Thursday, February 13, 2020

NEW PEZ LOL Surprise gift box set, with a new exclusive CHEEKY BABE dispenser...

Look what Alex found at IT'S SUGAR!
We all had a great time in 2019 buying up all the LOL's trying to complete our set of 9.
In 2019 there were 3 categories classic, rare and super rare, now for 2020 the groups are called Stylin', Special & Super.
Now it looks like we will have some more to look for. 
"Cheeky Babe" (USA only)
is the latest surprise found in this gift set. 
The set is being sold at It's Sugar for $16.99!
This will make a total of 10 different characters.

Cheeky Babe NEW
Glitter Queen 
Splash Queen
Surfer Babe
Queen Bee
Purple Queen
Glitter Hoops

We are also expecting another 9 characters later this year!
We will keep you posted on other stores the new box set can be found.
Happy Collecting!

Newly released LOL Surprise Gift Set

Above: NEW Cheeky Babe

Above: New LOL's coming later in 2020
Below: LOL's currently available

Thank you Alex for all the pictures!

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