Tuesday, August 26, 2014

lot of rare Test & Convention PEZ Dispenser now on German Ebay...

Ebay Seller Markus Schatzkiste offered now on Ebay germany
some great test and limited Convention PEZ Dispensers.
(some of them are here on the pictures)

If you have some money left :D then check Ebay.de



Monday, August 25, 2014

FIRST LOOK on the very cool STEEL CITY PEZ GATHERING Dispenser!

we are very happy to give you the exclusive first look
of the new very cool
STEEL CITY 2014 Gathering Dispenser.
Debra Hanna did the artwork
and Barb Moore Smerkar & Rich Smerkar did the
custom painting on this great dispensers.
The Dispenser is very special because its a Mood PEZ,
he have a Thermal Sensitive sticker on them that 
reacts with body temperature and changes color.


If you a have a chance to be a part of this great convention, visit them and register now.
Steel City Gathering is also on Facebook
like the Site now, and get all the newest Information.

Sorry there are no absentee packets for the gathering.
Thank you Brant & Punky for this great pictures

Sunday, August 24, 2014

back again from holidays... :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy first anniversary PEZBURU...check out his youtube channel...

We need to say HaPpY
first anniversary 
to PEZBURU with his great youtube channel... CONGRATS IGOR! 

Check out his latest clip...a wonderful self created paper Pez Dispenser...

Here is also the dowload link for the paper Pez Dispenser

Like Pezburu's Facebook page, and check out all coming new videos :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hi Guys, we are not dead!

Hi Pez Palz!! 
One of us is on Holiday & the other is a new mommy, so Pez have been on the back burner for the moment, but never fear we will be back soon with the best new info & giveaways soon! 
X. Ghosty & Kristian 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

REPORT from the Slovenian 2014 PEZ Convention... & Ivan`s wonderful PEZ Museum

 as promised, here is my report about the 6th Slovenian PEZ Convention.
it´s my 5th time to be on Ivan´s Convention and everyone who was in the past there knows how his family helped Ivan to make this event special and nice
(we need to say here a big THNAK YOU to Ivan and his family).
after 5h drive from Vienna to Ivans house we (Momo, my wife Vesna and me)
arrived on friday in the evening, where he and Brain (a nice US collector) waited for us
with good Slovenian wine.
as I heard about his new museum I was very exited to see it finaly
(you will see the pictures later).
after visiting his amazing museum we needed a glass of wine to came down :)
we left soon to rest before the convention on next day.
saturday was the big convention day.
we came around 11 am to Ivan and the other collectoros started showing up soon.

Ivan's guests came from Slovenia, Croatia, Norway, Italy, Austria and as mentioned from USA.
what a great place for a Pez Convention.

after a welcome drink, we started to prepare our selling tables
which looks like a market place and the hunt began:)
there was a lot of cool stuff,
a Finn Convention Santa, a Finn Polar bear, a non complete make a face dispenser,
some of US Convention Dispensers, PEZ Bags, Viktors, Ferdinands and much more...
Everyone found some great new & old stuff,
we sold and traded a lot.
selling, trading, and PEZ talks :)
after the first selling and trading action we took a great barbecue, 
to get stronger for the next part, a baskettball game.
Who shoots the most hoops wins.
Martina's 16 years old nephew won a very special test hippo (kooky zoo).
we had a drinks & coffee break before the bingo started.
the money he got for the bingo tickets Ivan will donate to a children hospital.

everyone who alredy has been there once knows how special and wonderful dispensers are possible to be won at Ivan's bingo!
Unfortunately I was the loser :)
10 Bingo price-boxes (not all in picture) full of great PEZ stuff, my favorites are box Nr: 7,8,9,10
Thor (from Norway) and his family were the winner of this game,
5 family members and 5 prizes :)

the day was almost over and before leaving everyone wanted to see Ivan's museum.
we got the chance to see some realy beautyful and impressive dispenser
he put a lot of time, effort & money to build this museum and even though
 he has not finished it yet, it is great and has to be seen.
the collectors started leaving and at the end Brain, Momo, Vesna and I were left
Ivan appears with a new jug of wine and funny pezy-talks began.
it was time to say good bye and at midnight also the rest of us left
and enabled Ivan to fall asleep.
it was a realy funny & great day
a kind get-togehter and possibility to meet new and old pez friends. 

click here to see the 6
2014 Slovenian Convention dispenser

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cruspi dispenser is gone for $ 382 USD on Ebay...

most of you know the story about the cruspi dispenser
we reported first here on our blog, and we had here a great contest with Pam Z as winner of the dispenser.
now minutes ago, the listing ended on ebay for a cruspi dispenser and
he is gone for $ 382 USD
congrats to the winner of this nice and limited to 1000pcs. dispenser.

Sunday, August 3, 2014