Friday, October 9, 2020


 PEZ has managed again, to surprise us with something new,
 and oh yes we love it!

Today two new Halloween PEZ products were added to the PEZ International webshop, and to all our great joy, finally a new Crystal PEZ dispenser!
How much we hoped for that !!!

The new limited crystal PEZ pumpkin dispenser is now available for Europe,
but our American collector friends can also look forward to it,
very soon this will also be offered exclusively by 
PEZ Candy Inc. in their online store on a 
specially created card.
Left: coming soon from PEZ Candy Inc
Right: Euro crystal PEZ Pumpkin now available. 

The new Halloween PEZ Candy Box is perfectly made to give out the 
PEZ sweets to the children, 
but unfortunately this is only planned for Europe.
Let's look forward to trick or treat :)
Happy Collecting!

1 comment:

  1. I just saw this .. didn't know if you were aware -
    From the PEZ International website ....
    "Vom Crystal Kürbis wurden nur 1000 Stück produziert"
    converts to
    "Only 1000 pieces of Crystal Pumpkin were produced"