Thursday, February 25, 2021

FIRST LOOK: New licensed PEZ Zipper- bags from Japan...

There is nothing that does not exist in licensed 
PEZ products from Japan, 
that also leads to the fact that almost everyone lost track of what 
has been released over all the past years.
PEZ is successfully available in Japan since the 1970s, 
which explains why we see so many new 
releases and licensed products, 
as the popularity is simply unbridled.
With our dear Shiho & Toshihiros help, 
we are happy to present you 
something wonderful from Japan again.

6 different new licensed PEZ zipper bags (zip lock) 
have just appeared on the 
Japanese market, in great, beautiful PEZ designs.
The new PEZ zipper bags are available in Daiso stores, 
every package includes 7 zipper bags.
As Toshihiros told us, 
Daiso offers all possible products mostly around 100yen,
 these are stores, as we know them as 
one dollar stores or one euro shops.
Now we can only hope that our Japanese PEZ friends 
will help us to get the new zipper bags.
We sure want them ;)
Happy Collecting!
Thank you Shiho & Toshihiro for the info and the pictures ;)

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