Friday, November 30, 2018

Barky Brown set of 2 Armistice Day...

Hot off the presses is 
Barky Brown set of 2 Armistice Day!
Limited Edition of 100 Solid Gold and Solid Silver,printed with a red poppy,   marking 100 years of the end of World War 1.

Tina G. has a limited quality for sale so be sure to order soon!
Looking for Barky's?
Try checking with Tina at
If you are interested in seeing Pictures of the 
complete Barky collection you can visit our pictorial

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Got PEZ display problems? Larry Mason may have the answer!

Cabinets Full? Looking for fun ways to display your PEZ? Have you ever wanted to decorate your Christmas tree with PEZ?
Well Larry Mason has a lot of great ideas to do just that!
The photos are just a small sample of what Larry offers so 
be sure to check out the full site at

Like a lot of Pez collectors, I have a number of the Showtime cases to display my collection. Once filled, I needed to find another method of displaying my loose dispensers. Looking at the pegboard in the garage one day, I got to wondering how I could hang dispensers on it. Using a 3d modeling software package, I created a few designs to hold the dispenser and hooks to insert into the pegboard ( 
 The items worked fairly nicely. 
Photos courtesy of

Next I focused on how to display and protect my carded items. One issue is cards that curl and the other was the plastic popping off. This lead me to create frames ( 
Photos courtesy of

Next while trying to complete my collection of hearts, I created a set of stands to hold the 13 variations and would fit nicely inside a display case from the Container Store (again due to my shortage of Showtime cases). This started me down the path of creating other stands for footless dispensers ( 
Photos courtesy of

Some items are created when people ask for specific designs such as the flashlights. Speaking of footless, shoes seemed a logical set of items to create - both forward and sideways. But why stop there? How about shoes for trucks? Now you can display the haulers inside Showtime cases or any other rail stands ( 

Photos courtesy of

Finally, in our house, we put up a couple of Christmas trees. Each year we try to pick a different theme. In fact a small tree is on display all year long in the kitchen decorated for the current season/holiday. Last year, I decorated the smaller tree with some of the Christmas Pez using the white tree hangers I created. Credit for the translucent green variation goes to Andrea Smith-Gage who received some of the white hangers at Pezamania 28 this year, but suggested a green version would blend in with the tree better.

Photos courtesy of Andrea S.
Thank You Andrea : )

Always interested in creating new items for the collecting community, so feel free to send comments/suggestions to me.
-Larry Mason

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Funko Monster Cereal PEZ in a Mystery Box!

This last year has been a exciting time in PEZ collecting! 
With all the new PEZ by Funko, we have seen so many new characters this year and with Black Friday right around the corner Funko has added some mystery to collecting!

This year mystery boxes will hit the shelves of Game Stop. We have seen some leaked photos from around the web of what will be coming. The boxes will hit stores with a $20+ tax price tag which will add up quick if your going for all 5 characters. We are really hoping to trade with other collectors. The five characters are
Yummy Mummy
Fruit Brute
Boo Berry
Franken Berry
Count Chocula
note: notice that the candy is not included with the Cereal Monsters.
Most likely because the candy does expire.

Happy Collecting!

Monday, November 19, 2018


While we were all busy finding the latest PEZ dispensers, 
PEZ International has been busy working 
hard on the line up for 2019.

Not only creating a suitable child-friendly assortment, 
but also the finalizing licensing agreements, 
preparing the molds for the production process 
and of course the important preparations for the production catalog.

ISM the world's biggest sweet fair in Cologne, Germany is fast 
approaching and takes place over four days. 
This is the first presentation to the dealers, public and the press.  
Every booth at the show is competing to get more of their 
product out to a broader market. 
Companies do everything to get attention by having free handouts, 
samples and even having mascots and games at their booth.

It has been a few days ago since we showed you the new
FIREMAN SAM dispensers, which are part of 2019 line up from
PEZ International, 
 and now we are soooo excited to be able to show you a another 
exclusive first look of the new SUPER WINGS PEZ dispensers which will come 
in 2019 to the European stores. 
Super Wings is an animated kids television series, 
and following characters made it to PEZ dispensers.
the main character, a red and white male jet plane.
His task is to deliver packages to kids around the world.
 a male yellow and blue plane. 
His specialty is to make or repair things using his handy tool kit.
a pink and white female helicopter.
Her main task is to rescue the people in need of her assistance.
Pictures from PEZ International AG
Stay tuned PEZPALZ we are sure more exciting news are coming soon ;)
Happy Collecting.

Super Wings Trailer

Saturday, November 17, 2018

PEZ Wrapping Paper From the Wondershop at Target

This Year at Target stores across America PEZ wrapping paper has 
popped up in the Wondershop section of the store. 
This is a happy unexpected surprise for 2018!
We know many Pez Heads across the world will probably getting a nice 
PEZ wrapped in this lovely paper! We love it!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fireman Sam and Jupiter PEZ, HQ Pictures!

