Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Official Pez Pictorial for 2016

As 2016 is winding down, here is our pictorial of official Pez made for the year.  
We wish you all a very happy holiday season & a very happy new year! 
This Years Pictorial features 126 items not including licensed items! Thanks for a great year Pez!!!

Licensed Items 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Pez Palz

Merry Christmas Pez Palz 
may your holidays 
be happy days filled with love and laughter 
and may each day 
bring joy your way
in the year 
that follows after.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Barkette and Barkley Christmas mini PEZ...

YES we are big PEZ Barky fans, and we are super happy to Report 
another set is coming <3

Poorpaws introducing Barky and Barkina's new adopted
 babies Barkette and Barkley,
Christmas Edition on mini PEZ stems,
limited to 250 Pcs.

On behalf of all the shelter dogs and cats we would like to thank you for you past support with your previous purchase of Barky Brown Pez dispensers.

Want to see the entire Barky collection?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Michigan Pez Convention Update from Jim Blaine

Michigan Pez Convention Update from Jim Blaine-
We hope everyone is have fun getting ready for the Christmas season... who doesn't love the holiday craziness!!! πŸ˜
Here is some tentative details:
The Michigan Pez Convention is set for August 24-27, 2017 (agenda is being worked on)
We have decided to wait on opening up the registration till after the new year, but MIPEZCON2 is defiantly on! We have a bunch of fun planned for the next convention and can't wait to share the details!!!
Dealers: If you were a dealer last year... you will have the first option to register, and we plan to give you the option to register for the the room you had last year! Then we will open it up to new dealers!! (The plan for next year has changed a little, and we think you are going to LOVE the new plan!!)
Attendees & absentees: We plan again on doing a special first day registration ... so in order to get the special dispenser plan on registering the first day!!
The charity dispenser will again be offered at the time of registration.
We have made some changes for next year, but we think that the new changes will create an even more exciting event!!
We have worked out most of the details with the hotel, and the hotel has agreed to honor last years rates! This is huge!!! Since the hotel offers AN AMAZING FREE BREAKFAST & FREE (alcoholic) DRINKS & SNACKS EVERY NIGHT!
We are working on something special for the Pez kids too!!
The bean bag tournament will return next year... so start practicing!
If you are not yet a member of the Michigan Pez Convention Page... send us a request and we will add you to stay up to date on all the details!
Enjoy the holidays and get excited for 2017!!!
The website is http://www.mipezcon.com/

Saturday, December 3, 2016

FIRST LOOK Jessica's Christmas PEZ gathering dispensers....

While Jessica and Juan having a wonderful Pezi time at the 4th Annual Christmas PEZ Gathering with their guests, we are super happy to share with you, the very first look of the awesome Gathering Dispenser's and Gift set's that they have made.

Big like and big love for the print's on the stem's and congratulations to Jessica and Juan for making another wonderful and familiar gathering.

If you are planing to visit a gathering in 2017, we have all the known dates on our Event Calendar which can be found HERE

The official 2016 Christmas Gathering Dispenser
limited to 82 pcs.

PRIZE (games) Dispenser
limited to 39 pcs.

The crystal Bear goes to the 2017 Conventions
for their Charity Auctions ONLY!
limited to 12 pcs.

Happy Birthday to the Pez Visitors Center!!

The Pez visitors center in Orange, CT is turning 5 years old and to celebrate Pez has created a special limited edition visitors center Pez boy commemorating the event!!  The PVC will be selling them stating now but they will be limited to purchase one per person for $9.99, 5 of the special dispensers will go onto Ebay over the month of December and the money that is raised will benefit "The hole in the wall gang camp" located in Ashford, CT. All proceeds from the sale of the dispense will go to charity!
Happy Pezzing!

Friday, December 2, 2016

New Watchitude PEZ Watches

New Pez watches have been introduced!!
 They became available for purchase on the Pez.com website yesterday. 
 Chris Jordan of pezcollectors.com will also have them available on her site soon.
There are four fun designs to collect. 
Pez Candy #501
Pez Fun #502
Pez Wrapper #503
Pez Rainbow #504
We have ordered some and as soon as we get them we will bring you some great pictures. We have seen them on Amazon for $24.99 free shipping if you are a prime member. 

You can find them on the Pez.com website HERE

Photos: Pez.com

Photos: Pez.com

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Jolly Pezzy good time with Jessica & Juan...

With all of the gatherings happening around the world Jessica & Juan have opened their home to celebrate a wonderful Christmas gathering.
With a fun Christmas theme and familiar atmosphere Jessica is sharing the behind the scenes with us, Thank you Jessica!

The Christmas Pez Gathering all started by me wanting to hang out with Pezzy friends and my husband wanting to show everyone the amazing Christmas Decorations/lights he puts up every year... 4 years later here we are going on 
The 4th Christmas PEZ Gathering!!!

The 4th Annual Christmas Pez Gathering is just a few short days away. This year has gone by so fast. I'm so excited that it is almost here! I've been working like crazy to make sure I have everything ready to go! 

The Official Gathering is on December 3rd at 4:00pm.... The Christmas Gathering is always on the first Saturday of December. But on the Friday before the gathering everyone who is in town meets up and goes to dinner then we head back to my house to sit by the fire pit and just hang out.

I've been packing up all the gathering packs and putting together all the bingo prizes. We are having an extra round of bingo this year that has some sweet pez in it!

We start out the gathering by everyone setting up any pez they brought to sell and then we eat street tacos that I have had catered for the party :) I also make a bunch of different types of cookies and sweets. 
We have an endless supply of drinks and food all night long. 
There is always a door prize to give away and this year it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. The person who has the
UGLIEST Christmas Sweater 
will win the door prize and boy oh boy is it a cool prize! 

We also play a game called the White Elephant game.
Everyone attending the gathering must bring a Pezzy gift with a 15 dollar value or higher and wrap it up all pretty but don't put a tag on it... 
By the end of the game everyone will have a new pez gift to take home with them.

also play BINGO!!! You have to have bingo at a pez gathering! We usually have 4 rounds of bingo and 1 mega bingo.... But this year We are going to do 4 regular rounds of bingo 1 mega bingo and 1 super special amazing bingo!!!!!

I wish I could win these prizes!!!! It gets pretty intense once people start winning and opening up their bingo bags to see what they have wonπŸ˜‰

After all the games are done we all just hang out and talk and laugh the night away. We sit outside by the fire pit and catch up on what's happening in everyone's life.

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I'm so thankful that I get to bring some Christmas Joy into other Pezhead's lives

-Jessica & Juan