Friday, September 22, 2023

Well, look here! Mystery Crystal Classics PEZ are back...

In the vastness of the PEZ Candy Inc. Warehouse, 
somewhere probably on shelf 27 
at a height of 8 meters, 
there must have been this special box 
with crystal classic PEZ dispensers.  
Now someone who is not afraid of heights 
has dared to go up. ;)  
No kidding aside, 
to our delight PEZ Candy Inc. is bringing back the 
mystery classic PEZ dispensers. 
 This time they are once again giving us the opportunity
 to purchase cool Crystal Classic PEZ dispensers 
from the past at a great price.  
PEZ Candy Inc. tells us: 
  These classic mystery crystals will be pulled/fulfilled at random. 
No guarantee which you will receive. 
 Stem and topper colors may also vary from those shown.
  A great chance to add some fun classics to your collection. 
 And honestly, we haven't seen a 
Mystic Ball at $2.29 for a long time!
Great thing, especially when collectors who have
 recently joined our hobby now have the opportunity
 to get great PEZ dispensers from the past 
at a great and fair price.  
We keep our fingers crossed for you and are 
looking forward to the posts in the communities 
about who got what.
Get them while they're still available, here now!
Happy Collecting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Coming soon! New 2023 Silver Wafers Gift Set with PEZ Reindeer...

The Pamp Suisse PEZ® gift set is back 
this season with a new design for the holiday season.

The focus of this year's Christmas gift box
 is on the reindeer, and of course the (old) reindeer
 is included here as a PEZ dispenser, plus it contains a 
perfect replica of 999.9 pure silver wafers 
of the nostalgic PEZ®

 The meanwhile 9th gift set 
will be released soon. 
We have created another pictorial for you 
where you have all the gift sets published to 
date in one picture.
You can preorder the new Christmas gift set here.
Happy Collecting!


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

BREAKING NEWS! Available now! The PEZ Truck got a new mold!

It's probably the sensation of the year, 
the beloved 
has been redesigned 
and given a new mold. 
 For many years,
 the PEZ Truck drove up to our showcases 
in various variations and parked there.
 Now PEZ has decided to redesign the Truck 
and that will definitely divide the PEZ communities. 
While some will mourn the old PEZ truck, 
many will also scream in joy.  
What is striking about the new design i
s the license plate, which is located at the very front, 
with the PEZ Copyright imprint.
Left: new 2023 DIY PEZ Truck, Right: the previously known pez Truck.
 Be that as it may, 
we are particularly pleased that we can now
 add a new PEZ Truck to our fleet.  
We will definitely be able to receive many more 
variations in the near future.

And as if that wasn't the best for last.  
You can now secure the new truck, called DIY Design, 
from PEZ Candy Inc. (here).  
Let's go, press the accelerator and get 
the new PEZ Truck. 
 We are definitely jumping for joy! 
 Happy Collecting!


Monday, September 18, 2023

Coming Soon! Halloween crystal PEZ Ghost and Christmas crystal Polar Bear PEZ

It was actually intended as a surprise,
 and almost no information about it came out.

Until now! 
Our friends at the PEZ Visitor Center were probably 
so excited about the two new crystal dispensers
 that they immediately made their way into 
the coming soon showcase, 
and therefore to the public ;)

How many times have we asked for crystal PEZ dispensers 
from PEZ over the past few years,
 all of our evening prayers have apparently been answered.

We'll soon be getting a really lovely 
crystal Ghost as a Halloween special, 
and a few weeks later the next sensation from PEZ will follow,
 the crystal clear PEZ Polarbear as a Christmas special.
the Polar Bear is different to the crystal milky Polar Bear 
that was offered in last year's European Advent Calendar.
From left till right: (1) normal Polar Polar Bear, (2) Euro Advent Calendar (3) 2023 crystal Polar Bear. (Thank you Momopez for the pics)

And now for further good news, 
both dispensers will be available as 
online exclusive items at the PEZ online stores 
in both America and Europe.

But that's not all, 
the rumor mill is bubbling, 
and how could it be otherwise, 
dispenser will come again.

