Thursday, December 14, 2017

18 PURPLE Crystal PEZ Lol'ings made by PEZ International for 2018-2019

Earlier this year PEZ International gave us all the opportunity to vote on their Facebook page for our favorite purple crystal Emoji which would be used to celebrate the Euro, Australia and Asia PEZ gatherings for 2018 and 2019.

We all know Lol'ing was the winner, 
and today we are happy to report that there will be
18 different purple Lol'ings 
in 2018/2019.
PEZ International gave the gathering hosts the chance to choose 
their own stem color, and the print on the stems.

If you are a Host, we would love to hear from you, we would love to add your Gathering date and your website to our Event Calendar 
which can be found HERE.

Well, are you excited? Here we go with all the 18 new dispensers.

Martina Novak will host the first Croatian PEZ Gathering on 
Saturday, September 15th in Cakovec, Martina has already started to work on the details, as soon as we have more info we will post it on our blog.

Bangkok is the City where
Puntima Ratana will hold the first Thai PEZ Gathering on 13th May 2018 at the U-Saard Market from 1pm till 7pm.
Puntima is working on a website, and a great agenda for her gathering,
so stay tuned.

We are super excited to see what our friends from Indonesia have planned for their 3rd Indonesian PEZ Gathering.
 The dream team Jan, Gita and Aina did an outstanding job in the past, and we are sure we can again expect something fabulous again. 
This time, and for the first time Indonesia will have their official made by PEZ purple Lol'ing.

For now we do not have any official info about the Host
and the BELGIUM (4) PEZ gathering to share.
But for sure, a purple dispenser will be done for Belgium ;D
Finland (5) 
FinnPEZ is one of the best and biggest European PEZ Gatherings!
Pirkka and Markku and for sure their lovely Family make 
every year a perfect and wonderful organized event. 
The 11th FinnPEZ gathering will be held on 
Saturday June 16th 2018 in Helsinki. 
For more info, please visit:
France (6)
Christian Pez will host the 3rd French PEZ gathering in Paris on
February 15th to February 18th 2018. 
You still have a chance to visit a beautiful city, and to meet great PEZ friends from all over the world.
The full program and the register form can be found here:

Israel (7)
Our Israeli PEZ friends will have another great PEZ gathering hosted 
by Ran Eyal.
Nice PEZ talks, trades and sells of 
PEZ will complete the program.  

United Kingdom (8)
Exactly 1 1/2 years ago our dear Kelle Blyth hosted her overwhelming first UK gathering. A music band, super creative gathering merchandises, picture walls and costumed PEZ ladies rounded off the very familial PEZ gathering.
Time to kick off round two, we can't wait to see what Kelle 
has in store.
Spain MADRID (10)
Spain.... a NEW CITY (11)
We are still waiting for details from Spain. The biggest surprise, a 3rd Spanish City will be added to the PEZ gathering list.
We are not allowed to share more info about the 3rd City (the date or the host) but the time will bring us all the answers. ;)

Turkey - ISTANBUL ASIA (12)
Sometimes in Summer 2018 our dear friend TurkPEZ Yasin will hold the 3rd Turkish PEZ gathering in Istanbul. Yasin will have (again like in 2016) two different prints on his purple Loli'ng.
And YES Yasin, we would love again to share the very first look of your dispensers here on our blog :)

Congrats to Masaaki Inoue for the 10th Anniversary of the Japan PEZ Gathering. The gathering will be in Tokyo again and we are excited to see what Masaaki  has created for his 10th Anniversary.
For more info please visit

In 2014 the first PEZ Portugal Gathering was Born. Our dear Luis Macedo has always made a fun and nice PEZ event.
PEZ rockets and balloon races were just some of the fun games for the gathering.
In 2018 Luis will have his 5th Anniversary, be sure to check all the info on 
Facebook PEZGathering Portugal

Greg Potent will host the 3rd Australian PEZ gathering in Brisbane.
As soon as we get more info, we will add it to our event calendar.

PEZ Int. loves to surprise us :) 
At this point we can't say more, just that we like the idea :)
Stay tuned :)


Again a BIG THANK YOU to PEZ International and specially to GABI M for their support and to make this dream of ours come true.
In March 2018 we will celebrate our 5th anniversary, and we are working on few things to make a fabolous party ;)
As always, you will have the chance to win some of our new
 Lol'ing here on our blog.

Plus that's not all, we have heard that our USA PEZ friends will also have some surprises in 2018, but we are not allowed to share yet any info yet
As always, PEZ love to surprise us :)

Thank you PEZ! With all the great new releases, 2018 will be sooo amazing!

Check the list for all the 2018/2019 PURPLE CRYSTAL LOL'ING DISPENSER

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

More PEZ Merch coming in the future

Well.. Pez Heads,
It looks like more PEZ licensed items will be hitting stores in 2018.
 Lisa Marks and Associates was behind the Watchitude, M2 Pez haulers and World's Smallest PEZ licensing deals. Pez and Wilton will create PEZ themed Gingerbread houses for the 2018 holiday season, what FUN! There is also news about Pez teaming up with French lingerie brand Undiz to create loungewear and underwear. Will you be collecting Licensed Merch?
Happy Collecting!

