Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hola desde Madrid..Crystal PEZ Gathering loling from Spain...

Our Spanish PEZ friends have been very excited, and today it was finally 
time, the third PEZPAÑA PEZ gathering in Madrid 
was inaugurated.
The Hosts from the Madrid PEZ gathering have once again organized a great PEZ event, and of course a new PEZ gathering dispenser can’t be missed.

As we reported in one of our previous posts, Spain is the only country that has received 3 different crystal purple PEZ lol'ings from PEZ International.
The Madrid dispenser (limited to 140 dispenser) is the first one that we can see now, the second one will be the Barcelona gathering dispenser and all the info about the Barcelona gathering will be published soon.
Many rumours are circulating about the third dispenser from Spain, but for now we have decided not to share or to comment 
any of these rumours.

But stay tuned, we will have soon more to report about all the coming special lol'ings, and they are still surprises to come :D
Limited Edition of 140 Madrid dispenser made by PEZ Int.
First and second PEZPANA Gathering dispenser from Madrid made by PEZ International.
Thanks to for the pictures.

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