And we can promise you one thing, 
you will be completely blown away because PEZ 
will come up with something truly incredible.
Thank you Amanda P. for the pictures ;)

So PEZ now that the cat is out of the bag, can we please 
also have the official photos :)

Keep it up PEZ, 
it's great that you have such creative people.
That's how we love you! 

We can hardly wait to receive the two great dispensers.
Happy Collecting!

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Christopher Radko is giving away three new Jolly PEZ 2023 Ornaments.....

 Since 2019, Christopher Radko has been beautifying 
the Christmas season with licensed PEZ ornaments. 
 It has already become a tradition that there
 is a new PEZ ornament every year with our favorite
 PEZ Christmas dispensers.  
This year the elves have once again conjured up 
something great at Christopher Radko's, 
a Jolly PEZ ornament 
with three PEZ™ dispensers of Tannenbaum, 
Snowman and Santa Claus characters all 
atop the colorful trademark candy wrapper base. 

Now Christopher Radko is giving away three 
of the great PEZ ornaments on Instagram, 
all you have to do is follow 
on Instagram and tag three friends!
New 2023 Jolly PEZ Ornament from Christopher Radko
 For all those who are as in love with 
PEZ ornaments as we are, 
here is the possibility to order the new Jolly PEZ 
ornament from Christopher Radko.  
As usual, we have prepared another 
Christopher Radko PEZ ornament pictorial for you.  
Happy Collecting!
Pictures and Video from Christopher Radko Thank you :)


Saturday, September 16, 2023

UPDATE: Chocolate Cookie PEZ Halloween House Kit...(where you can get it)

After the two gingerbread house kits 
were already available at Christmas last year 
and the next one followed at Easter, 
it is clear that a new set should not be missin for Halloween.  
This year we can look forward to 
pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces. 
 This awesome PEZ halloween house kit set has 
already been spotted at 
CVS, Michael's, Lidl, and Amazon. 
We hope you find yours too!
Happy Collecting!

Christmas and Easter PEZ House Kit's


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Now available! The new 2023 PEZ Advent Calendar is here! (with Video)...

 What a great surprise!
Summer isn't even officially over yet, 
and PEZ is already offering the new 
Advent Calendar online. (here)
(Europe only)

The lovely new cover of this year's Advent Calendar,
in green, takes us into the Christmassy decorated living room,
where of course Santa Claus and this year the
Elf can be found.
The Elf plays the most important part in the
Advent Calendar this year, as he is available in
Europe for the first time, and as an exlusive Advent Calendar only

The only difference about the Elf from the USA is the 
PEZ Play Code that is printed on the stem.

Santa, the Snowman, the Nutcracker and the 
new Reindeer all with the PEZ Play Code on the stem, 
can also be found behind one of the 24 windows.
We were so happy with the Advent Calendars 
from the past two years, as there was an 
exclusive crystal dispenser in them.
 This year, unfortunately, it was "only" the Elf, but nevertheless, 
this year's Advent Calendar has once again turned 
out really great and cute in appearance.

We learned that the Advent calendar at PEZ requires 
a lot of work and time, 
which is why PEZ is considering not publishing it next year.

That would really make us sad!
We hope that PEZ will choose a different path, 
we love the Advent Calendars and they have 
a very special place in our collections, 
so there must be more, especially since we all want 

Here you can get the new Advent calendar, 
let's show PEZ how much we all love it, 
and it can't be the last one we get.
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK! Coming Soon new 2023 PEZ Trolls Assorment...

Make room in your PEZ Trolls showcases, 
three new dispensers will be moving in there soon.

After the animated film Trolls (2016) 
and its second part, Trolls World Tour (2020), 
Trolls - Band Together 
is another sequel to the colorful, 
singing, shaggy hair wearers. 

 The colorful PEZ Troll dispensers have been 
a part of our PEZ collections since 2016, 
and the PEZ Trolls range has been expanded 
again and again over the last few years.

Just in time for the cinema release of Trolls - Band Together, 
PEZ is now providing us with this year's new Trolls range.

We are happy to give you a first look at the 
new PEZ Trolls dispensers.
These will be available in both the European and 
American markets in just a few weeks.

