Sunday, November 27, 2022

More great licensed PEZ products from Japan...

 PLAZA is the company from Japan and the
 master licensee for PEZ in Japan,
they handle all the PEZ copyrights in Japan. 
The license deals are coordinated between 
Plaza and PEZ International and 
then approved by PEZ International.
 And Plaza really can! 
Lovley licensed PEZ products appeare in Japan 
almost every month and we are always very 
excited as soon as there is something new to report.
Like now, new PEZ keychains and PEZ plush figures 
have been introduced by Plaza
 but also new PEZ bags, toothbrush cups, 
and and and.... simply fantastic! 
We are particularly impressed by the 6 new keychains
and the three PEZ Plush figures. 
The new PEZ keychains are available as 
Duck and 
They are roughly the same size as a 
mini pez dispenser and of course,
 the PEZ logo and the PEZ Candy Bricks should not be missing.
The three, Girl, Hippo, and Elephant Plush figures 
not only look great, they are also really a great eye-catcher.
We definitely want them!
We can definitely count on more great 
licensed PEZ products from Japan in the near future
and there will be a lot more to come. 
We will certainly be amazed and look at Japan with envy! 
Keep it up Plaza...
Happy Collecting!
Thank you Toshihiro and Plaza for the Pictures and Video :)

Friday, November 25, 2022

New Charity Edition "VUK" PEZ Dextrose drops from Hungary...

Since we have many fans of the 
PEZ Dextrose Drops in our communities, 
the latest release from Hungary will definitely please you.
A new Carity Edition of the PEZ Dextrose drops 
with the famous and successful 
Hungarian cartoon character called 
has just been released in Hungary.  
 The story of the little fox "VUK" 
who had a difficult childhood and was 
adopted and raised by an old fox 
touched many hearts in Hungary.  
The new PEZ "VUK" dextrose drops appeared in 
three different designs, and are
a Charity Edition to support the children 
from the SOS Children's Villages.  
We are very happy that PEZ is once again
 setting a great example to help children.  
Big thanks to our dear friend Ferenc for sending 
us the photos and videos.  
Happy Collecting!


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

FIRST LOOK New Asterix PEZ assortment...

It was also a sensation for us when we were able 
to report that the Asterix PEZ assortment 
will return to the PEZ range next year.

Asterix, like the PEZ dispenser, is a cult in Europe!

 Since the introduction of the first Asterix
 stories at the beginning of the 1960s, 
a total of 39 comic books have been 
published in more than 100 languages and dialects - 
plus numerous feature films in the past.
Pictures from PEZ International, Thank you :) 
Now the first official pictures are here 
and we are happy to present you the new 
Asterix PEZ range which will be available 
in Europe at the first quarter of 2023.

Both Asterix and Obelix got a new mold 
but still kept the retro look.
The excellent watchdog 
will always keep an eye on Asterix and Obelix, a
nd will be at the side of the two great new dispensers in 2023.

We can't wait to welcome the three new 
dispensers to our collections in early 2023. (Europe only)
Happy Collecting!


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

SURPRISE! NEW Kosher PEZ PASKESZ Trucks available now..

A really great PEZ surprise was presented 
today by Paskesz on Instagram. 
   Three great new colorful 
Kosher PEZ Trucks were unveiled there, 
with the announcement that these are available in 
your local kosher grocery store, 
as well as online at
But as fast as they came, 
they were sold out that quickly.  
To the delight of all of us, the trucks can 
now be ordered again, shipping will take 
place from November 28th, so be quick 
now and get the great new trucks.
For all those who got hold of the trucks, 
make room in your PEZ fleet.
Happy Collecting! 

PEZ Tins and Full Body PEZ Santa now online available...

PEZ International has finally added the 
two new PEZ Tins to their online store today.
 The Full Body PEZ Santa Claus Ornament that 
was released in the USA last year is now available in Europe 
for the first time.
Unfortunately, the only difference is the packaging.
All of this can now be ordered here. (Europe)
Happy Collecting!
Pictures from PEZ International, Thank you ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2022

ALL WEEK LONG! starts with the Black Friday deals

How fantastic! 
PEZ Candy Inc. launches Black Friday deals!
Starting now, and all week long!
 You have the opportunity to get hold of the 
PEZ gift sets online at PEZ for a great price, 
but not only that,
 the Kat & Annie Ornaments as well as selected 
PEZ dispensers and PEZ Merch are also reduced.  
This is how shopping is fun, 
and now go ahead and secure all the great offers here. 
A visit to their online store is definitely worth it!
Happy Collecting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

My little Pony PEZ dispensers have been spotted in European stores...

