Friday, April 21, 2017

Atletico Cardedeu Soccer Ball PEZ (custom made) from Spain...

Our dear friend Luis from PEZILLA recently wrote a 
story about a custom Soccer ball PEZ dispenser from Spain. 
We decided to look for the dispenser to add to our collections.
If you love or collect "custom made" (fantasy) PEZ then you will love what the Spanish soccer club "Atlético Cardedeu" made
they did a amazing job on them.

 "Atlético Cardedeu"
is a Spanish soccer club from Cardedeu a town in the near of Barcelona.
They made a very limited number of 130 pieces of the 
soccer balls to promote their club.
The soccer ball is on a red stem with
the logo of the soccer club is printed on the ball,
ATLETICO CARDEDEU is printed on the stem.
The dispenser will come in a special tube.
We are happy to add this nice fantasy PEZ to our collections <3

For more Info please visit Facebook/Blackoutbcn

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