Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Sweets and Snacks Expo! All pictures! All new PEZ releases for 2023/2024...

It's finally here, 
we've all been eagerly awaiting this moment!

The doors to the 26th 
Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Illinois have opened.
This is where we get a glimpse of what is to come 
in the 2023/2024 from PEZ Candy USA lineup, 
and we are happy to bring you the pictures from the booth!

Before we show you all the pictures of the 
PEZ stand at the show, PEZ Candy Inc. made again a special PEZ dispenser to distribute to visitors and their sales partner at the show.

Everything about the pizza 
limited PEZ dispenser 
can be found here.
Now we don't want to keep you in suspense, 
let's take a look at the the cool new things we 
hope to see 2022/2023 in stores!
Thanks to our dear Friend Brian for all the pictures!
Happy Collecting!
Disney 100
To celebrate Dinsey's 100th anniversary, 
PEZ Candy Inc. is launching this fall 
15 new PEZ Disney dispensers in 
Platinum look with key accent colors.!

Now we not only see the dispensers in pictures, 
for the first time they are now in the showcases
 and are being presented to the public.

From September we can look forward to three new
Gift Tin's, a new Twin Pack and a Giant Platinum Mickey.
4 new 
PEZ dispensers!
And they turned out really great, 
PEZ did 
a great job with the dispensers, they couldn't be more diverse.
The new Barbei PEZ dispensers will 
appear in both America and Europe.
Christmas 2023
Three new PEZ dispensers are coming out, 
we're looking forward to the 
new Reindeer, 
a new Christmas tree this time with festive lights 
and on red stem, 
and of course the new Snowman full body ornament in gift box.
(available from September 2023)
Easter 2024
WOW we are thrilled!
  Easter brings us a great full body Easter Bunny in a gift box. 
 And of course a PEZ egg should not be missing, 
the meanwhile 18th PEZ egg, with a cute Easter 
bunny holding a carrot, the egg will again 
only be available in a tube.

PEZ Treats!
At the beginning of 2024, 
the PEZ Treats range will be expanded to 
include a PEZ popcorn dispenser!  
Ohhh we love the dispenser!
Coming in September (2023) is 
this sweet pooch, 
who joins the lovely Paw Patrol PEZ range.
(USA and Euro release) 
The Mandalorian
At the beginning of September (2023) we can look
 forward to 
 who will be added to the 
Star Wars Mandalorian PEZ assortment. 
(USA only)

Captain America
Of course, a new Marvel PEZ dispenser should 
not be missing either!  
Captain America (also know as the Falcon)
will be added to the Marvel Avengers PEZ range.
Gabby's Dollhouse
Gabby, the main character from Netflix
Gabby's Dollhouse series, will finally joined the PEZ range!
A new My little PEZ pony! Zipp will join Sunny, 
Izzy, and Pipp in the My little PEZ Pony range.
(USA and Euro release) 
Princess Tiana from the Disney Princess 
series is now also being revised and will returning 
to the PEZ range and to the other PEZ Princesses.
NEW Mickey Mouse!
The Mickey Wizard PEZ dispenser gets a 
great magic hat and is integrated into the PEZ range.
New Pokeball!
Not only the ball, the two Pikachu PEZ dispensers,
 the Winking and Laughing PEZ Pikachu, 
which are already available in the
 European Pokemon PEZ range, will be available in 
American stores this summer. 


  1. Wow, busy collecting year ahead!

  2. The full body bunny is very interesting. I look forward to Mickey wizard and the whole 100th anniversary range. Also like the Pokรฉmon. Great roundup- thank you for this info!

  3. Can anyone tell which dispenser is behind the bottom left Barbie? It has a green back and green stem, but I can't figure out which one it is. Maybe it's obvious, and I'm just missing it.

    1. That's the new Princess TIANA :)

  4. Tbh I have no idea! I was thinking it was the popcorn but the stuff at the top looks orange not yellow. It could possibly be the new troll as that has not been revealed yet.

  5. No sadly the new Trolls are still under lock!

  6. Please make a new set of Peter Pan