Sunday, September 6, 2020

LOL SURPRISE Series 2 is here... plus our LOL pictorial

Alright friends, 
soon we will need more space in our showcases!
When the PEZ LOL surprise dolls came out last year, 
it wasn't that easy to get hold of the
 three rare Rocker, Diva Glitter and Purple Queen.

Collectors have feverishly swapped swap groups on 
specially established Facebookgroups, 
and at the end we all had a lot of fun hunting down 
all the PEZ LOL surprise dolls.

PEZ loves this concept and states:
This was an opportunity for PEZ to fulfill a long-held dream: 
to create a surprise range in which the dispensers are hidden 
inside the packaging.
Now the hunting fun continues,
the LOL Season 2
is ready to hit the european stores.
PEZ International has already begun the delivery for Europe,
and PEZ Candy Inc will deliver them from October.

The new L.O.L. Surprise cast will feature a whole new set of 9 characters,
again with
three CLASSIC characters
three RARE characters
FUNKY Q.T., DUSK, and Madame and
three SUPER RARE characters
To make it easier  to distinguish between the L.O.L. Surprise collection of 2019 and 2020, the little box in which the dispenser heads are hidden will be turquoise - rather than pink, like last year - guaranteeing another wave of frenzy amongst collectors.
We have created a pictorial to make it easier for you
to swap or search through them. 
We hope it will help. 
Well, good luck hunting :)
Happy Collecting!

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  1. WOW, these things are ugly. I got a couple of the first series, but they are so displeasing to the eye that I never felt the need to find all of them (and I'm a completionist). I will not be buying any from series 2.