Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Brand New! Limited Edition Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser....

Great t news PEZ PALZ!  
There's another great surprise for all of us!
A new Limited Edition Bitcoin themed 
PEZ dispenser has just been launched in the USA.  
The world's first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser 
has launched for a limited-edition run of 30,000 units.  
The dispenser is really great and cool.
The white PEZ puck with the orange Bitcoin 
logo on an orange stem, available for $29,99 sold by 
ProSnacktive Sales LCC, Fulifilled by Walmart
can now be ordered 
Available for 29,99 sold by ProSnacktive Sales LCC, Fulifilled by Walmart here
 We love such surprises, a new dispenser that we will soon 
be able to put in our showcases.  
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Exclusive Cool Bunny Easter PEZ Egg now available on

 Now the time has finally come for our 
American PEZ friends too,
 the great new PEZ Exclusive Easter egg 
"Cool Bunny" 
is now available on
Unlike in Europe, where the beautiful egg is offered on card, 
in the USA it is only available in a tube.  
Order now and quickly, limit is 3 pieces per household.  
Happy Collecting!
From 2012 till 2023, all the PEZ Easter eggs.



Thursday, March 16, 2023

New Valentine's and Easter Barky's and Barkina's...

Since 2005, the Barky and Barkina 
PEZ dispensers from Australia have been 
an integral part of many PEZ collections.  
With the dispensers, we also support the animal 
welfare in Australia, 
who take loving care of the animals. 
 Like every year, 
2 new Valentines PEZ dispensers and 
2 mini Easter PEZ dispensers as 
Barky and Barkina have been released this year. 
 These can already be pre-ordered from 
Tina G.(here) and 
Anne J. (here)
Since there are already so many different 
Barky and Barkina variations, 
we have of course adapted our Barky pictorial for you, 
which you can find here.
Happy Collecting!
New 2023 Barky and Barkina Valentines & Easter PEZ dispensers.


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Surprise Surprise! New Limited Edition PEZ Easter Egg is here.....

We had already speculated, 
and now the Easter 
Online special Easter Egg is here, 
and PEZ has come up with something very special.
As PEZ itself writes, 
this year's Easter special egg was produced in a 
particularly complex way. 
The egg, which has the basic color yellow, 
was sprayed in two colors.
And it was done by hand.
The result is a beautiful colour gradient which is a little 
different for each egg.
Then it was printed with a cool
 Easter bunny head.
The new limited edition egg called "Cool Bunny 2023"
 can now be ordered here (Europe).
A great card was produced by PEZ with 
cute graphics especially for the limited edition egg.
As you are used to from us, we have created a new 
PEZ egg pictorial for you, 
with all the PEZ Easter eggs that have been released.

Our American PEZ friends have to be patient
 again, but it's definitely worth the wait.
Happy Collecting!
All the PEZ Easter eggs!


Sunday, March 5, 2023

New PEZ ornaments from Kat and Annie for the holiday season...

While we're all busy hunting for the new 
Easter PEZ dispensers,
Kat and Annie  are already planning ahead and show us the new 
PEZ ornaments for the holiday season.
To our delight, four new licensed PEZ ornaments will be added
 to the Kat and Annie PEZ ornament range later this year.
Pictures from Kat and Annie, thank you :)

Kat and Annie know what we love, 
so this year they're adding the beloved 
Lemon PEZ Candy Mascot, 
Santa Snowglobe, 
Felling Duck, and 
Cherry PEZ Candy as lovely ornaments.
We couldn't resist and have created another 
pictorial for you with all the 
Kat and Annie PEZ ornaments.

If you are missing one or the other ornament in 
your collection, you can still order it directly 
from Kat and Annie (here).

We can't wait and are really looking forward
 to the four new ornaments.
Happy Collecting!


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Here is the Crystal Green Good Luck Care Bear for St. Patrick's Day....

 The rumors were true after all, 
the crystal green Good Luck Care Bear 
has just appeared at PEZ International as a 
St. Patrick's Day dispenser 
and can be purchased here.

With the crystal green Good Luck Bear, 
our Care Bear PEZ Collection now grows 
to a total of 7 Care Bear PEZ dispensers.

Our American PEZ collectors will have to be 
patient a little longer,
they too will soon be able to order 
the dispenser from PEZ Candy Online.
SO PEZ, now all you have to do is show us the
 Online Exclusive Easter Egg.
Happy Collecting!
PEZ Care Bears Collection

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Are two new online exclusive PEZ dispensers on the way? St. Patricks Day and Easter Egg???

