Friday, May 18, 2018


Hi PezPalz, prepare your best Hippie dress!
the World's Largest Gathering of PEZ Collectors is coming soon
(July 26 through July 28, 2018) 
The wonderful hosts Sue and Rick Marlowe have selected a 60's and 70's hippie theme with 
for 2018
Different than the years before Sue and Rick decited to do a raffle on the PEZMANIA Facebook page, to support the Gliding Stars, and the winner got the chance to reveal this year's official made by PEZ convention dispenser.
Adam B. number was drawn for the reveal and today we all have the chance to see the AMAZING crystal purple Lol'ing on a yellow stem, with a very beautiful printing on it.
Yes this is not the first and sure not the last purple crystal lol'ing that we will see this year, but for sure the only purple one, which was made by 
PEZ for the U.S. 
PEZ Candy Inc. did an outstanding job on the package, the purple and yellow combination, plus the banana wrappers are soooo fantastic.
This is a good example of a convention dispenser that we sure want to leave on card.
This year's dispenser will be included in the regular convention packet at no extra cost, and can only be picked up at the PEZAMANIA convention.

The convention this year is going to mainly stay the same, 
the only changes are moving one of the seminars to Thursday at 1 o clock
The Thursday seminar will be done by Jeff G. and it will be about Fantasy PEZ, so if you have any fantasy PEZ, bring them to the seminar!

Jeff G. will be doing the seminar on Friday, and it looks to be amazing!
It will be on collecting other items than just the PEZ dispensers.

Friday Night will be the big 
Hippie PEZ party, 
Sue and Rick would love to see everyone in your favorite Hippie clothes!
The Friday night will also bring the announcement about the theme for the 30th anniversary in 2020!

As we all know, Sue and Rick are doing every year so much to support 
the Gliding Stars, and if you have something to donate and to support their charity please contact Rick or Sue.
Sue and Rick would also love to hear from the European PEZ Gathering Hosts, as they would love to trade the new purple PEZAMANIA dispenser for a european purple lol'ing.
They would love to add them to the Charitableness. 
If you plan to attend the convention this year, apperently the hotel is filling quickly, so get your reservations in!
For more info about the registration and the convention please visit

We are sure it is again going to be a great convention and you all will have a fantastic time since Sue and Rick cherish the feeling of Family at their conventions.

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