Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Score big with the NEW Limited Edition NHL PEZ Hockey Jersey Collection...(plus new pictorial)

Over the past few years, our NHL Hockey 
series from Canada has experienced remarkable growth. 
Thanks to PEZ Candy Inc., this collection now boasts 
an impressive 34 dispensers with exciting 
new molds and designs.
But wait, 
there's more to come! 
We're thrilled to unveil the photos of the upcoming
limited-edition NHL PEZ dispensers. 
Once again, PEZ has raised the bar by introducing 
a new mold—this time featuring jerseys! 
The latest designs showcase jerseys from 
7 esteemed canadian NHL teams:
Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers
Montreal Canadiens
Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs 
Vancouver Canucks
Winnipeg Jets
Thank you PEZ Candy Inc. for the pictures ;)
Speaking of luck, 
Becky's aunt scored big at Niagara Falls over the weekend, 
securing the coveted set—though the 
Toronto Maple Leafs set is already flying off the shelves.
Becky M. is the lucky girl, the dispensers are already on their way to her! Thanks Becky for the pics and info ;)
Excitingly, 7 new additions will soon join the PEZ communities, 
courtesy of our generous Canadian collector friends.
You can preorder your set here.
Of course, we have prepared another new 
NHL Pictorial for you as a help list.
We hope it gives you an overview 
for the missing dispensers in your collection.
Two weeks ago we reported about a new mold (here)
However, as we now show the new jerseys, 
we weren't referring to the new mold! 
We're still anticipating a new mold,
 and this dispenser will soon make a 
reappearance in various forms. 
It will be available exclusively online from PEZ,  
but we have to be patient a little longer.
Happy Collecting! 
Made for you, our latest NHL PEZ pictorial, pictures from momopez.com Thank you ;)

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