Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ugly Dolls PEZ with OX, MOXY + UGLY DOG for 2019...

This year at the Sweets & Snacks Expo, PEZ introduced us 
for the first time the new 
UglyDolls PEZ, 
at that time it was only the mockups but at least we could guess which direction they would go. The UglyDolls first hit in 2001, the brainchild of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. When David shared the first pictures on Instagram of the UglyDolls we were so excited to see the final product. We will still have to wait until February 2019, but today we can share a first look at the final version. David also shared a lovely story on Instagram about the UglyDolls, it is so nice to share the joy of PEZ with David. 2019 will be the year of UglyDolls. A movie will hit the theaters, toys and Merchandise will also be sold. For now, here are the new Ugly Dolls with.... which are planned for February 2019 release.
And now let's share the love for PEZ <3
Ugly Dog

FINAL VERSION! Photo: David Horvath 

Picture from the Sweet and Snacks Expo, May 2018
Concept and Mockups only!

From David's Instagram:

davidzhorvath@uglydolls @pezcandyusa are real. Much thanks to @whitespaceentertainment we are once again so fortunate to have this impact on what is for me one of the most exciting elements of pop culture. My list of life goals as a child was pretty short but very specific. Our own PEZ dispenser was super high on that list.  Remember the READ Yoda poster? Always wanted to be a read poster since the big READ showed up in return of the Jedi lettering back in the 80s.... so when we were invited to be the read poster and bookmark, it was mega life-changing to be able to check off one of those very few boxes on our very short list. Well there’s nothing wrong with growing a toy company for the specific purpose of selling it off to the big investment firms, or licensing everything under the sun in the great pop culture chase, which is also quite a feat and admirable, but for Sun-min and I both it was always the little cultural staples which brought people joy over the very long term which served as the driving force behind our expression of creativity. The little things which you can count on being there, especially if you’re going through harder times, I don’t even know if this is the case for anybody else out there but I always found great comfort in those rare few pop culture markers of our time still being there. As a teen I had the PEZ Eyeball hand, from some of the older originals which I would scoop up at the antique mart all the way to the more modern variations, the original stands before they started adding feet, almost all of the variations of PEZ Mickey Mouse, Batman, and really loved hunting down the old-school versions and tough to find pieces at the various antique marts on the East Coast and in Los Angeles right there by what is now known as the Grove across from the farmers market... really a huge thank you to all of our fans who kept us going for these nearly 2 decades, we really hope you enjoy these and everything else our amazing team is working so hard on! Huge props to @whitespaceentertainment for putting this together and for getting it from the get go! ❤️ #pez #uglydolls #uglydoll
Reference: -davidzhorvath Instagram

Photo: IMDB

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