Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FIRST LOOK: the 2015 STEEL CITY gathering Dipsenser´s

It's almost one year over since we have reported about the
STEEL CITY Gathering,
and the dispenser, and now we have again the pleasure
to write about the 2015 STEEL CITY gathering and to
give you you the first look of the new 2015
gathering dispenser.

The gathering will be held on September 26th.
once again in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall,
and Eric and Brant selected a Hawaiian theme.
This time it's on the main hallway across from the Sears store.
8000 Sq feet, so twice as large as last year!
Lots of extra space for tables this year, and games, too!

Everyone who knows
Eric (Punky) and Brant
also knows that they are very creative and that they allways try to create something very speical new.

last year they presented us a fantastic mood gathering dispenser

and we didn't think that the last years dispensers could be toped.
but we were wrong :)
this year Eric and Brant will have a spectacular
chrome gathering dispenser.
5 limited golden ones for prizes!
The dispensers are hand painted and the medallions
(Hawaiian Hibiscus flower)
are custom hand made carved by a artist PJ Belic.

Sorry, no
 absentee dispensers available.
If you have a chance to be a part of this great gathering
put your best Hawaiian shirts on

and enjoy a tropical PEZ Hawaii Party :)

register now!

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