The new My little Pony PEZ dispensers are 
already available in some European 
stores earlier than expected. 
 If you haven't found them yet, be patient,
 they will definitely be available online 
from PEZ International shortly. 
 Unfortunately, all of our American friends 
will have to wait until next year, 
but then they too can hunt for it.  
Happy Collecting!
Me on the hunt for the new My little Pony PEZ dispensers :)

Sunday, November 13, 2022

UPDATED BARKY PEZ PICTORIAL! with 2022 Thanksgiving & Christmas

Since 2005, the PEZ Barkys from Australia 
have been an important part of our collection 
for many of us.  
Whether Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween 
or even Christmas, new Barkys appear every 
year for every occasion.  
New Barky and Barkina Thanksgiving & Christmas 2022.
As usual, the new Thanksgiving and Christmas 
Barkys and Barkinas are available from 

This also means that we have updated our 
Barky Pictorial for you, which you can find here.
   We love the new additions to our ever growing 
Barky collections and we thank everyone at 
Poor Paws for their dedication to helping animals!
Happy Collecting!   

Friday, November 11, 2022

Great PEZ Merch items available now...

 Even though the licensed PEZ advertising metal signs 
and the Märklin PEZ Wagon have long 
been sold online directly from the manufacturers, 
PEZ International (Europe) has now included them in their 
online shop and is offering them now for sale.

Just in time for all those who are still looking for a 
suitable Christmas present.
With the magnetic red rings on the calendar, 
you set the current date yourself day by day.

If you haven't bought them months ago, 
you can buy it now from PEZ International's online shop. (here)

Oh PEZ, it would be so fantastic if you also 
contractually secured some of the licensed items 
from Japan for your shop!
Well, we can dream...
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

And the Winner of the Snackish Treats is...

We would like to thank everyone who entered our 


contest... we are happy to announce 

Frank P. 

Is the winner, 


We will be contacting you shortly.

Happy Pezzing

Saturday, October 29, 2022

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: New Kronlachner Promotional Promo PEZ-Puck

It has been a while since we saw 
the last Promotional Promo PEZ Puck 
produced by PEZ International as a customer order.
But now there is a new beauty again and 
we are happy to give you a first look at it.
It's the Kronlachner PEZ Promo Puck, 
both the stem and the puck are gray 
and the puck has the company's logo printed on it.  
It's great that there is also a separate PEZ Candy, 
the company logo can also be found here.
 Kronlachner is a concept store from 
upper Austria that offers everything
 about Fashion, Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle.
For more info please visit
 It could be that the great dispenser will be a 
bit difficult to get hold of, 
but let's stay optimistic for now 
and let's be happy that there is a new promo PEZ dispenser out there.
Big thanks to our dear friend Yasin 
who provided us with the photos. 
Happy Collecting! 
Thank you Yasin O. for the pictures.


Straight from the UK, the crystal PEZ Panda Queen...


If anyone can do it, 
then our dear Kelle, the host of the UK PEZ Gathering.
Kelle's third UK PEZ Gathering is taking place today in Norwich
and everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of her 
 PEZ Panda bear. 
 Kelle has already stunned us in the past with
 the design of her dispensers, and so it is again today. 
 The whole theme of the Gathering is of 
course related to the season and date around Halloween.
 Dear PEZ friends, we don't want to keep you in 
suspense any longer, 
here is her incredibly great PEZ dispenser. 
It's the sweet PEZ Panda Queen, 
the head is made of crystal glitter like at all 
European PEZ collectors' meetings, 
but the stem really blows our minds, 
Kelle made the design for it and 
PEZ International did the Print on the stem.
 It shows a green skeleton, 
the 3 bones going across the chest
 represent the 3rd Gathering, 
the full print was made by PEZ International.
Kelle did a fantastic job again, 
everyone who took part in the gathering 
must have had a lot of fun and joy. 
For more info please follow PEZ Gathering UK
Happy Collecting!

Friday, October 28, 2022

New Marvel Black Panther Gift Tin is now available...

Finally, as of today, PEZ Candy Inc has also added 
the new Marvel Tin to order in their online store.
 The new 
Marvel Black Panther 
PEZ Gift Tin with
Black Panther, 
Purple Black Panther 
and Okoye 
is now available here. 
The Marvel Black Panther 
Twin Pack with Shuri and the Black Panther in 
their online shop. (here)
 In time for the latest Marvel Blockbuster 
Black Panter - Wakanda Forever movie (November 2022),
 the dispensers will be available in American stores too.  
Coming soon, new Marvel Black Panther PEZ Gift Tin.
We can't wait to add the new dispensers soon
 to our Marvel PEZ collection.  
Happy Collecting!