Monday, July 4, 2022

Coming soon: New Peppa Pig PEZ dispensers

European PEZ collectors are eagerly awaiting 
the three new PEPPA PIG PEZ dispensers 
GEORGE Dinosaur and
PEPPA Teddy.
PEZ International will bring soon the new series to the
 European stores and to their online shop.
Thank you PEZ International for the pictures :)

We are always pleased if an existing series 
is expanded and adapted.

You can move your four existing PEPPA PEZ dispensers
 closer together and make room for the three new pigs in your showcases.
Happy Collecting!
Left: Peppa Pig PEZ dispensers previous releases right: new 2022 Peppa Pig dispensers



SURPRISE! PEZ announces new PEZ mascots

For the Independence Day in the USA, 
PEZ Candy Inc. has prepared a special surprise 
and a great social Media post.
A picture was shown with three PEZ mascots 
in the American colors 
 blue that made us all go crazy.
It should be said that the red and the blue are new 
and the mascots have turned their backs on us.

What does that mean? 
Why can you only see them from behind?
PEZ Candy Inc. certainly deliberately published
 the picture in this way to keep us in suspense.
PEZ you definitely succeeded!
We just have to be patient for a few more days 
and then we'll see the great new mascots. 
We are dying of curiosity! :)
Happy Collecting!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

How about PEZ Beach Towels?

We don't want to be jealous, but our Japanese 
PEZ friends have it really great, 
there are new licensed PEZ products almost every month.

In time for the bathing and beach season, 
ear_papillonner has come up with the licensed 
PEZ Zoo 
bath towel and beach towel series.
With the new bath towels in the PEZ Zoo design,
 the sun is sure to smile at you on the beach.
Pictures from ear_papillonner thank you.
Also in Japan, the tissue box cover, 
there are 6 different PEZdesigns, are hidden in the capsules
 and can be found in the machine to be twisted out.

Thank you Toshihiro for the pictures ;)

Great to see so many licensed PEZ products!
Happy Collecting!

Friday, July 1, 2022

PEZIMALS now available from PEZ Candy Inc.

Finally, the PEZimals are now also available for our 
American PEZ Friends, online from PEZ Candy Inc.
The three lovely PEZ dispenser immediately made our hearts shine:
Ella the Elephant
Milo the Monkey and
Gigi the Giraffe.
The only difference to the European PEZimals range 
ist the card, the dispensers are the same.

We can't say it enough, we love the PEZimals 
and this is where PEZ shpuld definitely expand 
the range and add new dispensers in 2023!
Here you can order yours:
Happy Collecting!


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Available now! New E.T. 40th Anniversary PEZ Gift Set...

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (or simply E.T.) is a 
1982 American science fiction film produced 
and directed by Steven Spielberg. 

The story of Elliott, a boy who meets an alien 
named E.T. stranded on earth made cinema history.

20 years after the film debut, PEZ secured the license rights 
and so the two dispensers, which are a 
mandatory part of our collection, came out 
on the European and American markets in 2002.

For the 40th film anniversary, PEZ Candy Inc. is 
presenting a great E.T. gift box, which you can order here now.  
(USA only release) 
Even if we initially assumed that new molds would 
be produced for this purpose, this unfortunately did not happen. 
Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc. Thank you :)
 The molds from 2002 were reused for this, 
but we still hope that there could be slight color variations. 
But we still have to be patient until we can hold the
 two new mini dispensers in our hands.
Same molds! 2012 regular vs 2022 mini E.T. PEZ dispensers. Thanks for the picture.
   Be that as it may, we look forward to the two new 
E.T. mini dispensers.
 They will definitely find their place alongside 
the two regular E.T. dispensers.
Now available from PEZ Candy Inc. here
Happy Collecting!

Various special E.T. PEZ merch stuff from the past
 1.Spanish hard to find E.T. PEZ Buttons (thanks Kokinopez for the pic.)
2. E.T. Movie advertising poster from Serbia (thanks Mitar for the pic) 
3. European E.T. PEZ sales box
4. USA E.T. PEZ Insert


Friday, June 24, 2022

MUST HAVE! Great licensed PEZ Merch from Austria...

