Monday, September 20, 2021

NEW Marvel Thor PEZ Dispenser now available...

 There is no question that since the first 
PEZ dispenser appeared at the end of the 1970s, 
it has achieved cult status.

It's been a few years since there was a newer version of Thor.
Now we have again a new version 
of Thor that we have to look out for.
As some of our American PEZ collector friends reported, 
the new Thor has already been found in several stores.
We hope that it will also be available soon on

We are pleased to officially confirm that the new 
Thor PEZ dispenser 2022 will also 
join the Marvel range from PEZ International. (Europe)
2022 European Marvel assortment from PEZ International.
Make room in your PEZ showcases, Thor will not be the 
only new dispenser from the Marvel universe!

Now available in the U.S. Marvel assortment
with the new Thor PEZ dispenser

The latest Marvel Blockbuster 
which has been postponed several times, will bring us soon
4 new dispenser with 
SERSI and 

Another Marvel PEZ dispenser in 2022!
 as of March 1, 2022 we can welcome Dr. Strange in our collections.
All of this again, unfortunately, apparently only in the USA.
Happy Collecting!
Left: new 2022 Marvel Dr.Strange Right: 2021 Thor PEZ dispenser.

PEZ Thor over the year's
Left: ca. 1978
M: ca 2011
right: new 2021 Thor
Thank you MoMoPEZ for the pictures :D

Thursday, September 16, 2021

New Game of Thrones GIFT TIN now available...

We have waited so long for the new Game of Thrones gift tin.
And now finally, the new 
Iron Anniversary PEZ Gift Tin is here! (USA only)
Jon Snow
Tyrion Lannister, 
Daenerys Targaryen, 
and the 
Night King. 
Complete with Dragon Fruit flavor PEZ candy refil.
The new dispensers would also fit perfectly in to 
the new lifestyle section, from PEZ International. :)
We can only hope that something will come for the Europeans.
Now available at
Happy Collecting!

Monday, September 13, 2021

PEZ Fun and Games free for download...

Are you looking for some 
fun and games or 
coloring pictures for your next 
children's birthday party?

Or do you want to tinker or play something 
with your children or grandchildren
and all of this linked to our PEZ hobby?

Then we have something wonderful for you, 
the company Haas operates its own PEZ site in 
the Czech Republic and they offer various 
PEZ fun-things for download on their homepage.
The only thing you need is having fun 
and a printer to print out.

We were particularly impressed by the economy cube, 
which can also be stacked as a pyramid, 
which results in many design options, and looks very nice.
But the other pictures would also look 
really good in a picture frame.
Have fun with it! 
And thank you very much PEZ.cs
 for the cool things and the download links.
Let the fun begin!
Happy Collecting!
Free Download here
Free Download here
Free Download here

Free Download here
Free Download here

Free Download here

Free Download here

Pictrues from PEZ Czech Republic Thank you :D

Sunday, September 12, 2021

The new PEZ Trucks are on their way to the stores...

When we saw the three new PEZ trucks 
with the PEZ Mascot, 
the PEZ Girl,
 and the Pez Candy Bricks
 for the first time at the Sweets and Snacks Expo, 
we were all so excited that we wanted them 
to be in our collections right away.  
Now less than 4 months later, 
we are happy to report that some of our 
American PEZ friends have already discovered them in the stores. 
 We are sure that PEZ Candy Inc. (USA only)
will soon be offering the three new trucks in their online store. 
 After a short inspection and technical check, 
we will surely find a suitable place for them in our truck fleet. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2021

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK! PEZ Advent Calendar with an exclusive crystal Christmas Tree dispenser....

 Last year in December, 
we found a picture with a PEZ Advent calendar 
on the Internet. (here)
When we asked PEZ Int. 
we were told that something like this 
was being worked on or in the planning stage, 
and that the photo was unfortunately published too early. 
We didn't let up and after we asked again, 
we were allowed to officially confirm you 10 days ago that the 
will come onto the market this year.
For many years we have been wishing an advent calendar
made by and filled with PEZ dispensers and PEZ candies.
Good things come to those who wait.
Finally a PEZ dream comes true for many of us! 
You will be amazed because the moment is now here, 
we have the first look for you, and we are so overjoyed!
Coming soon, new PEZ Advent Calendar (Euro only)
PEZ Int. has created something fantastic, 
not only that it has become visually beautiful, 
no, there are 
5 PEZ dispensers with play codes, 
17 PEZ candies, 
and two PEZ drops packs hidden in the advent calendar. 
 But the best thing for all of us is that 
of the 5 enclosed PEZ dispensers, 
an exclusive 
crystal Christmas Tree PEZ 
dispenser will be included.
Left: regular Christmas Tree PEZ dispenser,
Right: new crystal Christmas Tree PEZ dispenser (Photoshop)
We love the crystal PEZ dispenser!!
The fact that there 
will be a crystal dispenser from PEZ for 
Halloween (here) and Christmas makes us sooo happy.

