Saturday, June 30, 2018

Marvel's ANT-MAN AND THE WASP + PEZ Hello Kitty scene

We first saw the clips from the movie
featuring a giant Hello Kitty back in February 2018.

The new movie will be in theaters July 6th, 2018.
When we saw the stage set for a press conference about the new movie we were so happy to see the giant hello kitty PEZ on stage. Kitty also made an appearance on the red carpet!!
Oh WOW!!
How many of us would love to have her in our PEZ rooms!! 

Marvel Line up

Watch the full press conference below. 
Shout out to Superhero News on Youtube for sharing the video.

You can watch the movie trailer below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

FIRST LOOK: purple crystal PEZ LOLing from Croatia...

There is certainly enough time till the first ever Croatian PEZ Gathering,  
September 15, 2018 in Cakovec, 
but it's never to early to start planning on 
your next PEZ gathering :D
Cakovec a small nice city in Croatia.
It can easily be reached by car and it is very close to 
Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

We have heard that Martina N. is working on 
the details for the gathering and 
that the Agenda will be published soon.

Friday September 14th 2018
is reserved for the Tours, Martina is trying to organize 
a trip to the very famous and beautiful 
Croatian National Park "Plitvice Lakes".

Saturday September 15th 

will be the Gathering day, 
a newly built hotel is found
and everything else will be prepared for the PEZ fun.

More info about the hotel, the gathering or in case 
you are only interested in an absentee package (limited quantity), 
then you must 
join Martina's Fb-group, witch can be found here:
FB-PEZ Croatia Gathering

So here we go...
the first ever official PEZ Gathering dispenser from Croatia
and we are very proud to share it with you here. ;)
Crystal PEZ Gathering dispenser - LOLing from Croatia, limited Edition to 142pcs.

More Info can be found here:FB-PEZ Croatia Gathering 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Poop PEZ will join the Emoji assortment and they will be so poop-tacular!

I was never a fan of poop themed toys but with the two boys on my side, 
I have learned to accept and to love some things :)
Two years ago Summer 2016,   
my family and I on vaciation in Rimini - Italy
and my boys full in love with poop plush cushions.
no we don't need them were my first words back then, 
but they did not give up, my wife gave me a push 
and at the end they both had their poop cushions. 
...yes, how super daddies just are :)
New poop PEZ dispensers are coming in July to the stores (for now USA only)
Pictures from: PEZ Candy Inc.
With the popularity of the poop emoji, kids around the world love 
and want to have poop based toys and stuff.

But do we really need 
a brown and a rainbow poop PEZ?
Oh Sh*t! ;)
PEZ did great bringing them into the stores because 
they are funny, fancy, sooo trendy and 
loved by so many kids.
They will be for sure super POOP-ULAR!
It was reported that we will see a new crystal LOLing and Happy
emoji PEZ but sadly we need to say, 

PEZ changed their mind and we will get just the normal ones.
PEZ, if you read this... 
we are waiting on Minecraft and Five nights at Freddy's 
PEZ dispensers as next 
just because cool daddies want to buy them for their kids!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Thomas the Train PEZ from BrushBuddies...

the new Thomas the Train 
PEZ Poppin Toothbrush from BrushBuddies 
will come to the stores (USA only) this July
and will be available 
to preorder at 
New Thomas the Train PEZ Poppin, pictures from
BrushBuddies is running a Giveway on their Instagram channel,
try your luck and maybe you can be the first one to own the 
new PEZ Poppin Thomas.
Check out how you can enter to win here:

We are happy to add the new Thomas the Train Poppin next to our 
Peppa Pig and Emoji toothbrushes.
Happy Collecting!

Official Portugal gathering happening now + 2018 Portugal PEZ

Today is a great day in Portugal!
The 5th Portugal PEZ gathering hosted by Luís has begun!
We know that Luis always throws a great PEZ party with
fun games, great people, plus all the PEZ trading and selling.
We are so happy to share the official PEZ created to 
commemorate each gathering.
We are so excited to share the official 

new LOL'ing purple crystal from Portugal.
Limited Edition to 136 pcs.
Portugal 2018

L to R: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

The purple crystal PEZ LoL'ing from Finland

The day is finally here...
Many of our collector friends are having a spectacular PEZ day in Finland.
The 11th Finn Pez hosted by Pirkka and Markku in Helsinki, Finland.
We know for sure that everyone is having a splendid time trading, selling and buying plus playing all kinds of fun PEZ games.
We are so happy to share the official PEZ created to commemorate the gathering.
Here is the official PEZ created for the 11th Finn convention.
Here is the crystal Lol'ing for Finn Pez, limited to 137pcs. only!

Finn Pez

Finn PEZ 2018


Big shout out to Pirkka and Markku what a great Idea! :D
The print on the stem is like a geocache, a treasure hunt for the attendees, for limited time and only for the attendees of the FinnPEZ 2018.

