Thursday, June 20, 2024

High School Kids from East Heaven, Connecticut Make Movie about PEZ!

Shawn P. already has a practical summer hairstyle. 
Discover it in the new documentary video on YouTube, created by students from East Heaven High School in CT.

In this 7-minute video, Shawn P. shares his thoughts while showcasing great pictures from the PEZ Visitor Center. Our PEZ friends from the collector community also make an appearance.

We are always happy when our great hobby gains popularity with the general public. It is definitely worth taking a look at the video.

Produced by: Kayla DeLuca
Assistant Producer: Justin Sieng
Edited by: David Ross & Kayla DeLuca
Music Production: Shawn Castillo
Happy Collecting!

The ❤️ of PEZ!

Summer PEZ Surprises! And all what we can expect...

The days of heated debates over the use of the
ball mold for special editions of PEZ are over.

By this year, PEZ has won over even its last 
critics with an array of fantastic special editions.

With the countless great dispensers that PEZ 
has served us to date, things are far from over.
Even though a lot is still very secret, 
the rumor mill is bubbling and we have 
summarized what we can expect for the
 next few months 
as online only dispensers here for you.

Pretty soon, as previously 
announced, a dispenser for the
 Independence Day 
on July 4th will be released. 
And PEZ will come up with something
 really great!
This dispenser will only be available
 online and only in the USA.
This could be the perfect opportunity to 
trade with European collectors for 
the Playmobil Golden Knight.
In mid to late July, 
PEZ will bring 
with a Summer PEZ dispenser.
This summer Hawaiian-themed dispenser 
is a brilliant idea that no one expected.
USA and Europe!
The excitement continues throughout 
the summer, with another great special
 dispenser expected in August,
and it won’t be a ball, mascot, 
or the PEZ presenter girl. 
Something fabulous is coming!
USA and Europe!
We can also look forward to the 
orange PEZ presenter girl, 
which is no longer a secret, but she won't be 
the only girl this year...
PEZ has a few surprises planned for the autumn 
as well, including a special Halloween 
dispenser that is both great and lovely.
We are really looking forward to this!
USA and Europe!
Oh yes, and of course there is also 
the purple glitter Hello Kitty for our
 American PEZ friends, which will be 
found somewhere between all these release dates.
 In the secret offices of PEZ, 
finishing touches on the special
 editions coming in 
autumn and winter are already being worked on,  
and PEZ has prepared 
M O R E 
surprises for us.
This year will continue to be exciting and fun, 
and we’re left wondering how PEZ 
will top this next year.

This is why we love our hobby so much!
Exciting times are ahead, anticipation is the best joy!
Happy Collecting!

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

$12,500 For the Connecticut Humane Socitey from the Indy 500 Presenter Girl Contest!

We eagerly anticipated the announcement,
 checking our emails obsessively for 
news about the 
Sweets and Snacks Expo 
PEZ Presenter Girl. 
 So, there was great rejoicing in the 
PEZ community when many American collectors 
had the opportunity to buy the 
coveted PEZ Girl for $50. 
We are thrilled, PEZ is thrilled, 
and most importantly, 
the animals are benefiting, 
as part of the proceeds from the PEZ Girl 
sales were donated to the Connecticut Humane Society.

PEZ has now handed over a check to the 
Connecticut Humane Society, 
raising and donating an incredible $12,500. 
The honor of presenting the check went
 to none other than Shawn P. 
It's wonderful to see everyone happy and satisfied,
 knowing that together with PEZ, we achieved something 
great for the animals. 
Happy Collecting!

Golden PEZ SpongeBob Key Chain..... Celebrate 25 Years of SpongeBob with New PEZ Collectibles!

It's the year of SpongeBob's!
Not only are we celebrating the 25th anniversary, 
but SpongeBob remains popular and idolized worldwide. 
We've already added four new PEZ dispensers
 to our collections this year and are eagerly 
awaiting the release of the new PEZ Pineapple Tin 
with the silver PEZ SpongeBob. 
Now, there's a golden PEZ SpongeBob again! 

Yes, you read that right ;) 
However, it's only
 a licensed golden PEZ SpongeBob 
keychain from Japan. 

The PEZ SpongeBob keychains were released 
in Japan last year. 
The two SpongeBobs and the Patrick
 keychain from last year are now joined by 
the golden PEZ SpongeBob keychain 
from PLAZA Style in Japan.

While the original limited edition of 
1,000 golden PEZ SpongeBob dispensers
 has significant collector's value, 
the golden keychain will never be worth as much. 

Still, it's definitely a great eye-catcher in 
any PEZ collection, but sadly only in Japan available. 
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Happy Birthday Playmobil! Here is the new Limited Edition Golden PEZ Playmobil Knight....

The beloved toy PLAYMOBIL is commemorating
 a remarkable milestone birthday. 
For half a century, these vibrant figures
 have symbolized the joy of play and creativity.

Since its inception in 1974, 
over 3 billion of these iconic 7.5 cm 
toy figures have found their way 
into countless children's rooms worldwide.

Such an occasion calls for a grand celebration!
Following the successful launch of the
 Playmobil PEZ range by PEZ International (Europe)
last year, featuring the 
Police Officer, Firefighter, Princess, and Knight dispensers, 
there's now something truly extraordinary to look for.

The Knight was among the pioneering 
figures introduced by Playmobil in 1974. 
Thus, PEZ is marking Playmobil's 50th anniversary
 with a special PEZ Knight.
The new PEZ Knight, available in a strictly 
limited edition (only 1900 pieces)
 in a gold version on a black stem, 
can be exclusively purchased online from the 
PEZ International European shop,here.
Regrettably, our American PEZ collector community
 can only obtain this dispenser through 
European PEZ dealers or their European 
PEZ acquaintances this time.

It's time to strike a deal or arrange a swap.

As many of you may already know, there's
 something special planned just for the 
USA for the 4th of July. 
This presents an excellent opportunity 
to trade for the PEZ Playmobil Knight dispenser.
 Regardless, act swiftly as these dispensers
 are expected to sell out rapidly, 
and once they're gone, they're gone for good!
Get your special PEZ Playmobil dispenser here.
Happy Collecting!

Monday, June 17, 2024

New Mickey & Minnie PEZ Clips are here...

 Now they are here!
PEZ debuts the beloved Disney 
Mickey and Friends PEZ Clips, 
starring none other than 
 mini Mickey and Minnie Mouse .
You can get these two cute ones here.

Two additional sets are slated for an early
September release.

In honor of Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary,
PEZ introduces the classic pink mini Hello Kitty
and the Hello Kitty Mini Unicorn,
a beloved dispenser within the Hello Kitty
lineup, much adored by our community.

Pokemon enthusiasts have reason
to rejoice as mini Pikachu and Pokeball
PEZ clips are set to hit the shelves.
Unfortunately, all the PEZ clips will only be 
released in the USA.
Happy Collecting!

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Back by popular demand! Peppermint Sugar-Free PEZ Candy Tins...

Back in 2013 PEZ International introduced 
the mini PEZ Tins with the 
sugar free Peppermint PEZ tablets 
to the European market for the first time.

Now there is a revival in the USA! 
Due to the high demand, PEZ Candy Inc. 
has now included them in their online store.
Even though most American PEZ collectors 
probably already have the lovely little tins 
in their collections, it is a great opportunity 
for new PEZ collectors to now purchase the 
tins online from PEZ Candy Inc. (here).
Four different tins are offered
 fulfilled at random.
Years ago, PEZ International designed a 5th PEZ Tin, 
with mini Cherry Mint tablets, 
which unfortunately never made it into production.
You can get your mini tins (here).
Happy Collecting!
Cherry Mint Peppermint PEZ Tin, Prototype, never made it into production.

Monday, June 10, 2024

TWO Variations! USA Flag special crystal Glitter dispensers...

We spotted the Crystal Glitter PEZ USA Flag
 Ball proudly displayed at the 
PEZ Visitors Center a few months back.

This marks a significant milestone in 
the company's history as it's the first 
time a PEZ has been crafted to 
commemorate Flag Day. 

Now, as Flag Day approaches, 
PEZ is commemorating the occasion with the 
release of the new ball, available for purchase
 online from 

The patriotic USA blister card adds an 
extra touch of pride.
You can check it out

Have you noticed the subtle variations? 
Upon closer inspection, you'll find 
two different stem colors.

