Saturday, May 12, 2018

Crystal purple PEZ, 3d printed Elephant, Bags, Shirts, Patches from Thailand...

We know that our dear friend Puntima has worked so hard in the last few months, to organize a fantastic first ever
Thailand PEZ Gathering
at the U-Saard Market in Bangkok.
Everyone who knows Puntima, knows that she is very creative and wants to do something special for the Gathering.
Today is the big day.
The PEZ goodies for the gathering are here, and we are very happy that Puntima has given us the chance to share it here with you.

The original crystal LOLing which was made by PEZ International (288 pcs.) looks fantastic, but we also have the chance to see 
the custom gathering t-shirts, patches, travel tags and bags.
But that's not all :)
Limited Edition of 288 pcs. the first official Thailand PEZ gathering dispenser.
If you are interested in a absentee package, you need to hurry up,
Puntima has a very small and limited number available,
every absentee package is coming with a original 
made by PEZ Int. crystal purple loling
a bag or t-shirt or a
travel tag and a patch.
All info can be found here: Thai PEZ Gathering/Facebook
Tshirts, bags, patches, and travel tag, all for the first Thai PEZ gathering.
But that is not all!

Puntima wanted to offer something that 
would represent Thailand.
She decided to make a custom dispenser and card, similar 
to the elephant - the official Thai gathering logo.
The elephant's head is 3d printed with an awesome Thai hat.
The head consists of three seperate parts (head, hat and tounge) and the (custom) dispenser is limited to 40 pcs.
custom 3d printed Thai Elephant, limited to 40 pcs.
Puntima we wish you a fantastic first gathering,
try to enjoy every minute of your first spectacular PEZ gathering.

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