Tuesday, March 2, 2021

First Look: The European Card for the St. Patrick's Day PEZ Dispenser...

 Yesterday we reported that the new 
St. Parick’s Day PEZ dispenser
will be added from PEZ International (Europe) in their online shop on 
St.Patricks Day March 17th.

While the new dispenser from PEZ Candy Inc. (USA) 
was sold out within a very short time, 
the hectic ordering process is still ahead for most european collectors.
Pictures from PEZ International and PEZ Candy Inc.

Today we are pleased to be able to give you a first look at 
the European PEZ card, 
as we already announced, 
the dispenser is identical,  PEZ International has 
just designed a own card for it.
We are already looking forward to Wednesday March 17th!
Happy Collecting!
left: USA PEZ card- right: Euopean PEZ Card, identical St. Patrick's PEZ dispenser

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  1. Heidi here ~ Darth Vader pez in a Mickey Mouse pez package. Not a lick of info anywhere about it. Can you help?