Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The V.I.P. voting for the 2016 Euro/Japan PEZ Gathering Dispenser...

Before we publish the voting results for the new
Euro / Japan 2016 Gathering Dispenser, we would like to thank 
 PEZ International for
the honor to announce the news at our VIP Gathering and that we (Yasin, Willi and I) were allowed to conduct the voting.
There have been different opinions on this, but we all are very glad that PEZ International will continue to support us and all other hosts with a dispenser.
It was previously announced, there will be an emoticon dispenser in Crystal version
for next year and the stem color
and stem print can be chosen by the host themselves.
It could easily be possible that, in addition to the usual countries such
as Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Japan, Israel, Austria,
there will be a few new countries with a Gathering dispenser,
since the requests have increased in recent years.
We hope that this great opportunity which PEZ International offers us,
will not get abused and someone comes up with the idea
to change the stems or makes a new imprint on it,
 because this would destroy the trust of PEZ International and our passion for collecting!
OK, we don't want to keep you in suspense longer.
Here are the (Top 3 )
voting results from Vienna ...


The 2016 Gathering dispenser will be LOVEY in Crystal

Thank you Vesna and Jochen for organize the Voting on the V.I.P. Gahering <3