Monday, June 10, 2024

TWO Variations! USA Flag special crystal Glitter dispensers...

We spotted the Crystal Glitter PEZ USA Flag
 Ball proudly displayed at the 
PEZ Visitors Center a few months back.

This marks a significant milestone in 
the company's history as it's the first 
time a PEZ has been crafted to 
commemorate Flag Day. 

Now, as Flag Day approaches, 
PEZ is commemorating the occasion with the 
release of the new ball, available for purchase
 online from 

The patriotic USA blister card adds an 
extra touch of pride.
You can check it out

Have you noticed the subtle variations? 
Upon closer inspection, you'll find 
two different stem colors.

The latest ball features a striking red stem, 
exclusively offered through PEZ Candy Inc.'s online store. 
Meanwhile, the same dispenser, sporting a blue stem, 
makes its debut this year as part of a 
limited release of 2,500 pieces, 
exclusively within the Pamp Suisse Fourth 
of July PEZ Silver Gift Set. (Learn more here)
Of course, acquiring the gift set comes at a price, 
and each collector must weigh whether the 
new silver gift box is worth the investment
 solely for this unique addition.
Exciting news awaits! 
As teased on our blog, PEZ has another surprise
 in store for us this Fourth of July. 
Rest assured, it won't be just another Ball Mold.
The anticipation continues to build for
 collectors everywhere.
Happy Collecting!

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