Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New to the Shopkins PEZ assortment, Cheeky Chocolate is now available...

How great, another new PEZ dispenser that we need to look for!
Earlier than we have expected, the new Cheeky Chocolate dispenser from the PEZ Shopkins assortment is available to order from PEZ.com
Cheeky Chocolate is the fifth dispenser added to the USA assortment joining
Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss, and Cupcake Queen. 
We are wondering if Cheeky Chocolate or Cupcake Queen will be added to the 
PEZ International Line up for Europe in 2019!

FIRST LOOK: new PEZ-moji Twinpack now exclusively available at the PEZ webshop...

PEZ International has been teasing us for some weeks
with a new moji twinpack, and finally today we can see that
the PEZ Poop dispenser has its first debut to Europe.

The new Emoji Twin pack with the brown
POOP PEZ and the LOL'ing PEZ
dispenser will only be available exclusively in
their webshop PEZ.at
We would only wish that the dispensers were more special or in crystal! :)
Happy Collecting.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

New Mickey 90th PEZ Twin double card from Burlington...PLUS OUR NEW BURLINGTON PICTORIAL

We are big fans of the PEZ double cards!
Today we are happy to report, another new double card with the new 
Mickey 90th celebration 
dispensers with Mickey and Minnie has been found again 
at the Burlington stores across the USA. 
The list with all the double cards is getting longer and longer, 
that's why we have decided for a updated pictorial.
We really hope our pictorial can help you to find the missing ones.
Now it's time to hop over to Burlington Coat Factory and 
to add these lovely double card to our Collections. :)
Happy Hunting!
Thank you Ryan O. for the picture :)
Huge thank you to our dear Jessica O for all the hq pictures! <3

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Barkina PEZ to help animals affected by Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has hit the Carolina's hard. 
Not only humans are victims of the storm, but pets that were left behind are also victims. The images are heartbreaking. Thank you to all the heroes that are out rescuing the animals that could not escape the hurricane.  

Tracy from Poor Paws in Australia will be releasing a Barkina dispenser to help raise money for the animal victims of the storm. 
If you would like to purchase a Barkina to help please contact the lovely 
Tina G. at tina@snowcrest.com

Again Thank You to all the Heroes!

Photos: Fox News

Photo: Business Insider

Photo: WSJ.com

2018 Halloween PEZ Barky's SOS Save our Strays!

Many of you know that we PEZ PALZ are huge fans of the PEZ Barky collection!
We are happy to share with you the first pictures of the 2018 Halloween set.
Poor Paws is a organization based in Australia that helps many animals through rescue and rehabilitation. 
The money raised from the sales of Barky's goes to help 
all their efforts a very good cause!
You can visit them on the web at 

2018 Halloween Barky Set
Checkout momopez.com the #1 photo PEZ Database!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

PEZ on the River October 11th - October 13th

Hi Pez Palz! It is already October and this weekend is the 
5th Annual 
"The Family Reunion"
Join Hosts Sandy & Cheryl Gardner-Ghionzoli
October 11,12 & 13, 2018
for more info, please visit:
Some of the prizes have been announced on the official Facebook Page for the Convention and it looks like some great stuff, so we thought we would share a few pictures with you!
 Along with all the fun Sandy and Cheryl always put on a great charity auction so there will be many more items to support 
We wish you all a great time :)

Funko POP PEZ with custom print only 6 made

POTR is hosted at-
Express Suites Riverport Conference and Event Center
900 Bruski Dr, Winona, Minnesota 55987

Saturday, October 6, 2018

EXCLUSIVE FIRST REVEAL!! Full PEZ Party Mode in the UK!!

Kelle's PEZ gathering is in full swing, and today is the day we will all for the first time see Kelle's official LOL'ing commemorative PEZ.
Now, we must say that Kelle had a unique very creative stem design in 2016 it was like no other design we have ever seen before for a gathering PEZ, and this time we must say she totally out did herself with this years design!
This years stem features a floral design and WOW!
You're AWESOME Kelle :) 

UK Party People!!
Special Thanks to Kelle and everyone who helped to create 
a wonderful gathering in Norwich.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Exclusive FIRST LOOK: Two new PEZ Footballs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

OH YES PEZpalz, 

We reported a few days ago, and now finally we can let the cat out of the bag! Today we are happy to show you the two new footballs which are available in Bosnia & Herzegovina now.

Both new Footballs present old-established football clubs from Sarajevo 
FK Sarajevo (since 1946) and FK Zeljeznicar
 Sarajevo (since 1921) 
We have heard 15,000 pieces are made of each of one! 
Each one comes on a black stem with the year which they were established printed on the stem.

Hopefully we all will be able to add them soon to our Collection.
Happy Collecting! 

Photo: Instagram

Bosnia & HerzegoVina

Happy Collecting :) 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

EXCLUSIVE! We'll let you in on a PEZ secret!

Alright PezPalz, 
It's time to kick off with a new post :D
A few weeks ago we reported about a
from Austria! which is coming soon! 
We are still waiting to learn about the details 
but we have another great secret to share with you :)
But psssst don't tell anyone ;)

Our PEZ sports Collection will grow very soon with 

This time and for the very first time, we will see two different 
Football Clubs from a Balkan country! (former Yugoslavia)
 Both dispensers, made by PEZ International will have a
printed club logo on the ball, 
both will be on black stems, 
with a print of the year founding on the stems.

Stay tuned PezPalz, we will see and share them very soon with you! ;)

2nd UK PEZ Gathering, Kelle Blyth - the Queen of PEZ from UK in our Interview

Hey PezPalz

It’s not a secret, Krissy and I are big fans of Kelle, of her creativity, her love for PEZ, and the way how she create the PEZ-fun.

