Saturday, March 25, 2017

Devilish Crystal found in Lolli & Pops

BIG Shout out and Thank you to Jacey Brian!!! 
Jacey was one of the first collectors to find this crystal "Devilish" in stores!
Found at a store called Lolli & Pops in Boise, Idaho.  

Collector Chris Jordan found the first example of "Devilish" at the Sweets & Snacks expo in Chicago in 2016, then later in June Pez head Aaron Lamay found "Devilish" along with 2 other crystal emojis's on display at the visitors center. 
We can only hope that "Chillin" & "Cheesin" are produced and begin to flow in to stores soon. Let the new hunt begin!

 Photo: Jacey Brian

Photo: Chris Jordan

Photo: Aaron Lamay

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Our First Look at the Despicable Me Tin on Pezburu!! 

Monday, March 13, 2017


Jim Blaine 
is the Host of the Michigan PEZ Convention, and is working so hard to 
bring you the second Michigan PEZ Convention
coming August 24-27 2017.
We have heard that Jim has made a new record on registrations, 
overseas collectors will also be a part of this year's convention, 
more dealers, more collectors,
more fun, games,
and for sure more
It is not to late to register now and to be a part of the 
great PEZ Convention, all the Info can be found
Today we are sooo HAPPY to share with you
the very first look, the first part of this year's
Michigan PEZ Convention Dispensers. 
Again, like last year the highlight of the dispensers are
their magnetic centerpiece, which allows the centers to
be swapped between the other stems.
The free-spirited hippie chick (designed by Eddie Santiago)
 will be featured on a series of
6 different dispensers. 
Today we will show you the first 3 dispensers,
and you will love them :)

The Convention (Rose<>Pink)  Dispenser

The early Registration (GLOW IN THE DARK) Dispenser

The Charity ( Purple) Dispenser

They are interchangeable with the first year's dispenser.

Jim has rocked it again<3!!!
 We are so in love with the dispenser's

But that's not all for now :D
we have more to share with you,
Jim has made fabulous looking patches for the convention, 
 the white areas glow in the dark, and they will be
for sale in limited quantities at the convention.

Limited Michigan PEZ Convention patches <3

Stay with us on the blog, for more Michigan PEZ Convention news,
more reports, a nice give a way,
and for sure the unveiling of the 3 other dispensers.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stem Shades Easter and Emoji PEZ

First it was the new 2017 cute Easter Lamb eggs 
that came out earlier this year and now another stem 
variation has been found on HAPPY emojis, two distinct colors of 
stems have been found one is a darker shade of yellow and the
 other is a lighter shade of yellow this applies to both 
Happy & the Eggs.
The lighter shade on the Emoji's has been found in Europe and 
the darker has been found in the USA. Both stem shades 
for the eggs have been found in the 
USA even sometimes in the same display.


Photo: Pezpalz

Friday, March 10, 2017

Nintendo PEZ Assortment to hit USA in May

 has just announced on Facebook that the Nintendo 
assortment will become available in the USA in May!! 

Guardians of the Galaxy, Raccoon & Groot PEZ

In April we are expecting the new Guardians of the Galaxy 

Pez assortment which will include 
Rocket Raccoon & Groot
We are expecting these two on cards and 
also a double pack with Raccoon on mini stem. 
Guardians of the Galaxy is coming to theaters in the USA on May 5, 2017Photo:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

FIRST LOOK Globi PEZ from Switzerland

Greetings Pezpalz 

We are excited to share a 

First Look 

with you! 
The new Globi Pez can be found at the Lolipop "The candy shop" 
you can visit the official site

is a Swiss cartoon character often referred to as
Switzerland's Mickey Mouse. 
He is pictured as an anthropomorphic blue parrot with a yellow beak wearing a black beret and a pair of red and black checkered trousers.
 He was created by the Swiss cartoonist Robert Lips, as an advertising
character for the Swiss department store Globus in 1932 for the
company's 25th anniversary
They are now taking advance orders for delivery on (April 1st 2017)
However delivery can only be made to Switzerland & Lichtenstein.
Soon the Globi Pez arrives with us and for all lovers.
In addition, 2 Pez refills are included.

BIG Thank You to Chrissi :)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Little PEZ Guide for European Gatherings

Our dear friend Luis, who runs the Pezilla Blog has introduced the
newest Little Guide that covers all the official European,
 gathering Pez released.
We highly recommend this as a great way to keep track of your Gathering Pez.
4th Edition for 2017
Little Guide European PEZ Gatherings is now available the brochure covers
from 2003 to 2016. 

Now the little guide doesn't work like a brochure, but as a folded sheet like a map. 
You can now buy it from EBay
Ebay seller: geopate
Gathering Dispenser from 2003 till 2016 from
Austria, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Japan, Spain, France,
Israel, Portugal, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Norway, United Kingdom

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

PEZ Batman vs Superman Twin Pack...

Today we have found something that is completely unexpected for us.
We all know about the
Batman vs. Superman 
Tri-pack Box which was released last year, but today we now know there is also a brand new WALMART EXCLUSIVE twin pack available.
Pezpal Sean C. is the lucky one who has found them at Walmart, so do not hesitate and look around for the box :)
We are super happy to have something new,
our Collections will surely grow and grow again *lol*
Thanks Sean C. for the info, and the pictures.
Fingers crossed for all of you to find them, 
happy hunting ;D

Batman V Superman Twin -and Triple pack
Thank you Sean C. for the pictures :)


Every Year around easter Time, Hofer/Aldi Market's in Europe 
offers special
last year we reported about the
My little Pony & Justice League Candy Bags,
these year we will see the very popular
PETS and Smurf's
Dispenser in the new Maxibags.

Again something that we want
to add to our wishlist :D
Europe only new PEZ Smurf's & Pets Maxibags