Friday, December 4, 2015

PEZ Shoes Schuhe Sapatos Scarpe 靴 Chaussures čevlji Zapatos

One of the most exciting things I saw at Pezamania was a prototype for New Shoes!! Chris Jordan of the Pez Collectors Store developed her very own line of Pez Shoes. The new design eliminates many of the hassles of the older model shoes. These securely fit in most rail systems to better prevent the dreaded domino effect and they are very similar to the feet we find on Pez today, so now Footed Pez and can be displayed next to non footed. Tired of not having a coordinated look? Clear shoes are definitely the answer. They have been produced and are now for sale! 
Here is the link to see thShoes for Sale.

For us this is THE BEST Pez accessory we have seen in a very long time!
Kudos to Chris!!