Wednesday, January 13, 2021

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: new PEZ Cars dispensers are on the way...

After the annual PEZ catalog will be published in 

around 14 days and we have already been able to 

share a lot of news with you in advance, 

we have something sensational for you again today. 

In 2006, Disney/Pixar “Cars” caused ringing box offices 

not only at the cinemas, with revenues

 of almost 500 million US dollars, 

the matching merchandise also became an absolute bestseller. 

The success story continued in 

2011 with “Cars 2” and in 2017 with “Cars 3”. 

PEZ had secured the license rights for it from the start, 

and over the years published many dispensers

 in the most varied of variations. 

Today, Lightning Mc Queen has become an indispensable 

part of children's rooms, of course PEZ is also aware of this, 

and will bring the dispensers out again 

in the second quarter of 2021. (Euro only)

Here is a first look at the new PEZ Cars range for you.

The new Cars assortment will consist of a total of three dispensers. 

Although we already know the star Lightning Mc Queen from the past, 

 the red Lightning will get a new print, 

the blue Fabulous Lightning MC Queen 

will get a new color and a new print, 

and a completely new 

Jackson Storm dispenser will 

drive his way into our collections with the two Lightning MC Queens. 


Stay tuned PEZPALZ, we have many more news prepared for you!
Happy Collecting!


© Disney - Pixar - Cars


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