Actually, we did not expect a new PEZ series this year, and to
our great surprise, the new FIREMAN SAM dispensers
were secretly and partially delivered to the shops.
Today we are especially pleased to be able to
show you the official hq pictures.
The Fireman Sam
 PEZ assortment consists of
SAM the Fireman and
Jupiter the Fire Truck,
are part of the 2019 Line up for from PEZ International.
We can not wait to add the new dispensers to our collection.
Happy Collecting!
Stay tuned PezPalz, we have soon more great News for you! ;)
Pictures from PEZ International AG

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Make some room in your Walmart PEZ display!
Finally the first pictures are here...
The new Pickup PEZ dispenser is a little bit different than 
we have expected, but an very interesting look for sure ;)
Walmart Pickup Towers are self-service kiosks that 
retrieve customers online orders.
Thank you Chad for the pics ;)
More Info:
Earlier this year we saw a new updated smiley pop up 
in the Walmart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

We are excited to see another new one from Walmart! 
Sometimes PEZ can be hard to find at your local Walmart here in the USA but we have had many readers finding them lately on the candy isle so be sure to check that area out in your store.

Through the years Walmart has brought us many exclusive PEZ. Pictured below are just some of the PEZ that were only available in special collectors packaging sold exclusively in Walmart stores.

Exclusive Walmart Smilies

Plus all the Walmart rigs featuring different logos 

from throughout the companies history.

July 1962-2018

Thank You so much 
for all the work you do bringing us the best PEZ database in the world!


OMG! our PEZ Collector hearts jump into the air,
we are sure you love PEZ
surprises like we do :D
a new PEZ assortment has been found in Germany.
With great excitmtent and with the help from our
dear friends Brian J. and Uwe S. we are happy to bring you a
first look of the new
FIREMAN SAM PEZ assortment
which has started to pop up in the European stores.

Fireman Sam is a British animated children's series about a fireman
called Sam and his fellow firefighters.

We are working on to get the hq pictures about the full assortment*!*

So stay tuned, we are sure we will have soon more details to share!

Jupiter is the main fire engine of the Pontypandy Fire Station.
It is driven to emergencies mostly by Fireman Sam.
PEZ assortment with the new Fireman SAM foud at "LIDL" Germany
Huge thank you Brian J. (you all know his Name)
 :) for the Picture <3

Updated new picture: 
Fire Truck Jupiter and Fireman Sam
Thank you Uwe S. for the picture ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

POP PEZ Thor, Star-Lord and Loki Dressed in Gold!

 In the Funko Pop Up Shop
 Thor,  Star-Lord and Loki dressed in Gold
popped up in the shop and sold out online in 20 minutes!
 If your into the POP PEZ be sure to check in often to
This will make four Gold POP PEZ so far!
We are hoping that more will come soon.
Happy Collecting!

Photo: Official Funko

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: ÖBB Timi Taurus promo PEZ Dispenser...

In September we reported that we will soon see
something special from PEZ again.
You can read our 1st Story HERE.
We are super happy and proud,
 because today finally is the big day,
It's time to share with you the first look for the new
PEZ ÖBB Timi Taurus Train.
The promo dispenser will come out soon in Austria.
ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) is Austrians biggest federal railway, and
Timi Taurus is the official children's Train mascot.
We are sure many Kids will be happy while traveling on the Train.
Happy Collecting <3

The Timi Taurus Corner parents and children will find everything about Timi Taurus and his friends on the train The ÖBB train games and more on the go. The ÖBB train games give your children suggestions on how to spend time during the train journey. They were developed in cooperation with the Zoom Children's Museum. Children explain in short clips new and well-tried games that are well suited for traveling. The games not only shorten the travel time and banish boredom, but also promote the concentration and creativity of your child. Timi Taurus and his friends wish you lots of fun playing! -Official OBB Website

Sunday, November 4, 2018

PEZ Palz Adds New Burlington Pictorial Page

Hi Pez Palz!
We want to share a new page to our blog with you!
Collecting the double Burlington cards can be confusing at times so we have created a new page to help you keep track of them all. The new page can be found under our welcome banner.
BIG Thank you to our dear 
Jessica O.
 for sharing all the pictures with us!
Plus a BIG Thank You to the wonderful 
Jim D. 
for creating the first Burlington checklist! 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Michael Wood Makes PEZ Tubes and Shoes!

This version fits very nicely at the bottom, leaving little chance for tipping.
Overall we really like these! 
The heart design is my favorite : )
Want to give the shoes a try? 
Michael has an Etsy Shop which can be found 
 Heart Shoes are $.50 Glow in the Dark are $.65
He also sells Regular Shoes that fit vintage PEZ "C" or "3" $.40 each 
or Glow in the dark $.50 Michael can also make shoes for vintage "A" or "B"
He also sells tube displays which are nice because the feet fit nice and snug.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti shares his PEZ collection with us...

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti shares his passion for PEZ!
And WOW what a collection! 
When you see the new POP PEZ collection by Funko it is quite
obvious that lots of time and love have gone into the project.
We know some collectors have been cautious of the
new relationship and concerned about the
future of PEZ but it is important to note that the CEO of Funko
has a special relationship with the PEZ we all adore.