 Let's look forward to 24 days where 
PEZ will sweeten our day with a surprise.
The new PEZ jewel will soon be available on 
the European market. 
Happy Collecting!
European Christmas PEZ assortment from PEZ Int. (Euro) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Winnie the Pooh will return to the PEZ line-up...

 For over half a century, 
“Winnie the Pooh” 
has been bringing joy to children around the world. 
The stories about the funny bear 
and his friends still meet the taste of the little ones.
PEZ International knows that too and will bring 
Winnie the Pooh together with his friends Tigger and Eeyore back 
to the European PEZ line up in the 
first quarter of 2022.
Even if it are the same molds again, 
we have to be patient a little longer to see 
whether there are perhaps color variations
 from the earlier appearances.
One thing is certain, however, the PEZ card lovers 
will be delighted as there is a new card for their collection.
Happy Collecting!
Picture: PEZ International GmbH

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Turkish crystal glitter PEZ Panda...

While last year almost all 
European PEZ Gatherings had to be 
canceled due to the pandemic, some successful 
PEZ events have already taken place 
this year in Europe. (Bosnia & Germany).
TurkPEZ Yasin would also like to hold his 
4th Instanbul PEZ Gathering 
in Turkey again.
For him, too, everything depends 
on the course of the pandemic, 
and so he has already started 
organizing everything for 
October 30, 2021.
If everything goes as he imagines, 
then the Turkish collectors 
will come together again in the 
Toy Museum in Istanbul.
We are pleased that TurkPEZ Yasin has 
decided to give us a first look 
at his gathering dispenser.
Limited Edition of 144 pcs. made by PEZ International for the Turkish PEZ Gathering.
Thank you Yasin for the pictrues <3

The crystal glitter panda comes 
on a golden stem with a cool red print.
We also have good news for all 
collectors of the convention PEZ dispensers, 
a small number of Absentee packages 
are being offered.
For this purpose, please contact
 TurkPEZ Yasin directly on Facebook.
Happy Collecting!
Official Turkish Gathering PEZ dispensers made by PEZ Int. Pictures from

Monday, September 6, 2021

European Halloween PEZ assortment now available at the ACTION Stores...

 The PEZ Halloween assortment from PEZ International 
is now available in Europe at the ACTION Stores.
Let's look forward to adding the new Eddi the Vampire to our collections.
Happy Collecting.
Picture from ACTION

Friday, September 3, 2021

Now available: new Money Heist PEZ dispensers....

The two new Money Heist PEZ dispensers and 
the new golden candy packs are now 
available to order online from PEZ International. (Europe)

As already mentioned PEZ Candy Inc. will also have the two 
dispensers available in the American online shop in the near future.
Happy Collecting!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

FIRST LOOK: The two new Money Heist PEZ info about the USA release...

For a few days we have kept you up to date several times,
 now the time has finally come!
We have just received the official pictures of the two new 
Money Heist PEZ dispensers/La Casa de Papel
PEZ dispensers!
And WOW we are so excited!

Many enthusiastic fans are 
already waiting for the beginning 
of the 5th season which will premiere 
on Netflix tomorrow September 3rd.
The series about a raid on the Spanish National Bank,
 where the robbers wear masks by the Spanish artist, 
Salvador Dali, was according to Netflix, 
at times the most internationally-watched  
non-English-language series on Netflix.
In time for the new season, PEZ International 
make us happy with two new Dali dispensers.
The new Dali dispenser will come in a regular, 
and one with a crystal hood version.
The new golden candy packs (Cherry flavour)
not only look fantastic, 
they also perfectly match the theme of the series 
and remind us of gold bars.
The two new dispensers will be available 
online from PEZ International (Europe)
 from tomorrow. (here)
PEZ International says: 
Money Heist 
is the first in the new PEZ lifestyle line 
targeting adults and picking up on
 topical themes with cult potential. 
“Our aim here is also to pay tribute to PEZ’s large
 existing adult fan community,” 
says marketing manager Gabriele Hofinger.
You can find the original Press release here
Pictures: from PEZ International AG La Casa de Papel: TM/© Netflix
But we also have great news for our 
American PEZ friends, the two new dispensers will also 
be offered (at a later date) by PEZ Candy Inc. 
in their online shop.
The only difference will be the slightly different card design, 
and in the USA the dispensers will be shipped 
with Cherry wrapped PEZ Candies.
Now we just have to wait until tomorrow 
so that we can finally order the dispensers.
Happy Collecting!
Regular and crystal hood version.