Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Walmart Exclusive M2 Machines PEZ themed vehicles...

Today M2 Machines made an official announcement about the
new PEZ themed vehicles that have just been released.
The Walmart Exclusive collection will be hitting
Walmart stores all over the USA soon.
We are sure the Chase and Super Chase Version will be hard to find.
Good luck to everyone!

Here is the official announcment from M2 Machines....

Slowly creeping onto Walmart shelves around the country is our latest Walmart Exclusive collection - themed fully around the PEZ brand.
Though we have been  partnering with
PEZ for some time now,
this is the first all PEZ collection of single
1:64th scale vehicles released to date.
Just like other Walmart Exclusive sets you will see a standard
6 vehicles
2 chase pieces 
and 1 super chase
piece making the collection 
a 9 piece variation set.
You will see this collection as well as other Walmart Exclusive c
ollections making their way onto shelves around the country now.

6 standard vehicles:

2 CHASE vehicles, limited to 750 Pieces worlwide:

SUPER CHASE, limited to 250 Pieces worlwide:

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