Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Walmart Exclusive M2 Machines PEZ themed vehicles...

Today M2 Machines made an official announcement about the
new PEZ themed vehicles that have just been released.
The Walmart Exclusive collection will be hitting
Walmart stores all over the USA soon.
We are sure the Chase and Super Chase Version will be hard to find.
Good luck to everyone!

Here is the official announcment from M2 Machines....

Slowly creeping onto Walmart shelves around the country is our latest Walmart Exclusive collection - themed fully around the PEZ brand.
Though we have been  partnering with
PEZ for some time now,
this is the first all PEZ collection of single
1:64th scale vehicles released to date.
Just like other Walmart Exclusive sets you will see a standard
6 vehicles
2 chase pieces 
and 1 super chase
piece making the collection 
a 9 piece variation set.
You will see this collection as well as other Walmart Exclusive c
ollections making their way onto shelves around the country now.

6 standard vehicles:

2 CHASE vehicles, limited to 750 Pieces worlwide:

SUPER CHASE, limited to 250 Pieces worlwide:

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2019 Halloween Barky and Barkina PEZ...

It's that time again, the first picture of the new
2019 Halloween Barky and Barkina PEZ is here!
After we got the Barkys on the mini stem last year for Halloween,
 they are back in regular size this year.
The 2019 Halloween Barky & Barkina PEZ from Australia with
skeletons (custom) print on the stems, are limited edition sets of 200 pieces.

If you want to order this set,
you can do so under the following two links:
from TINA (USA) here
from ANN (Canada) here

Do not forget about our Barky Brown pictorial, you can find it HERE

Happy Collecting!

Monday, September 9, 2019

The Big E "Rhode Island" puck dispenser is here...

Alright PEZ PALZ…
as announced yesterday, today is the day!

Although the doors to the Big E exposition will not open until 
the 13th of September, PEZ Candy Inc. 
has alredy today given us a first look 
at this year's special dispenser.

After having Connecticut (in 2017) and Massachusetts (in 2018) 
dispensers in the past, this time we will get a 
"Rhode Island"
puck dispenser.
The look of the puck has remained – 
the yellow PEZ candy mascot with the outline 
of the named state, on a blue stem again.
As in previous years, the price for the dispenser will be $9
(purchasable quantity is limited to 6 pcs. per person).
The T-Shirt costs $21, but it will also be available a bundle
for $25 (1 dispenser plus 1 T-Shirt).
The dispenser is limited to 1000 pieces 
and will only be available at the Big E Exposition
at the Connecticut Building from September 13 to September 29,  
in West Springfield.
We are pleased to see, that PEZ Candy Inc. stayed faithful to tradition
and that it is another puck in the row.

Hopefully you feel the same way ;)
Happy Collecting!

For more info, please visit THE BIG E

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Big E is almost here...

Only a few days left until this year’s 
Big E 
exposition opens the doors. 
As in the years before, PEZ will again be represented 
with a sales stall this year. 
The past three years PEZ Candy Inc. made a special 
limited puck dispenser. 
Recently they announced on their twitter account that there is 
going to be a new special dispenser for this year too. 
We wonder if PEZ Candy Inc. will be faithful to tradition and bring 
another puck dispenser out 
or if they will surprise us with something totally different. 
Anyway, just one night to bridge and 
we will know it. 
So stay tuned...

For more info please visit THE BIG E

Saturday, September 7, 2019

The renewal of the Ladybug PEZ dispenser....

Have you already heard, 
the Ladybug 
PEZ dispenser is going to be renewed.

Fans and collectors will have the opportunity to vote on 
several design elements and to 
help shape the new dispenser.

The final version will be available exclusively at 
their online shop in December.
We love this idea and we can‘t wait 
to see how the new ladybug will turn out.
Stay excited!...

Pictures: and
Thank you :D

Friday, August 23, 2019

VIP is here with a big surprise...

I have not been very active on the blog lately because, as many of you know I am together with Willi and Yasin one of the 3 hosts of the VIP PEZ Gathering.

Over the past year we have been working hard to put the VIP2 gathering together and we are very proud and happy that after a very long time of  4 years of waiting we can kick off our second gathering as the biggest event in European PEZ gathering history with almost 130 PEZ heads representing 19 different countries. 

It was very interesting to hear what our guests have expected or wished, as our gathering dispenser to be and it was totally easy and clear. Everyone named the bride as first to be added in their collections. 

We kept our dispenser as a big secret till the last minute and finally the day has arrived to unveil a very special Girl. It is a wonderful clear crystal bride with red crystal hair and now our groom is not alone anymore.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

New Lion King Double Cards found at Burlington & Tuesday Morning

Big Thank You to Mark G and Larry Mason for sending us pictures of the new Lion King double cards found at Burlington and Tuesday Morning! 

Burlington Version

Tuesday Morning Version
Check out our list of double cards HERE

Friday, August 16, 2019

Stranger Things found at Burlington

 BIG Thank You to Mark G. for sending pictures of the Stranger things double cards.  Mark found them at Burlington in Arizona. Eleven, Mike on one card and Dustin and Lucas on the other.
Happy Hunting!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Variation Alert- Hamm from the Toy Story 4 PEZ assortment...

Back in April we reported about the PEZ Toy Story 4 
assortment and that the characters release in 
Europe will vary from country to country. 

Variation collectors will be pleased to hear 
that Christian P. was lucky to find a new color 
variation of the Toy Story Hamm. 
The new Hamm has a noticeably brighter pink head.

Thank you Christian for the information and the pictures. 
The hunt for the pinky piggy can start ;)

Saturday, July 6, 2019

NEW PEZ Polyester Pencil Cases...

As I'm aways looking for PEZ news, 
I recently discovered something great from Japan. 
We saw a lot of fantastic licensed staff from Japan in 
the past and soon we can extend our collections 
with some other stunning special features. 

More and more people around the globe are 
completely under the spell of the trendy surprise-collecting fever. 

Many of us were crazy about the tiny PEZ dispensers 
and candy pack from the ZURU Balls and in the near future we will be
 happy with the PEZ LOL surprise dolls, 
but even before that, in approximately ten days, 
our Japanese friends can look forward to 
new licensed PEZ polyester pencil cases. 

There will be five different pencil cases hidden in a 
plastic capsule with circa 7 centimeters in diameter. 
All pencil cases are artful and colorful and with different designs. 

We hope our Japanese friends will be so kind
 to help us to get them!
Stay tuned PazPalz, to be continued...
Coming very soon, five new PEZ pencil cases from Japan