Friday, March 1, 2024

Congratulations to the ACE Hauler Winner!

Gratitude to all participants in our 
ACE Truck Hauler Giveaway! 

Your enthusiastic engagement and unwavering
 support for our blog truly mean the world to us.
 It's your continued readership that adds i
mmense value to our work, making every 
effort worthwhile. Thank you for being an 
integral part of our journey!

We are pleased to announce 
Stephen H. is the WINNER! 
Stay tuned for more adventures with Pez Palz there's always more PEZ magic to come! 🌟✨

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Pure Magic! Sidewalk Circus PEZ Zoetrope. Just WOW.

I was scrolling through Instagram, and there are moments when you come across something that simply brings a huge smile to your face! 
I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you. 
A big BRAVO to creative souls, 
Eric & Meghan Ryterski behind this masterpiece!

PEZ Zoetrope
Have you tried “day mode” on the Magic Canopy?
In day mode, the spinning characters look blurry to the naked eye, but can be seen clearly through your phone camera.
In night mode, the scene is visible with just your eyes.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Bathing in Bliss: Japan's PEZ Bath Salts Collection Unveiled 🐼 Panda, 🐰 Rabbit, 🐱 Cat and a πŸ₯ Duck!

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life
 and discover a sanctuary of tranquility 
in a world that never ceases to move. 
Indulge in moments of calm after a demanding 
day with a luxurious bath featuring 
PEZ bath salts and bath bombs.

The growing prevalence of PEZ bath
 bombs and bath salts among 
PEZ collectors highlights the rising 
popularity of these small bath 
enhancements in our world. 
Now, from Japan, we introduce four new licensed
PEZ characters, each filled with vibrant bath salts.

Whether it's the panda, the rabbit, the cat, or the duck, 
all four aim to enhance the beauty of our 
cherished bathtub and promote relaxation 
for both body and mind. 
The decision lies with us – should we open and enjoy
 the bath salts or proudly display these
 four adorable dispensers as captivating 
additions to our collections, alongside the array 
of other PEZ bath items?
The choice is yours, and in the realm of collecting, 
everyone is treated to the joy of choosing. 
Happy collecting!

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pezzy Prowess: PEZ PALZ Emerges Victorious! Winner of the MEDIA Award!

Being part of this unique PEZ community is a truly special experience.
Our hobby unites individuals with big hearts, many of whom immerse themselves in the smallest details, enriching our collections.
Pez Tattoos Lacey Ash, Juan Orozco Jr. , Jessica Goodsell Orozco, Erin Panda Collects PEZ, John Cool Man Devlin, Steve Glew The PEZ Outlaw Movie
From crafting insightful content, such as books, charts, 
and videos, to organizing gatherings and connecting with dealers who traverse the world with our treasures, the passion within our community knows no bounds.

 It's incredible how a simple plastic object can connect people from all over the world, sparking wonderful conversations, fostering friendships, and fueling endless discussions about PEZ
Maryland Pez Gathering, Chris Jordan PEZ Collectors Store, Chris Wiley, PEZ Artist Eddie Santiago Flores, Judy Mesler
This brings us to the PEZZY Awards.While it's impossible to recognize everyone who makes our community shine, Branden kicked off
a nomination process, acknowledging many deserving individuals, even those not initially on the list.
Jeff Rosenberg Pezamania Winners of Pezzy Awards 2024
Thinking back to around 11 years ago when PEZ Palz started, 
it all began with a message from Nenad to Kristian on Facebook. 
Together, we built this site with a clear goal — 
preserving the history of PEZ and delivering content to fellow enthusiasts in the best way possible.
PEZ Palz wins PEZZY media award
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who nominated and cast their votes for our blog. We dedicate countless hours, exchanging hundreds of messages from Vienna to Salem everyday, to ensure you stay updated and receive the best possible content. Your support is immensely appreciated, and each and every one of you makes a world of difference to us.

❤️ Nenad & Kristian
Thank you Andrea and Justin for the wonderful video.
Happy Collecting!

Monday, February 19, 2024

USA and EUROPE! Reigniting the Roar: A Closer Look at the NEW LION KING PEZ Assortment...

Nearly three decades ago, 
Disney's The Lion King captivated audiences and 
stood as Disney's most successful film 
for an extended period. 

The heartwarming tale of Mufasa, Simba, Nala, 
Timon, and Pumbaa resonated with both the 
young and old worldwide. 
Disney Lion King PEZ 2024 Mufasa  Pumbaa Simba Timon
In celebration of its 30th anniversary this December
 2024, Disney is set to release The Lion King live-action 
movie, delving into the origin story of 
Mufasa's ascent to the throne.

The Lion King has held a cherished spot in our 
collections since 2004, and it's fitting that, 
two decades later, we're receiving a refresh with new
 molds and additions to the lineup. Simba, Pumbaa, 
Timon, and Mufasa will be making their return 
in May/June in Europe and the USA.

We've taken a closer look at 
the new Lion King PEZ assortment and want to showcase 
the differences between the old and the new collection
 using our images. 
Lion King 2024 PEZ Line Up Simba Mufasa Pumbaa Timon Nala Disney
Mufasa now features a new stem color, 
blue instead of orange, and the print has been revised. 
Additionally, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa 
boast new stem colors, accompanied by entirely 
new molds for all three dispensers.
NEW Lion King 2024 PEZ Line Up Simba Mufasa Pumbaa Timon PEZ Palz Pals
New Lion King PEZ assortment, Thank you PEZ International for the pictures.
To make it easier for you to identify the 
missing dispensers, we've prepared a 
comprehensive Lion King PEZ pictorial. 
However, this also means that we'll all need to 
rearrange our Lion King dispensers to make room 
for the four new additions in June. 
We're genuinely excited about it. 
Happy Collecting!
Lion King 2024 PEZ Line Up Simba Mufasa Pumbaa Timon Nala Disney

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Style with Purpose: PEZ Polo Wraps - A Tale of Elegance, Protection, and Compassion- PEZ meets Horses!

Attention all horse enthusiasts in the PEZ community! 
We've stumbled upon something 
truly extraordinary for you! 

Ghosty's discovery – 
PEZ-themed Polo Wraps! 
Protect your Horses with PEZ Style!
Intriguing, isn't it? 
I was fortunate enough to visit the 
beautiful home of PEZ Legend 
Tina Gunsauls in Red Bluff, CA
 I was graced with a remarkable experience.
 The chance to bottle-feed a foal not only
 became an exceptionally special 
memory but also marked my 
very first encounter with a horse.

You can visit their website below
(Picture to demonstrate purpose of Polo Wraps)
PEZ Polo Wraps, designed not just for
style but with a purpose. 
These wraps serve as a shield against minor 
scrapes and bruises, offering protection 
that goes beyond aesthetics. 
Picture your horse adorned in these 
unique wraps, not just a fashion statement 
but a safeguard against irritation
 from sand or arena footing.
Plus 100% of all proceeds from 
the sale of their products and on-farm
 camping income through Hipcamp, 
go to the daily care of their rescues.
 >>----> Read More About Reins For Rescues Here <----<<

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Bitcoin PEZ Adventures: From Limited Edition Launch to Big Lots Bargains!

In March 2023, Ghosty made an exciting report 
about the launch of the 
Limited Edition Bitcoin
While the real Bitcoin has once again surged in 
value, the same cannot be 
said for our beloved Bitcoin PEZ.
 Many of us eagerly joined the 
limited production run of 30,000, 
paying around $30, thinking we were 
getting a fantastic deal. 

However, times have changed, 
and now the cherished PEZ puck is making 
appearances at Big Lots stores across the country, 
with various online reports listing prices 
ranging from $3.69 to $3.99. 
You can check out Ghosty's original story 

So, if you were holding out, it might be worth a
visit to your local Big Lots store to see for yourself. 
Happy Hunting!
For Funsies- Totally Unrelated Current Price of Bitcoin 2/14/23

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

On the Road Again: ACE Hardware's Latest PEZ Truck Hauler Edition - Get Yours Now!

It's time to visit your local 
ACE Hardware stores 
and keep an eye out for the NEW truck! 

This truck showcases the latest mold
 revealed in 2023, featuring 
a cab without the silver smoke stack. 

Unfortunately, this version 
doesn't boast a new sticker design. 
However, for those of us who adore 
variations, it's definitely a must-have!
PEZ Pictorial Ace Hardware Stores PEZ Trucks Haulers
If you can't spot the NEW truck
on store shelves, don't hesitate to chat
with the helpful employees.
They are usually quite accommodating
when it comes to ordering the truck,
although you might find yourself
needing to purchase a shipper of 12.
Happy Collecting!
PEZ Pictorial Ace Hardware Stores PEZ Trucks Haulers Mold designs
UPC number

Link Below to Our previous stories about Ace Trucks 
New 2024 ACE PEZ Truck variation

πŸ’— πŸ’– πŸ’žHappy Valentine's Day Pez Palz! πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’—

In a world of candy, sweet and bright,

Our Pez Pal love takes flight.

With every click and every cheer,

Valentine joy is always near.

Heads and hearts, in rows so neat,

A love for Pez that can't be beat.

Colors popping, like love's embrace,

Our Pez Palz, a sugary grace.

On Valentine's Day, let candies sing,

To Pez Pal love, on this sweetest wing.

Dispensing joy, in every hue,

Happy Valentine's, Pez Palz, to you! πŸ¬πŸ’–

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

PEZ Surprises Unveiled: Patriotic Delights, Exclusive Dispensers, and More!

 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ PEZ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

continues to impress with its knack for surprises. 

 The 'Coming Soon' window at the Visitor Center has 

been a source of numerous delightful surprises 

in the past, and Thomas's snapshot was no exception. 

The surprise unfolded in a spectacular manner, captured 

in a photo by Thomas S. a crystal glitter ball mold 

featuring the American flag and fireworks.

Patriotic PEZ Palz Pic Memorial Day Ball with Flag and FireworksIntrigued, we delved a bit deeper 
to uncover more details for you.

Initially assuming that this dispenser was
crafted by PEZ Candy Inc.
for Independence Day on July 4th,
we discovered it's set to debut in
May around Memorial Day.

However, for those who may have
reservations about the Ball Mold, 
rest assured—rumors suggest that PEZ
has more in store for us. 
Another special USA dispenser is slated 
for release on July 4th, promising something 
unique and distinctly different from a ball mold.

Regrettably, both dispensers will

 only be available in the US, 

presented on the same card 

with a universally patriotic theme.

For our European PEZ collectors, 

the anticipation might be tinged with envy. 

But fear not, PEZ International has an 

exciting surprise in the pipeline. 

As customary, we're not at liberty

 to reveal too much just yet.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate 

the release of the new online exclusive 

St. Patrick dispenser and Easter dispenser. 

Stay tuned for more information.

Happy Collecting!

Thank you Thomas S. for the pictures. :)