Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New 2018 PEZ Catalogue is coming soon, view here Catalogues from the past...

Earlier as expacted, today PEZ International shared a Sneak Peek of their new 2018 Catalogue on Facebook, which will come soon.

As allways, PEZ loves to surprise us, 
this time we can see on the cover two Flamingo dispensers, 
and we all are praying that they will come to our collections. :D

Now we are counting the days, to see what PEZ will all come up with.
2018 PEZ International Catalogue
If you want to see or download the PEZ Catalogues 
from the past 
(2008 till 2017) our dear friend Luis from the PEZILLA Blog has them for download here.

Pezburu did a super job to show us all the 
Catalogues on his Youtube Channel which can be found here.

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  1. Bonjour bravo pour votre site. Je me demandais si vous n'aviez pas des anciens catalogues pez a me vendre. Je collectionne aussi les pez et livres et il me manques les catalogues PEZ 2017, 2014 et avant 2012. Si vous avez des doubles j'aimerai vous en acheter...Merci d'avance