PEZ is completely silent on this, 
and even if there is neither a confirmation
 nor a denial from PEZ, we are sure that we 
will be able to see and order two new 
Online Exclusives PEZ dispensers 
in the next few weeks.  
March 17th 
is fast approaching and 
St. Patrick's Day
is celebrated all over the world. 
2021, 2022 St. Patrick's Day PEZ Dispenser, What will we see this year?
 For many years, the PEZ Community 
has wanted a PEZ dispenser for St. Patrick's Day, 
when it was offered exclusively by 
PEZ online for the first time in 2021, 
it was completely sold out in record 
time and in just a few minutes, 
both in Europe and in the USA. 
 Neither PEZ Candy USA nor PEZ International 
expected this huge success. 
 Last year we had a similar scenario, 
we pounced on the dispenser like 
the world was going to end. 
Fist Picture PEZ International (Europe) They definitely didn't expact the huge success! Second Picture from PEZ Candy Inc. USA.
 PEZ is aware that not only are we 
crazy about St. Patrick's dispensers, 
no, they also sell very well.  
So it can't be otherwise than that a new 
St. Patty's dispenser will be 
offered online again this year. 
 Since last year only the dispenser's hat was
 offered in crystal, could it be the case 
this year that the head will be offered in crystal, 
or even as some rumor has it,
a green crystal Care Bear?  
We'll see, it will be there soon, very soon :) 
some love them, some would curse them.  
And yet they are in almost all of the collections. 
We love them and so many others,
 and having offered the Eggs as online 
exclusives from both PEZ Candy USA and PEZ International 
in both 2021 and 2022, 
there will definitely be another 
Online Exclusive Easter Egg 
this year,  
especially since the PEZ egg is 
relatively easy to produce. 
  One thing is clear, the St. Patty's PEZ dispenser
 will come first, and then we'll probably 
be offered the Easter egg. 
 Exciting times are coming, get ready :) 
 Happy Collecting!

Friday, February 24, 2023

For Disney's 100th anniversary, PEZ Candy Inc. is launching 15 new PEZ dispensers...

For 100 years now, 
telling stories has been Disney's passion, 
passed from one generation to the next, 
and holds a special place in our hearts.  
Thank you Disney for the many 
wonderful moments in our lives! 
 The year was 1962 and Eduard Haas III, 
the founder of the PEZ brand, had just 
concluded a contract that was to have 
a decisive influence on the future path of the PEZ brand: 
There was a contract with Walt Disney 
that allowed PEZ to produce the comic books
 that were already popular at the time.  
Figures of the master to use as heads for PEZ dispensers. 
 When the first dispensers with 
Donald and Mickey Mouse hit the shelves 
later that same year, it quickly became clear that 
Haas had the right instincts – 
the new Disney PEZ dispensers were a hit. 
 The partnership between Disney and PEZ has been
 unbroken ever since, and as a result a c
onsiderable number of PEZ Disney dispensers can 
be found in our showcases.  
And we love every single dispenser of it!
 To celebrate
 Disney's 100th anniversary, PEZ Candy Inc. 
is launching this fall
15 new dispensers 
in platinum look with key accent colors. 
We can look forward to three new gift boxes, 
a new twin pack and a giant platinum Mickey. (USA only)
Disney 100 PEZ Gift Tin.
Platinum Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck PEZ Dispenser.

Disney 100 Marvel PEZ Gift Tin
Platinum Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Iron-Man and Black Panther PEZ Dispenser.

Disney 100 Star Wars PEZ Gift Tin.
Platinum R2-D2, Darth Vader, Baby Yoda, and Chewbacca PEZ Dispenser.
Backside of all 3 PEZ Gift Tins

Disney 100 PEZ Twin Pack
Platinum Retro Mickey & Minnie PEZ Dispenser

Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc. Thank you :)
That means for us that we can already 
create a little space by September or
 look around for a new showcase right away. 
 We are looking forward to so many great new Disney 
PEZ dispensers for our collections.  
Happy Collecting!


Thursday, February 23, 2023

The PEZ Pokemon range is expanding...

For us PEZ collectors, 
the focus is increasingly on the Collectors Corner 
in the online shop of PEZ Candy Inc.  
Especially the section
"Upcoming Releases"
where we not only see the 
planned and upcoming PEZ releases, 
we can also be notified as soon as the desired 
article is available online. (here) 
In this section we also discovered the 
new PEZ Pokemon range from PEZ Candy Inc.
and to everyone's surprise a 
new Poke Ball PEZ dispenser is being added 
to the range.
 But not only the ball, 
the two Pikachu PEZ dispensers,
 the Winking and Laughing PEZ Pikachu, 
which are already available in the
 European Pokemon PEZ range, will be available in 
American stores this summer.  
Of course, 
PEZ Candy Inc will also offer two gift sets, 
one with Winking Pikachu and Poke Ball,
 and one with Laughing Pikachu and Poke Ball.
  Too bad the Smiling Pikachu on the green stem, 
which is available in Europe, won't 
be available in the US.  
In order to give you an exact overview 
of which dispensers will appear where, we have 
added the flags from the 
USA and Europe to the dispensers.  
Now we just have to wait until July-August, 
but that will come faster than we thought.  
Happy Collecting! 

Coming Soon! New PEZ Mermaid assortment, with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian...

When Disney takes us under the water in the
 cinemas at the end of May with its 
live-action adaptation of 
The Little Mermaid.
 The new Mermaid PEZ range will be released 
by PEZ to accompany the film.  
The PEZ range consists of a new revised 
Flounder and 
(USA and Euro release)
 Various gift packaging will also be available 
to match the dispensers.  
A twin pack box with Ariel and Flounder will 
appear in the USA and for Europe PEZ International will 
be offering the dispensers in a candy bags and 
also in a twin pack package. 
Left: European PEZ Marmaid Candybag & Twinbox Left: USA Mermaid Twin Pack.
 With the new Ariel, this means that we have prepared 
a new PEZ Princesses pictorial for you to make
 it easier for you to find the new dispensers.  
Now it's time to wait for the three new dispensers,
 they should be available in the stores from April. 
 Happy Collecting!
PEZ Ariel from the past vs. new 2023 Ariel