the PEZ airport store in Vienna!
The designs are, on the
Grey Stem 

Blue Stem 
Wiener Riesenrad - giant wheel
from the Prater amusement park

Red Stem 

Black Stem
Vienna with the Wiener Rathaus Vienna's City Hall
The card also features the colors (red-white-red) from the Austrian Flag.

We all have to wait more then two years for the second
Vienna PEZ Gathering in August 2019,

but till then, you can add great Vienna souvenirs to your PEZ collection :)

The new I love Austria souvenir dispensers will look perfect to the
Sisi and Mozart dispensers. 
We are hoping that Pez will add these soon to their 
online shop

Wiener Riesenrad