Kelle put again so much work and love into the organization for the 2nd UK PEZ Gathering, 
and we are sure the gathering will be a big success again.

We are very happy to have Kelle the

Queen of PEZ from the UK

here for a interview, just few days before the gathering will start.
Hope you all enjoy it the way we do.

First of all congratulations on the birth of your third daughter Brodie Rose! 
How are you these days?

Kelle: Tired! Haha. She fits in with our family perfectly and is very content, which makes everything so much easier. Im very happy.

Everyone is wondering where you get all the energy to organize a PEZ Gathering of this size with two little girls and a new Baby?

Kelle: I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy and I still have a lot to do. Thankfully, Brodie sleeps a lot so I can do bits and pieces whilst she is asleep and whilst my other girls are at school. It will be nice to have a rest once it is all over though.

Is your family and friends helping you with the gathering this year?

Kelle: My family and friends are helping as much as they can and a few will be helping to run things on the main day too. My husband, Daryl, has been great and he hasn’t got too angry yet with PEZ stuff everywhere in the house!

Your first gathering two years ago was a major success, are you wanting to top the first gathering? Do you feel like you need to maintain a level of pressure?

Kelle: I was very happy with how the 1st Gathering went, back in 2016, but of course I’d like this one to be bigger and better. We have people coming from 11 countries, so that and the fact this one is on for 3 days adds a lot of pressure. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Has there been anything that you were not completely satisfied with at the first gathering, and would like to do it differently this time?

Kelle: I think I was just so busy on the actual day, that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it as much as I could have done. I didn’t even have time to look at all of the dealer tables properly. This time, I think I need to relax more and just have a good time with new and old PEZ friends.

What can we expect each other this year, what is in the program? Is there something you would have liked to do, but in the end it dod not work out?

Kelle: This year, on the days leading up to the main day we have some fun tours and a bowling party booked, along with room hopping at the hotel and some PEZzy games. On Saturday 6th, people will get the chance to buy and sell PEZ, join in with fun PEZ games and we also have a charity auction planned. There’s always things that I would have liked to do, but hopefully I can do those in 2020, so for now I’m keeping them a secret! 

Your gathering is designed as a family event, free entry for the whole family, except the social media accounts, how did you promote your event in Norwich? What will be there for families with children?

Kelle: As I have children of my own, I wanted to create an event that didn’t just appeal to adults, but kids too. Seeing children’s faces when they see all the PEZ is priceless and I know that we created a lot of new collectors at our last Gathering. We will have a kids corner at the Gathering where they can colour and do fun stuff alongside having the chance to buy and trade PEZ. We will also have games that they can participate in.
Apart from promoting the event on social media, I have also postered and flyered in Norwich and the surrounding areas and done displays to entice people. During the week, if all goes to plan, we’ll also be on the radio and in the newspapers also.

Was there any reason to postpone your gathering in London?

Kelle: I would have loved to host the Gathering in London, but I felt that as I lived quite far away, it would be really difficult to organize everything easily and to budget. Everything costs more in London too. It’s been very time consuming having to travel to and from Norwich to sort things, so I can’t imagine the stress of trying to do that in London. Maybe one day though; Never say never!

You're a very creative person your custom PEZ dispenser Grenadier Guard you designed for the first gathering is one of our all time favorites, will there be something similar again this year?

Kelle: I would have loved to make another fantasy PEZ for the Gathering this year and I do actually have a design for what I’d like to make, but I have to get permission from PEZ before I can make any, and I’m still waiting for the all clear. Hopefully I will know before the Gathering takes place.

Custom made PEZ Grenadier Guard from 2016
In 2016 you had one of the most creative stems of the gathering dispensers but we are convinced also this year you will bring something great out of the magic box, right? We are looking forward to the big surprise!

Kelle: I really hope everyone likes this years dispenser. We love it!
You will have to wait until the grand unveiling on the 6th October to see the design though ;) 
First official made by PEZ Int. UK PEZ Gathering "Lovey"
Thanks to momopez.com/ for the Picture.

Your second gathering is coming very soon are you nervous?
How much is left on your to-do list?

Kelle: I am more stressed than nervous. Things have not been going to plan recently and I’m having to do double the amount of work to get things sorted. I’m sure it’ll all come together in the end though. I still have a lot to do, so I’m sure a couple of all nighters are in order!

We love your logo for the gathering!

The pins, the T-Shirts you already have posted on your social media accounts look amazing to us, who designed the logo?

Kelle: I’m very lucky to have a graphic designer and illustrator as a husband!

I draw (a really bad) picture of how I’d like things to look and then Daryl uses his magic and creates brilliant pieces of art! 

Will your husband Daryl play with his band at the gathering ???

Kelle: This year we decided to not have a live band and instead play recorded music that is performed by PEZ Collectors from around the world.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about the preparations for your gathering?

Kelle: I don’t want to give too much away as I want a lot of things left as surprises for the attendees. This year we are having Swag Swap and also Secret Swap, so I’ve been busy preparing everything for them. I’ve just finished making the swag swap pin badges for everyone!

At the end with your family life, and all the work on the gathering, is there still time for you personally to collect PEZ, are you up to date on new releases? Or will you then strike at the gathering?

Kelle: I am sooooo behind on current PEZ. I’ve been picking them up as and when I see them though, but unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time to go on a hunt for them.

I have bought a few pieces from eBay recently though.
I’ll definitely have a list of ones I’m looking for at the Gathering.

From Pez Palz, we thank Kelle for the Interview <3 :)
Kelle & Family :) 

For more info about the 2nd UK PEZ gathering, please visit: