Saturday, May 16, 2020

VARIATION ALERT! Time to look at the new Justice League PEZ dispensers...

The new JUSTICE LEAGUE set has started
to pop up in stores across the U.S.

Many of us thought that only Wonder Woman was added new 
to the Justice League set, with the help of our 
dear friend Brian J. we took a closer look at the new set 
and Brian noticed some striking differences.
All variation collectors will be happy to hear, 
Batman and Superman
have got some changes, you can see them as follows:

Older Batman on the left, newer on right.
Gray stems are slightly different colors 
The biggest differnce are the Copyrights on the back.
Older Superman on the left, newer on right.
Blue stems are different colors 
(older is brighter blue, newer is darker blue)
Older Superman back neckline is a straight blue line, new one curves upward on both sides.
The Copyrights are different on the back.
Thank you Brian, now we know we need to be 
on the lookout for the full Justice League set. (USA only)
Happy Collecting!

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