Saturday, October 9, 2021

2021 Christmas and New Year PEZ dispensers...

While some of us are starting to find the 
Christmas PEZ assortment for 2021,
 we would like to take a closer look at the 
differences between the 
U.S. and the European Christmas PEZ releases for you.

new 2021 USA Christmas PEZ assortment: 
new fabulous Nutcracker (Tube only)
new Elf (regular assortment)
mini Santa and mini Snowman (Ornaments)
Full Body Santa Ornament
New vs old Fullbody Santa (thank you Gail for the pictrue)
new 2021 EUROPE Christmas PEZ assortment:
For the very first time, new PEZ Advent Calendar 
with an exclusiv limited Edition 
crystal tree PEZ dispenser (Euro only)
Snowman with play code printed on the stem
 (Mickey and Minnie with red stocking caps - 2020 USA release
 this year also in Europe to be released.
At the turn of the year 2019 to 2020 the 
Ladyluck PEZ dispenser 
was intodruced (limited Edition of 2020 pcs.).
Last year it was the crystal new year eve's ball
(limited Edition of 2021, USA only)
The question is, if and with what PEZ will
surprise us this year? 
We all know PEZ loves to stick to traditions, 
so we are almost certain that we will see 
something wonderful again.
There were some dissatisfied collectors last year 
because of the crystal ball, we assume that it 
could be something different this year. 
The marketing department has neither 
confirmed nor denied anything.
 We all will have to be patient a little longer...
but we're on to find out more for you...
so, stay tuned! 
Happy Collecting! 

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