Wednesday, September 21, 2022

BREAKING NEWS! Coming soon 3 new PEZ Brides...

We have again sent our agents on 
secret missions, 
and they really found out something great.

The wedding PEZ range is iconic and versatile.
Whether they are used to decorate 
the tables or as name cards, 
but also as cash gift dispensers or alternative as greetings cards,
 they are always a lovely eye-catcher 
for the most important day.
We are pleased to be able to report that, 
in addition to the already published PEZ bride with red hair, 
there will soon be three new brides from PEZ International.

Soon we will have the opportunity to put the 
and black-haired 
bride to our sweet wedding couples.

Unfortunately we don't have an official photo to share 
with you yet, but it can't be long now, they will appear shortly.
Happy Collecting!
Coming soon from PEZ International -  pic made in photoshop*

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