Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 PEZ Catalogue Highlights

Today we see what is in store for 2016 :)

What a great day, today PEZ International publicly shared their 2016 sales Catalogue, so we have now the chance to see all the dispenser & extras that will be coming this year.

We have reported in the past of some of the new ones, but for sure the best surprise are The Nemo Collection with Nemo & Dory and two totally new dispensers Bailey and Hank, but it looks like for now, that the Euro Set will be different then the USA Set, with the cool crystal Stems, so we need to wait to see what will be come in the US!!

Enjoy the Highlights!!

Bailey & Hank will be added to the Nemo Line for 2016

2016 we have a new mold for the Witch

New Design angry Birds, 2016 Movie Release 

Looks like a new interactive Pez???

Nerdy Kitty will be added to 2015's Tin Plus a whole new My Little Pony Tin

 New Series Pets

Giant BOB

Dreamworks Trolls a Grand scale Musical Comedy 

All new twin packs for 2016

Totally Awesome New Mickey Display for 2016!

**All Photos are from the 2016 Catalogue from ***
PEZ International
you can find the full catalogue here: