Sunday, May 26, 2019

Disney's The Lion King 2019... Stem Changes & New Prints..

We just saw the pictures of the final product at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago and it won't be long until the new 
Lion King PEZ 
hit the stores. 
It's been 25 years since the original Lion King hit theaters, 
but coming this July Disney has remade the Lion King for a 
whole new generation! 
With the new movie will come a refreshed PEZ assortment
 (new stems and prints) including
For the first time two different twin packs will also be sold featuring 
mini Simba and Nala for one and 
mini Pumbaa and Timon for the other. (USA only)
This will bring us nine new dispensers for our Collection!
Happy Collecting!
The "Original" Lion King PEZ VS the new 2019 Lion King PEZ assortment
Lion King 2019 Mini's
2019 Lion King Movie Trailer

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo brings us the future of PEZ

The doors have opened!!!
The 2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo held in Chicago, Illinois has just begun and we have a first look at the future of PEZ.
This is where we get the a glimpse of what is to come 2019/2020 lineup and we are happy to bring you some of the pictures from the booth!
While not all that is on display is guaranteed to hit shelves in stores, the Expo gives us a idea on what PEZ Candy Inc. is working on.
Big thank you is going to Chris S. Keith W. and @Candyfunhouse 
for sending us the pictures <3
Now enjoy all the pictures :)

LOL Surprise (August 2019) 
A completely new concept for PEZ was developed for the LOL Surprise PEZ range: For the first time, you will not be able to see from the outside which PEZ dispenser is included in the pack! Thus, PEZ takes up a central element of the success of LOL Surprise: the surprise factor, because children love surprises! LOL Surprise are packed in balls in several layers. Each layer gives an indication of which surprise doll is waiting for you at the end. Some of the dolls are often found, others rarely. That makes them coveted collectible items for girls. LOL Surprise has managed to become the most popular toy in the world within two years.

The Grinch Twin Packs (September 2019)
The Grinch! Two different Twin packs featuring The Grinch (full size) & Max the dog, and Grinch plus Cindy Lou Who are both mini PEZ.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Set
(September 2019)
This is a nice surprise! 
The 12 days of Christmas look really well done here and 
will be fun to hang on the tree! 
We are loving the concept!
HALLOWEEN 2019/2020
This is another great concept for Halloween parties! and will be fun to put in the kids goodie bags for Halloween! An adorable Bat will join the lineup this year. 
Next year the newer pumpkin mold will get a scary makeover!
CHRISTMAS 2019/2020
Christmas looks exciting! 
This year we will have an entirely new mold for our beloved snowman,
 Santa and his sled on the newer snow globe design and one we are really looking forward to the gingerbread man! For 2020 Santa went to the surgeon and got a facelift and is looking much younger! 
Plus we will get a new snow-bear!
The cutest huggable valentine bear ever!
We love him!
EMOJIS Q1/2020
Emojis! Emojis! Emojis! 
You can't get enough of them right? 
Here is more for 2020! 
Grimacing Face & Party Popper are all new styles 
and look even crystal poo! 
Disney Princess Q1/2020
Moana is the newest princess to hit the growing assortment.
Easter 2020
A new cheerful bunny with a cute little chic sitting on her head 
will join our egg collections along with a newly molded lamb.
Our DC Comic PEZ Collections will grow in time 
for the new Wonder Woman movie expected in 2020.
Peppa Pig twin packs! 
Peppa and George have existed as PEZ dispensers 
since last summer in Europe. 
Soon they will be outfitted with popular disguises: 
George with a pirate hat and Peppa with a crown.

Scooby-Doo is coming back this time with a twin pack 
and some stem changes. 
Scooby will have a printed stem, 
Fred Jones has changed from alight blue to a white stem, 
and Daphne Blake has gone
 from light green to blue stem.
Zuma will join Chase, Skye, Rubble & Rocky.
Focus on Advertising
We are hoping for surprises throughout the year! :)

IMPORTANT INFO!... About the new PEZ Candy dispenser...

Exciting news for all of you who have not the chance to visit 
the Sweet and Snacks Expo.
We just got the information, that the new dispenser will also be available in a limited quantity, in different packaging, without stem print, 
exclusively at the PEZ Visitor Center and soon too.
Isn't it amazing?
We would love to see that this info helps people to 
not to pay to much for the dispenser on some auction platforms.
As soon as we get the first pictures, we will bring it here...
....stay tuned for more info...
Soon available at the PEZ Visitor Center and on

FIRST LOOK: Limited Edition 2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo dispenser..

Wohaaaa :)
This is something that we all have waited for!
The first picture is finally here, PEZ Candy Inc. has produced another limited
Edition dispenser exclusively for the Sweets and Snacks Expo. (1000 pcs.)

This time they used a new mold to make a great unique looking PEZ candy dispenser
and if you are lucky visitor, you may have the chance to grab one.
The limited dispenser will be given out to attendees at the PEZ booth.
Surely Collectors will be going crazy about them, just as they
have in the last 4 years.

The Sweets and Snacks Expo is held in Chicago, Illinois
 happening May 21-23, 2019.
This will be another hard to get dispenser for our Collection.
Good luck to everyone, and happy Collecting!

Sweets and Snacks Expo PEZ dispenser on EBAY