Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pezamania Trip Rewind Day 4

Holiday Inn in Independence time 1:35AM After returning home from our Road Trip it was time to get some sleep, so we slept 12 hours, around 2 PM we headed out to do some more room hopping. I was not feeling very good so we only shopped an hour then we went to eat.  When we returned  we headed back out to do some more shopping only to find the hallways empty like a ghost town.  After searching the hotel I found a ballroom full of people, Lots of them!!

Since we had missed out on most of the events that evening we headed back to our room to relax then about 9:30 I headed out back to room hopping, the halls were filled with Pezheads. Starting on the 2nd floor going from room room looking for this pink heart, with a pink stem.  Many were sure they had it at one time. However the only one that was rumored to be at the Convention was sold by Chris Jordan from the Pez Collectors Store a few days before I got to her room.  Jim Blaine was selling Crystal Tweeties at $10 each!  I can't even express to tall of you how nice everyone was, Somewhere on the  second floor a super nice guy was telling me everything I needed to know at the Convention how to shop & negotiate, I told him this was my first convention. He spent so much time explaining the Do's and Don'ts he had the cutest little boy who knew where every Pez was at the convention. BIG Thank You to him!!!  
Quite the deal! Finally I headed back down to the first floor and was able to gain access to room 115 I had tried to get in that room earlier but I had always missed her. This was Chris's room, she had these lovely NEW LSU Footballs. 

On her table she had prototypes for her new shoes she is having made!! 
Again I say GENIUS!!

We talked for a little bit about hearts, one of my favorite subjects.  We discussed the hearts pictured below.  I have always felt that the missing ones had to have been produced in a very small quantity or handmade by some clever Pez Head.  She explained to me that these were only available through Target Stores, she had to actually order them from Target to get them back when they were produced and agreed that they were very very limited. 

  At about this time it was about 1:30AM and the big show was starting at 8:30AM.  I needed to take mom to dinner and maybe get some rest! 
Yeah Right that did not happen! 

 Pez Haul So far at the end of Day 4