L to R: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Weekend of the crystal purple PEZ Gathering lol'ings

Hi Pezpalz, 
great news coming for all the 
convention/gathering pez collectors!
The Finnpezbros Pirkka and Markku will hold their 
11th Finnpez in Helsinki, 
and Luís is also hosting the 
5th Portugal PEZ Gathering in Castelo Branco tomorrow. 
For us that means 
we will see two new crystal purple lol'ings tomorrow,
which have been made by PEZ International.
But that's not all :)
Another surprise is coming and it looks like as 
it's going to be a purple lol'ing weekend. 
Martina from Croatia has decided to unveil her gathering dispenser 
on Sunday too.
Enough for now?
Maybe you can remember, we reported about a purple surprise PEZ lol'ing, 
we have heard that we will see them soon too :) 
Be sure to stay tuned to Pez Palz we will be sharing all the 
pictures here on our blog.
We hope everyone has a great time at the gatherings :) 
More info about the gatherings can be found here:
Portugal PEZ Gathering
Croatia PEZ FB-group
The secret crystal PEZ lol'ing is coming very soon!
the World's Largest Gathering of PEZ Collectors is coming soon
(July 26 through July 28, 2018) 
The wonderful hosts Sue and Rick Marlowe have 
selected a 60's and 70's hippie theme with 
for 2018.
For more info please visit 

The hosts Gita, Aina, and Jan will hold their 
3rd Indonesian PEZ gathering on August 25th in Jarkata.
Stay tuned for more info.
Our baby is here :D
We are working again on a nice package for our dispenser and
September will be our month YAY!
Be excited...

Our Dear Kelle will have her 2nd UK PEZ Gathering from October 4th to 6th and we are very curious what she has prepared for us :)
More info can be found here:

Javier D. the new host for the Barcelona PEZ gathering 
is working on a fantastic PEZ gathering.
New location, new PEZ fun and lot of surprises will come from Barcelona.
More info can be found here:
Yasin is working on details for his 3rd Turkish PEZ gathering.
The gathering will be somewhen in autumn. 
More info can be found here:
The first Belgium PEZ gathering will be hosted by 
Uwe Sauerland and Francis Vandewalle somewhen in March 2019 in Brugge.
For more info please visit

New City for Spain!
The host has great ideas.
Everything sounds very intresting for us but for now we can't share anything with you. The host wants to wait and needs his time to prepair all the details.
The gathering is planned for 2019. 
Sad news from Israel.
We have heard Ran has problems with
 the customs and no one knows when or if we will see the Israeli Emoji.
We still hope and wish that everything will work out.
Fingers crossed for Ran.
Don't give up Ran! :)

Where is the Japan Emoji?
We have heard about some problems with the Japan Emojis too, 
but for now we do not have anything trustful to share.
As soon as we learn more, we will let you know.

PJ Masks PEZ hit stores soon...

The new 
will hit the European stores soon.

PJ Masks is an animated tv series that debuted in the USA on 
Disney Junior in September 2015. 
With the success of the show season 2 was ordered and started airing in January 2018.
 We learned at the 2018 Sweets and Snacks Expo that a gift set was under development for 2019.
We think they are a great addition to any PEZ collection!

      OWLETTE           CATBOY               GEKKO             
Pictures from PEZ International AG

(Sweets and Snacks Expo 2018)
(PJ masks gift box UNDER DEVELOPMENT) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How many are there? -Burlington Double Cards

BIG shout out to our pal
 Jim D. 
who has been working overtime to keep up with all the twin pack releases which appear to be exclusive to Burlington Stores across America. 
Thanks Jim!!

We are not sure how many there really are because every time we find one at the local store it seems like someone finds a new one in a different 
store across the country. 

Jim has created this chart and we sure are happy he did! 

List as we know it so far...
Ninja Turtles
Star Wars
Marvel (Spiderman)
My Little Pony
Finding Dory
Despicable Me
Disney Princesses
Mickey and Minnie
Paw Patrol
Jurassic Park
Mickey and Minnie (Minnie Variation)
Marvel (Black Panther)
Shimmer and Shine

Jeanine E found Shimmer and Shine 

Will you be adding these to your collection?
We're trying!
If you have one not pictured here please send us a clear
picture of it so it can be added to the list.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: New Jurassic World Eggs with mini PEZ Dinosaurs...

With the latest Blockbuster from Universal Studios
 Jurassic World fallen Kingdom, 
PEZ had the right feeling to look for the license on the
dispensers and dextrose packs.
It's a big theme for PEZ this year and we will see many different products, all kind of different packages in the shops around the globe.
We are pleased to show you today the very first look of the new 
Jurassic World PEZ Dino Eggs, with 
Blue Raptor 
and Dilophosarus 
on mini PEZ stems.
We have heard a big delivery is on the way to SPAIN! 
Sadly for this moment we do not know if they will flow in other 
 European countries but our Spanisch PEZ friends can be very happy to 
see them soon in their shops.
If you find them in some other countries, please let us know.
We will love to update our post.
Hola mis amigos de Pez España, esto estará pronto en vuestras tiendas!
After the special spanish dextrose drops, 
 the Jijonenca mini Icecream dispensers and the big order 
of the Jurassic World Eggs, 
it looks like the importer is doing everything right in Spain :)
With all the latest Jurassic World PEZ 
 releases, we have prepaired a pictionary for you, 
just to have them all together. 
Hopefully you can use it as helping check list.
Pictures: from PEZ Candy Inc. and PEZ International
Jurassic World is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. 
Jurassic World Gift Tin with click and play dinosaurs
and a great game board from PEZ Candy Inc.
Jurassic World PEZ Dextrose pack from PEZ Int.
PEZ Candy Bag with 1 Jurassic World PEZ dispenser and 2 stickers