Saturday, June 18, 2022

Ready for the mini LOL Surprise PEZ doll?...

This will definitely be fun, 
the LOL Surprise mini dolls 
will be released soon 
and the search and swap for 
the mini PEZ LOL doll will open soon. 
 Of course, the mini LOL PEZ doll is interesting 
for us because it comes with 9 PEZ surprises.  
In any case, we are excited to see how this 
will develop and what the PEZ friends from 
the PEZ communites will report us.
More info can be found here.
Happy Collecting!


  1. Hello, Pez Ghosty!
    For some reason, it's taking several weeks for your posts to show up on here.
    In fact, the past four posts just finally showed up today, and some are around three weeks old.
    Just wanted to make sure you knew. :-)

  2. That’s happening to me too