Thursday, February 21, 2019

2019 Valentines Barky's

Valentine's Day has passed but Barky's have not been forgotten!
Here is the 2019 official Valentine Barky & Barkina for 2019 with hearts and paws on the red and green stems and crystal heads! 
If you are interested in seeing pictures of the complete
 Barky collection you can visit our pictorial
Happy Collecting!

Valentine Barky and Barkina's from the past.

Friday, February 15, 2019

PEZ Hello Kitty double pack hits shelves at Walgreens

Big thanks to Kevin Jay for spotting these and sharing the picture with us. While out looking for your golden egg at Walgreens drug stores 
keep an eye out for the new
Hello Kitty 
double pack Kevin found them along with the Easter candy.  
These two were released in Europe earlier as a set 
of four and this is the first time they are released in the USA.
Happy Hunting!
Photo: Kevin Jay
Thanks to for the pictures ;)

Some if Funko's POP PEZ plans for 2019 and WOW!

Big News from Funko!
Images have been released from the New York Toy Fair and 
POP PEZ collectors are in for a great 2019! 
Hanna Barbara, GhostBusters, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Caddyshack & More..
 Happy Collecting!
If you plan on preordering from State of Comics be sure to use coupon code "JONHICKS"

Photos: Facebook

Monday, February 11, 2019

Ready for the new UGLY DOLLS PEZ dispensers...

Back in May 2018 at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago 
we saw the mockups for the new 
PEZ assortment.
Then later the year David Horvath shared on Instagram 
the final version of the dispensers with a lovely story. (here)
Now and just in time for the new Ugly Dolls Movie which will come in May, 
we are happy to report that
have stared to hit the stores across the USA.
We can't wait to add them to our collection, what about you?
Happy Collecting!

Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc.

Friday, February 8, 2019

PEZ shares Golden Egg teaser coming soon to Walgreens stores!

First Look Friday: 
An All New and Eggclusive Golden Egg! 
Coming this Easter season only at Walgreen's! -PEZ
Confirmed today on PEZ USA's Facebook feed, 
this photo was shared along with a message that read 
the golden egg could be found at Walgreens stores in the Easter tubes! 
This is something collectors have dreamed about for many moons! 
 Many of the comments below the asked about this being a joke,
 but PEZ did confirm that this was indeed for real! 
Happy Collecting! 
The Easter Egg PEZ Collection will grow more...YAY!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Easter is coming with 5 new PEZ dispensers for us...

Of course it would be a lie if we did not say we would love to 
see a revival of the long ear bunny :) 
But we are also very happy with the new PEZ Easter assortment 
that has partly started to hit shelves in stores across the US.
Easter 2019 will bring us 5 new dispensers for our collections. 
This includes a totally new 
full body chick and bunny in regular size, 
and the same heads on mini stem from the Easter Eggs.
The lovely PEZ Egg number 8 is almost here, 
and same as the past years the egg will 
only be available in the tube.
Thank you MoMopez and PEZ Candy Inc. for the pictures.
We are sure they all will look perfect in all the Easter baskets ;D
Happy Collecting!
New Easter Fizzy drops for Europe from PEZ International