Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PEZ Mystery Pack

If you were thinking, it`s over for PEZ releases this year then you are wrong! Even though no new dispensers have been discovered yet, Pez has come up with a fun new way to collect!
New PEZ Disney MYSTERY PACKS have popped up at the PEZ Visitors Center,
and they are also planned to be expanded in the future.

Thanks again to Eddie S. for the great pictures :)
The PEZ MYSTERY PACK includes a mix
of 5 surprise character dispensers and 5 Candy rolls.

We think will be a cool new way to bring new
collectors to our hobby and our community,
 because the dispensers are a mystery,
and with each pack you have 5 new dispensers in your hand, and maybe you will look to buy the other characters that you are missing :)
Happy Collecting :D