Monday, April 12, 2021

First Look: Close-up picture of the new Dragon Fruit flavored PEZ Candy (Game of Thrones)

When the first official photos of the new 
PEZ Game of Thrones gift tin (USA only)
were published last week here
we all freaked out not only because of the new dispensers,
Also the fact that new 
Dragon Fruit flavored PEZ candies 
will come with the tin made our collectors' hearts beats speedier.
Unfortunately the new Dragon Fruit flavored PEZ Candies 
where not completely and clearly visible in the first pictures.
Of course we and the many PEZ candies collectors wanted to see more!
Curiosity made us to ask PEZ Candy Inc. for a picture
"et voilà"
Here we go, we have a close up picture of the new
Dragon Fruit PEZ Candies now for you.
Game of Thrones PEZ gift tin, thank you PEZ Candy Inc. for the pictures.
Now we have to wait until the beginning of September 
for the new GOT git tin, 
but with many more PEZ news until then 
we will get through this together. :)
  Happy Collecting!
Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit is a fruit in the family Cactaceae. It is cultivated in Southeast Asia, India, United States, the Caribbean, Australia, Mesoamerica and throughout tropical and subtropical world regions.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: The extremely rare Al Kabli PEZ Puck from Saudi Arabia...

In the age of social media, we are used to seeing, 
sharing or posting the latest PEZ releases
even before they are published.  
But not in this case!
Just by coincidence we discovered something 
and you will not believe it, 
as the dispenser is almost 5 years old!
The entire PEZ community did not know about it.
But let's start slowly and from scratch:
Perhaps you still remember,
in September last year we exclusively reported (here)
that PEZ International, at the request of the 
Al Kabli company for Saudi Arabia, 
offered the sweet PEZ lamb on two special created cards 
for the Eid Ad'ha Mubarak festival of Sacrifice.
While looking for the two lambs for our personal collection, 
we got in touch with our friends in Saudi Arabia 
and to our surprise we saw a dispenser that was not known yet.
The Al Kabli company sells and imports PEZ for Saudi Arabia. 
In 2016 they celebrated their 50th anniversary 
and for this special occasion PEZ International 
has manufactured a super limited PEZ puck.
 The super rare and limited number of 
2000 pieces PEZ puck 
is on a green stem and has the company logo, 
the year of foundation and the 50th anniversary printed on it. 
A special card was issued for this purpose, 
also bearing the company logo and the 
signature of the company owner Dr. Kabli.
Because of the difficult purchase and the rarity,
 it could well be that the advertising dispenser will be 
guided maybe by the price level of the 
Hard Rock PEZ pucks.  
Even if the dispenser will unfortunately not find its way 
into the many collector's collections, 
it was still clear to us that we absolutely 
had to introduce the dispenser to you.
Happy Collecting!

some harder to get PEZ promo advertising pucks from the past.
Thank you for the pictures! 

Friday, April 9, 2021

First Look: New licensed PEZ Shopping Bags from Japan...

This year, we've already seen some great licensed 
PEZ merchandise items from Japan. 
DAISO has a wide variety of products with the popular 
PEZ brands in its range and the Japanese love and 
diligently share all these products in their social media accounts.
 Now we are able to introduce you to something new again
 and we are pleased to be able to give you a first look at it. 
6 small new licensed PEZ shopping bags will also only be 
available in Japan from April 16th. 
The cute shopping bags with the dimensions
 of approx. 330mm x 150mm, 
packed in a capsule, will only be available in the vending machines 
at a price of 300 yen. 
For this reason, you only know afterwards which
 bag you have received. 
It will definitely be very difficult to get hold of a complete set - 
it will take a lot of coins here.
Thank you Toshihiro for the hint ;)
Happy Collecting!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Game of Thrones, The Office and a Full Body Santa Ornament PEZ...

When the autumn and Christmas presentations from 
Candy Industry were presented yesterday, 
of course PEZ with its new releases could not be missing.  
And OMG!  
PEZ opens all the hit cannons! 
 A dream will come true for many of us, 
the second half of the year will be terrific for us collectors! 
Game of Thrones, 
often abbreviated to GoT, 
is an American fantasy television series for the 
US cable broadcaster HBO.  
The series consists of a total of eight seasons,
 the first broadcast on April 17, 2011 on HBO achieved 
cult status in the shortest possible time, 
broke all records in the audience ratings
 and won pretty much all television awards. 
Game of Thromes Gift Set marking 10 years 
since the debut of HBO's titan,
 long awaited by many of us, PEZ will finally start 
with the Game of Thrones Gift Tin in September! 
 The new GOT gift set feautures four dispenser depicting 
Jon Snow, 
Tyrion Lannister, 
Daenerys Targaryen 
and the 
Night King.  
Each set includes PEZ's new Dragon Fruit flavor candy.
The Office
 is an American comedy sitcom with a total of 201 episodes. 
 In 2018, the original version of The Office was the most streamed 
program on Netflix streaming platform.
  In 2016, Rolling Stone named The Office one of the 
100 greatest television shows of all time. 
Also in Septmeber PEZ Candy Inc. will bring the briefcase-shaped gift tin, 
with some of the NBC sitcom's iconic characters:
Michael Scott,
Dwight Schrute,
Jim Halpert and
Pam Beesly.
The Christmas season will bring us back the 
popular Christmas ornaments.
The new ornaments consist of Santa Claus, which was 
introduced last year, now as a mini dispenser and 
the snowman now also as a mini dispenser.

The return of the full body Santa!
Apparently inspired by the original full body Santa from the 50s.

The Limited Edition full-body Santa Ornament is packed in a 
lovely designed christmas gift box.
A tag for hanging and “to” and “from” spaces 
is perfect as a Christmas present.
That means for us that we still have to wait a little longer,
 but the anticipation is the greatest joy.
All that sadly only for the USA.
: D
Happy Collecting!
Pictures from PEZ Candy Inc. Thank you :)