There are fabulous licensed PEZ Merch items again, 
and they are quite impressive.  
We are actually used to the fact that the majority 
of licensed PEZ items only appear in Japan, 
but today we are happy to have great licensed 
PEZ metal signs, 
a cool thermometer 
and a magnet with the well-known 
PEZ vintage advertising faces and 
PEZ ladies from the past, 
now from Austria to see.  
All this is offered online by Deco 50's and you can 
find the online shop here.  
 We have already placed our order, of course, 
a must have and these things are super decorative for our PEZ rooms.
Happy Collecting! 
All pictures from tank you :)

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Miss Smiles & Treats Diva LOL Suprise PEZ dolls are here...

Many thanks to Jessica G, because she is one 
of the lucky ones who found the new mini pez 
lol surprise dolls and provided us with the photos.  
  Jessica also informs us that the girl,  
in red and yellow 
with the blue cap came in the ball. 
 The girl in the pink came in cylinder shaped container
Thanks Jessica G. for all the pictures <3
At least both girls are popular, so they shouldn't 
be too hard to get!.
There are 12 different LOL Dolls in the ball and 
12 different ones in the cylinder. 
You can not get both pez in the ball or in the 
cylinder you have to buy both styles of mystery containers. 
These are mystery balls and cylinders.
The mystery balls and cylinders can also be ordered online here.
 May the hunt for it begin, good luck to you all in your search.
Happy Collecting! 

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Ready for the mini LOL Surprise PEZ doll?...

This will definitely be fun, 
the LOL Surprise mini dolls 
will be released soon 
and the search and swap for 
the mini PEZ LOL doll will open soon. 
 Of course, the mini LOL PEZ doll is interesting 
for us because it comes with 9 PEZ surprises.  
In any case, we are excited to see how this 
will develop and what the PEZ friends from 
the PEZ communites will report us.
More info can be found here.
Happy Collecting!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Crystal PEZ Panda Number 11 from Portugal...

After it had to be canceled last year due 
to the pandemic, the Portugal PEZ Gathering,
 hosted by Luis M, finally took place today.  
With the event we also see the associated 
gathering dispenser, to be more precise 
the crystal glitter PEZ panda number 11.  
Here Luis has opted for a gray stem with a black print, 
and the design, of course, with the famous "P" is really well done. 
 The combination with black and gray looks really nice, 
this is a dispenser that really stands out.  
Check out the Portugal Gathering website for more info. (here)


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Milo, Giggi and Ella from the new PEZimals assortment now available...

We could hardly wait, 
the new PEZimals are now online from PEZ International (Europe). 
 Milo the Monkey, 
Giggi the giraffe 
and Ella the elephant 
will soon find their way directly into our collections. 
 We hope that PEZ will create more great dispensers 
for the PEZimals assortment in 2023 and 
that the series will grow again next year.
Our American PEZ friends still have to be patient for 
the series, but PEZ Candy Inc has already 
announced that it will soon be available in the USA as well.
Happy Collecting! 
Picture PEZ International


Thursday, June 2, 2022

New Stranger Things Gift packs...

We actually love (almost) everything from PEZ, 
but this time we're a little disappointed. 
 Even though PEZ announced something 
new to us for the start of the Stranger Things season, 
it's actually just the same PEZ dispensers in new 
"lifestyle" packaging. (here)
 The Stranger Things Lifestyle gift boxes are now 
available online from PEZ International, 
and the big surprise is that each box only comes 
with one PEZ dispenser. 
The newly designed vintage cola candy packs included
 in the gift set look great, but will not
bring most of us buy the gift sets. 

Too bad PEZ, 
the Stranger Things gift sets will unfortunately
 not lead to the desired success that you might have wished for.
 If you had changed the dispensers in crystal, or at least the stem, 
or introduced a new character, 
we would have ripped the boxes out of your hands. 
Sorry PEZ it turned out so unimaginative this time. 
Happy Collecting!