Our special focus is definitely on 
in the film Poppy's Sister, she looks similar 
to Poppy,  almost identical face and blonde curly hair.
But POPPY has also undergone a slight change,
 not only was the stem replaced, Poppy also got a new crown.
Branch probably made the smallest change; 
apparently only the stem was replaced. 
As you have come to expect from us, 
we have prepared a PEZ Trolls pictorial for you,
 just to be sure that you already have all the 
dispensers in your collections.

Soon you can start your search in stores for 
the new PEZ Trolls range.
Happy Collecting!
All the PEZ Trolls dispensers, from 2016-2023. Thank you Momopez for the pictures.
Trolls - Band together Movie Trailer

Monday, September 11, 2023

New 2024 PEZ Assortment! SPACE MISSION is coming...

What a sensation it was at the 
VIP Vienna International PEZ Gathering! 
After consultation with the PEZ International Marketing department, 
we were able to present a new PEZ assortment to the 
world public for the first time at the 
V.I.P. Vienna International PEZ Gathering.
For all those who unfortunately couldn't be there,
 we have now prepared  pictures. 

Space exploration is flying into our collector's showcases 
next year with all the new 
PEZ Space Mission dispensers.

Space Mission is a new product range 
developed by PEZ and the license remains with PEZ.
Appearance in both Europe and the USA is planned
 for spring 2024, i.e. 2nd quarter and the dispensers
 have turned out so amazing!
We are deeply in love!
The new Space Mission assortment 
consists of 4 dispensers:
in space suit, gold helmet.
(turned out so great with the stem print).
 in space suit, silver helmet.
(reconnaissance vehicle) orange Stem with print. 
Now you're probably wondering why we only 
see three dispenser in the pictures?
Easily explained, 
we received the three Space Mission dispensers 
directly from the production line, 
and the fourth Mars Rover was not yet completed 
at this point in time, they are still busy working on the tools!
Since PEZ holds the license for the 
new Space Mission dispensers, 
we can/may/want to see other variations!
It could easily be that these appear, to a later point 
as special editions, and webshop exclusives.
We would freak out if they appeared in 
crystal one day, for example!
Thank you PEZ International for the dispenser, and the and the opportunity to present them to the public.

Luckily we got two sets directly from PEZ as gift, 
to be raffled at the VIP Gathering and
we're doubly happy that a young 
PEZ collector from Spain and the Finn-Bros won a set.
Many thanks to the PEZ International
 marketing department for letting 
us present the three new dispensers and for 
providing us with two sets.
Now we can't wait to get the new dispensers, 
yet unfortunately we still have to wait a bit,
 but until then PEZ has prepared a few other surprises for us. 
Happy Collecting!

Thursday, August 31, 2023

How cute! The wedding PEZ range is growing with a new groom...

The ladies and gentlemen at PEZ International (Europe)
 put a lot of development time 
and production costs into their hands, 
as well as a marketing budget, a
nd put together a wedding assortment with a lot of love. 
  The PEZ wedding range now includes 19 items, 
but not only that, online at PEZ you can also find 
decoration instructions, lots of pictures and videos 
on how the most beautiful day in life can be designed. (here)
 After three new brides (blonde black and brown hair) 
were added to the range this spring,
 PEZ is now coming up with the next coup. 
 Now there is a new groom and he turned out really great, 
PEZ gave him a little mustache. 
Small things often make a huge difference.
 We hope that the four girls won't fight over him. :) 
 You can order the new groom online here.  
Now PEZ would have to add a bridal couple with 
a darker skin color to the range, 
then the wedding range would be complete.
Happy Collecting!
PEZ Bride & Groom over the past few years.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

New DC Superman, and Flash as a new variant now available from PEZ...

 As a complete surprise, European PEZ collectors 
have actually received the newly revised (new mold) 
PEZ DC Superman!  

The new Superman 
is now available from PEZ International (here). 
Our American PEZ friends will soon be able to order 
it online from PEZ Candy Inc. 
 As collectors from Spain report us,
 our eyes are also on 
because it looks like he got a 
slightly different (darker red) 
plus a a slightly different stem color
and is therefore a new variant for us.
Isn't it nice when our collections grow and grow.  
One or the other is probably struggling with the space, 
but we are sure that a solution 
can be found there as well. ;)
Happy Collecting!