Into PEZ Apparel? Check this out!

Have you been looking for some PEZ apparel? We were! Then we found this! 
We all head down to our local Walmarts looking for the newest PEZ, sometimes we have luck, and most times we walk out empty handed.  But there is some hope if your looking for a totally awesome shirt to rock! Surprisingly Walmart has a great selection of PEZ shirts at

And if you are feeling like some PEZ "Lounge Wear" 
Walmart can hook you up with that!


Nickelodeon's Shimmer & Shine to become PEZ

Nickelodeon's Shimmer & Shine is an animated television series. Shimmer, Shine & Nahal A Bengal tiger from the series will be made into PEZ and are expected to be released in Europe in January 2018. For the USA release Shimmer & Shine will only be sold and released sometime in March. 
We are also expecting a gift set box to be produced. (USA Only)
We are definitely excited to have the Shimmer & Shine 
characters join the PEZ world! 

Happy Hunting!

PEZ Trolls, Emoji Style

Big thanks to Chris Jordan from 
we now have some pictures to share with 
you from one of the first releases of 2018!
A twin pack with 
printed on colored crystal balls. 
Chris has shared that this twin pack will 
be shipping on January 15th. Trolls 2 by 
DreamWorks Animation is rumored to be released in 2020 and is currently in pre-production. 
This will be the first of many printed globe heads 
set to hit the PEZ lineup for 2018.

We are also expecting 
voiced by Gwen Stefani to be added 
to the Euro/USA lineup February 1st! 
Happy Hunting!

Be sure to check out Chris Jordan's store at 

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Incredibles 2 PEZ The Parr Family Returns

We are really excited about the return of the Parr family!! 
We have been anxiously awaiting the new movie and the newly designed PEZ! 
will all be part of the new assortment.
The newly designed characters are expected to start shipping in late 
March in the USA and expected to start shipping in Europe in May.
Most fans have always wished that Violet was part of the first line up, and we are so excited to have her coming for the sequel coming to theaters June 2018.

There will also be a Incredibles 2 Tripack box, with 
Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack on a mini stem. (USA only)

Disney Pixar is bringing us another Incredibles movie which has long been awaited from fans of the first movie.  

The 9 PEZ that were created for the first movie back in 2004 are some of our favorites.  The unmasked version of Bob Parr, Helen Parr, 
Dash Parr, & Jack Jack were released in Europe. 
The gold Jack Jack was given away at select cinemas in Europe. 
We can only dream that limited PEZ versions might 
come with the sequel, fingers crossed!
Happy Hunting!

Original Photo from: Chris Jordan

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Chuck E Cheese PEZ hits Restaurants

Today comes a big surprise for us PEZ Collectors!! 
With a updated look we are happy to share the new Chuck E Cheese mouse that is showing up in stores across the US this month. 
 In 2010 the first mouse PEZ version was released in stores. The new version has a printed "C"  on the stem and no hat, with a new ear and face design.
Happy Hunting!

Thanks alot to Patrick N. and Tommy L for the pictures :)

2010 Version

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hello Kitty PEZ 2018 Exclusive FIRST LOOK

 Today with great excitement we are happy to bring 
you the exclusive first look of the 
Hello Kitty 
Euro line up for 2018 which features new stem printings 
and great attention to detail!
We first heard about the new Hello Kitty line up back in October and have been patiently waiting for the first pictures of the new Unicorn character. We are also happy to report that this set will be featured on 2 different cards. 

Be sure to check out our Hello Kitty Pictorial HERE
The set is scheduled to be released in March 2018.

You can see the full Euro line up from PEZ International for 2018 HERE
Stay tuned, more exciting news are coming....
Happy Collecting!

Pictures: PEZ International AG

Saturday, November 18, 2017

FIRST LOOK...Anniversary PEZ dispenser from Sweden...

How exciting, Today Sweden celebrates the 
10th Anniversary of their 
Swedish PEZ Gathering.

Congratulations to
Patrik and Anders for bringing people all these years together to our great hobby, they both did a great job in the past.

It's a big surprise, and we are happy to report, 
 Patrik and Anders got a celebration dispenser for their anniversary.

The Sweden anniversary dispenser will be the only unique commemorative PEZ International will make for the 2018/2019 purple lol'ing Gathering dispensers.

Stay tuned, we have soon more to report about all the new lol'ing gathering dispensers for 2018/2019.

Big Thank You to Andreas L for the Photos :D

Thank You MoMo for the Photos!

Friday, November 17, 2017

M2 Strikes with more new PEZ themed Haulers

 M2 Machines strikes again adding 6 new haulers to the line up.  Three mass produced trucks will be hitting Walmart stores soon. Three new chase trucks will also be hitting Walmart stores all over the USA. 

The White chase trucks with red wheels and the purple truck with pink truck will be both be limited to 500 pieces. The ultra rare light blue truck with orange wheels will be limited to 168 pieces. 

Many collectors have spent hundreds of dollars to find the last round of chase trucks released earlier this year. The "Drivers" series which included the purple chase and yellow mass produced truck which was released last month have been quite difficult to find.  

Will you keep collecting the M2 Pez themed series?