Thursday, January 25, 2024

Sweets and Innovation: PEZ MY HEAD Takes the Stage and makes Debut at ISM Expo in Cologne, Germany

At PEZ International, excitement is stirring
in anticipation for the upcoming
International Sweets and Snacks Expo (ISM)
in Cologne, Germany.
A sneak peek from PEZ showcased
their latest creation –
PEZ MY HEAD dispensers.
Behind the scenes, the personalized
3D PEZ dispensers, set to be unveiled at ISM.
Priced at 99 euros for the standard version
and 149 euros for the premium,
these dispensers promised a unique candy experience.
Thank you Gregor Petko for the Pics from ISM
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Adding a touch of individuality,
we are pleased to see the first pictures
of the official candy packs and the
official boxes for the dispensers.
With the countdown to ISM underway,
the stage is set for a delightful unveiling,

blending technology, creativity, and sweetness at the expo.
We were wondering what you think? 

Happy Pezzing!