The latest ball features a striking red stem, 
exclusively offered through PEZ Candy Inc.'s online store. 
Meanwhile, the same dispenser, sporting a blue stem, 
makes its debut this year as part of a 
limited release of 2,500 pieces, 
exclusively within the Pamp Suisse Fourth 
of July PEZ Silver Gift Set. (Learn more here)
Of course, acquiring the gift set comes at a price, 
and each collector must weigh whether the 
new silver gift box is worth the investment
 solely for this unique addition.
Exciting news awaits! 
As teased on our blog, PEZ has another surprise
 in store for us this Fourth of July. 
Rest assured, it won't be just another Ball Mold.
The anticipation continues to build for
 collectors everywhere.
Happy Collecting!

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Gotschalk for PEZ MY HEAD.... Scores Big with Thomas Gottschalk Instagram Campaign

PEZ International has achieved a major 
marketing success by featuring none other 
than Thomas Gottschalk in an Instagram commercial.

Thomas Gottschalk is a legend in show
 business and the most renowned show
 presenter on German-speaking television.

For this campaign, 
PEZ International created custom dispensers 
of Thomas Gottschalk and his partner Karina using 
the PEZ MyHEAD program.
These PEZ MyHEAD dispensers are showcased 
on Thomas Gottschalk's Instagram account
 to his million followers. 
You can watch the full video here.

We are thrilled to see the enthusiastic 
comments and excitement for PEZ on 
Thomas Gottschalk's post. 
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

PEZ Collection Shines at Australian Exhibition: Congratulations to Greg!

Exciting News from Australia!

We love it when our PEZ friends do something
 unique for our hobby.

Recently in Australia, 
our PEZ Pal Greg had the opportunity t
o showcase part of his collection
 at Moreton Bay's collecting community event, 
The Keeper: Collectors and Their Collections,
 held at Pine Rivers Heritage Museum
 from June 5 to August 12, 2024.
Check out the amazing pictures!

We congratulate Greg on his impressive display and are delighted to have contributed to the exhibition with one of our dispensers.

Happy Collecting!

Monday, June 3, 2024

USA and Europe! Crystal Purple Hello Kitty PEZ Anniversary Dispenser is here....

It's unbelievable how quickly events have unfolded today. 
Firstly, the Father's Day Panda Bear and the new
 Lion King PEZ dispensers have been
 released in the USA. (here)
Secondly, PEZ International (Europe) 
surprised us with an incredibly great 
Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser. 
We have been able to add many great 
Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers to our collections
 over the years, and the cute kitties are 
now probably the largest series in our collections.
 Hello Kitty is celebrating its 50th anniversary,
 and for this special occasion,
 PEZ has outdone itself with a very special dispenser: 
a limited edition 
crystal sparkling full-body Hello Kitty in purple! 
Plus, there's a great gift box produced especially
 for this dispenser. All of this is available
 exclusively in the European PEZ Shop.(here)
New Limited Edition Sparkling Hello Kitty Anniversary Gift box
 We can also give our American PEZ collector friends 
the good news that Hello Kitty will soon 
be available exclusively online at PEZ Candy (USA)! 
 The only difference from the European version 
is that the cute Hello Kitty will be available
 in the USA on a lovely blister PEZ card.
 For all Hello Kitty PEZ fans, there is also a
 great new PEZ twin gift box (Euro only) with 
the loving and winking
 Hello Kitty, both from the 2024 Hello Kitty range.
Available here
New Hello Kitty Twin box, Euro only!
 That's not all—there's a lot more to
 come in the next few weeks and months. 
Stay tuned, and happy collecting!

Fathers Day Release: Celebrate Father's Day with the Exclusive PEZ Panda Dispenser for Our Friends in the USA!

Now, our American friends have the
exclusive chance to order the
 Father's Day PEZ Panda dispenser
 directly from PEZ Candy.

This panda bear marks the third 
Father's Day dispenser produced by 
'PEZ over recent years.

Similar to the Mother's Day Panda PEZ dispenser, 
the only distinction between the European and American 
releases lies in the PEZ blister card and candies.
You can order these adorable bears here.

Happy Collecting!

Be sure to also pick up the new 
Lion King and Minions Twin Packs while shopping at!
You can check out our story about the Lion King here.
and here is the link to buy them here.